Toots and the Maytals with Willie Nelson – Still


BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                            10 01 2012

While President Donald Ramotar was away in New York doing some shame management, it is only now the old-man is realizing that after twelve is lunch and it is time for him to step out on his own.  Ramotar also indulged in self-well-faring and buying himself and beautiful wife gifts for his upcoming birthday this October. Mrs Ramotar showed interest in size-12 outfits but backed off slightly after trying on outfits at some trendy stores. Ramotar was spotted at GIFTLAND…where you can order and pay for the gifts in NY and can be picked up almost immediately in GT at no extra cost.

The President now has 12 credit cards; he clipped coupons and filled out rebate certificates.  He simply loves a bargain and in the twelve months or so he has been hanging in, the micro-managing thing seems to be getting to him.  TALK HALF/LEFF HALF.   

President Jagdeo on the other hand, as soon as Ramotar became airborne and convinced that he had   departed, called up Prime Minister Sam Hinds and told him not to come in.  This is the second or third consecutive time Jagdeo, even though out of office, is in office acting as President.   The Presidency has been diluted to a mini-bus driver position.  The driver ent show-up, get the conductor to drive.

Is this constitutional?  Is it right?  Is there a precedent?

Many years ago when  Cde. Forbes Burnham was first appointed Executive President, he left the country and Prime Minister Dr Ptolemy Reid, there was a bit of un-ease and dis-ease in the Pomeroon…then a constituency of the Prime Minister Reid.  The newscast read something like this:  PRESIDENT FORBES BURNHAM HAS LEFT FOR CASTRIES ST LUCIA AND WILL BE AWAY FOR TWO WEEKS.  MEANWHILE PRIME MINISTER PTOLEMY REID WILL PERFORM THE DUTIES OF PRESIDENT AND WILL BE CHARGED WITH NEW RESPONSIBILITIES….The folks misunderstood the word “charged”  and declared “that as soon as the big man turn he back dem want charge he.  How can they do that?”  And the rest is water under the bridge.

Brigadier Edward Collins, when he left the Army could not even go back to Ayanganna.  He was stripped of all his passes and access.  Something seems to be wrong here.  The President’s office is not Freedom House.  Jagdeo seems to be still in control; this is a shame game and trying to re-write his inefficiencies, incapabilities, incapacities and irregularities.

President Bharrat Jagdeo was also doing some damage control after a 12-year old Amerindian girl gave birth at the Georgetown hospital.

Reports suggest that both mother and daughter are doing fine and she has been transferred to the Amerindian hostel.  A teacher has been fingered as the father of the girl baby.  Even the grandmother of the baby is younger than the 29 year old daddy who has left his post and gone into hiding.  Teaching is now a disease-causing campaign in  GT.  Ramotar has been begging teachers to come back and help lift standards but his cries seem to be falling on deaf ears.  Once bitten; twice frighten.

Some socio-politico watchers are suggesting that the PPP government get rid of both Jagdeo and Ramotar.  Also the Prime Minster, Head of the Presidential Secretariat,  and all the cabinet members forthwith.  In every sect and sector of society, they have bungled and bamboozling is not resolving anything.  Twenty years of jigger-poogery is a long, long time.  If the government was a child, it would have had children by now.  It may not have been a twelve year old.  In Guyana after 12 is lunch.

Guyana now needs a turn-around-specialist…not a specialist who will turn-round but someone who can right side and create an environment of trust, stability, industry, grace and gratitude.

The PPP knew for a long time about this young lady.  The Health Ministry moved her to the Mahaica hometown of Jagdeo, where the hospital for spastic children is located.

The young lady after delivering the baby on Sunday was transferred immediately to an Amerindian hostel.  In and out.  There have been no attempts to counsel her and educate her about her new role in a city environment.

In the Diaspora over the weekend, some folks were talking about the paper trail and precