By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                         10 04 2012

Wednesday’s environmental disaster in Gt as the cash stricken Power Company sluiced expensive and expansive fuel into the Demerara river is not terrific but terrible. And in the bowels of the Aranka gold mine in Region Seven…Bartica/Potaro… three young men from Anns Grove met a watery grave as the pit they were digging for gold collapsed. These boys, all neighbors, wanted to be men…not understanding the under-currents and uncertainties of the bush.                                  

The Environment Minister should be with these families, great and small, offering the collective sympathy of the nation but there is nothing in the  DNA of the knowledge based PPP, to suggest camaraderie in the face of disaster.  The under currents of uncertainty seems to have a stranglehold on the PPP.

These little boys too …all graduates from the same high school that President Bharrat   Jagdeo attended in Mahaica, had to take the chance and go 30 feet deep under, seeking to eek out-a-living  with literally their bare hands.   There is no relationship between SCOTIA and bare foot miners.  Brazilians, Chinese and Indian expatriates get the support and blessings of the government but the lil black boy and lil coolie boy get lowra.  The under currents of uncertainty seem to paint apartheid on the faces, potentials and symbols of success for village boys and girls.

The Mining industry in Guyana has no rules and regulations.  Lil boys do not belong in the bush.  Some end up in bush yaws, PTSD, criminal and or suicidal because of the drams and traumas associated with the bush. Dead are Devon Barry-Williams, Elson Singh and Deo Naraine…average ages 20 and all from the Anns Grove/Two Friends community.

There was no regulatory body or emergency crew or experienced hand to supervise, monitor and warn about the under currents in pits.  How many more must die eh?  Everything in Guyana has been diluted and is at your own risk and the people perish.

It is just another example of the apartheid that exists…farmed and framed by the PPP as an under-current to incompetence.
The Environment Minister may give each employee from the Power Company a bonus like India after that miraculous black out a few weeks ago.    The PPP revels in disaster; they manufacture one every day as a self-well-faring tactic.  They hurt the people and then come back as fire fighters and rescue brigades.   DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY.

Nothing will happen to the un-trained, in-experienced and in-efficient work crew.  Anns Grove will dig a pit somewhere else vertically and a shovel will become a head board.  One sure thing is life will go on and for those who survived the traumatic experience, they will return to see wha-frighten-dem.

Nothing was done to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee when he killed  five in Linden.  Nothing was done when Bheri Bheri, the Health Minister presided over the death of former Commish Henry Green.  Nothing was done when Transport Minister Robeson Benn received the gift of two vessels from China a year ago and they have not been put into operation.  All stellings in Guyana were built for side loading vessels yet still Benn received boats for front loading.  All affected stellings have to be re-built and re-aligned and there is where the money is. The one at Superaam floated away, was rebuilt and still is not operational.  There is a certain method to the madness.

The Educaton Minister should be in jail, as we speak, about the decades old- problem of taking the people’s money and buying counterfeit texts.  Both the Finance Minister and his wife should also be put to the gallows without a trial for enabling and pocketing millions upon millions.   Monday is COLUMBUS DAY celebrations in the diaspora and there is some under currents and rumbling that an official delegation may participate.    Pl dial 1800 COOLIE-KITCHEN for more details. Corruption has become the national sport…displacing cricket.

Every Minister, every advisor, every head of department, every advisor,  every Singh, Anil  and Harry,  every official, every supporter has a red-stripe…not the beer…against his or her name.

And nothing will be done to Robert Persaud for overseeing one of Guyana’s largest oil spills.  The GPL administrators did not even call him on the cell phone to tell him the score because they know..nutten-go-happen.  ASOMELYKAM.

This is just another in the colony of mass games and social engineering.  The cover-up is worse than the crime.  Millions will be spent in overtime and renting equipment and is also giving GPL an excuse to review tariffs to the consumer.  Fish and transportation will become scarce and the Indians have already upped the price to cross over the ’50-cent’ Demerara Harbor bridge by mini-bus.

One good thing is that the businessmen do not allow a crisis to fall by the wayside.  Pay-up or be disconnected.  Current or no current the undercurrent is towels…Benjamin Franklins, pounds, liras,  roubles, lunees, yens, cruzerios, dinars or cat eat yuh dinner.

GPL is claiming that it is approximately 100 gallons or so but one hundred gallons translates to only two 45 gallon drums and a little bit more.  That is a drop in the ocean.  GPL also has an addiction to lies.

Reports are that up and down the Demerara River clean-up crews with aid from the Fire Service are trying to mop up and recapture the fuel.  Just as tyrannical sand traumatic, the Environment Minister Robert Persaud, was not informed; and if he did has not taken steps to ‘manners’ the incompetent crew on duty at the time of the spill.

Everything Robert Persaud touches gets worse.  He was in charge of the last elections and the PPP lost.  The Central Executive had to do a little-do-daa and that is how they still holding on.  Everything has an undercurrent in the land of many waters.

What is also funny about Persaud is that wherever there are elections, there is fraud; that is a universal fact.  Also wherever there is gold and diamonds there is fraud too.  Who else or who better to put in charge of mining and environment eh?

Robert Persaud used to be in charge of   GUYSUCO.  Cane cutters en-bloc had to move to Hawaii, Barbados and Florida to get lil-wuk or else they surely starve.  Guysuco has never met its production target and the human cost cannot be expressed in words.  The undercurrent has forced folks into drugs, smuggling, prostitution and corruption.

This is the barrel season and folks in the diaspora cannot do like they used to do.  There is a rule of them that if you cannot fill a barrel from one pay check you will never be able.  That rule is no longer symptomatic but now asthmatic.  A dozen eggs  has now been reduced to eight for a dollar; new mothers are now forced to recycle baby diapers and gasolene is no longer 89-cents per gallon…3.89 in New Jersey and 4.02 in Brooklyn. Canada is almost 6.00 per gallon.  Jagdeo and Ramotar have to start an education program and get folks to plant urit dahl, potato, Tania, bora and black-eye peas.  This Christmas will be brutal and one would think that workers in Gt would be more careful and constructive.  Nope.  The PPP is not making any effort to increase production and productivity and shine-up.  Guyanese are killing each other for as little as US 100.00.  A   DEA specialist in Berbice took it upon himself to go on a mission all by himself without back up.  He was shot and killed and now they are hollering and screaming.

On the Corentyne too, an unauthorized airstrip was found with a shed, a torched aircraft, a bulldozer and some other vehicles.  Nobody seems to know when the airstrip was put down and how long it was in operation.  The nearest residential community is about five miles away.  ASOMELYKAM.

The PPP has to step up and rewrite its philosophies or else sooner or later…more sooner than later, some madman from within the ranks will step up and they will have to step down.    The PPP will also have to try and create an environment of communication and togetherness.  There is an undercurrent of disdain, distruct and decay as morals go the way of oil spills…up and down the Demerara river.
The under-current is almost always stronger than the ripples and too many are broken and too many are dissatisfied.  Hopetown is rejecting Hickens; he is now persona-non-grata with his short sand-dopy self. Hickens is originally from  #22-Backdam, a little ethnic enclave saddled between Bush Lot and Hopetown. His family was recognized as subsistence fish farmers (piliking) and right now the community can do without him for ordering the shooting of fellow villagers in Linden.

The Linden fiasco is really a road test and there has been some under currents about Solomon Sharma bringing the protests to a halt too quickly.

Another under current too is about bread fruit making a resurgence on menus.  The police shot the soldiers because they were sharing meals …bhoop and roll with the community. All ranks before the end of the year will be re-assigned and a more competent and better trained cadre will replace them.  The community will select its ranks; they will select their poison.  They will survive even if they have to eat shine rice and chase with swank.



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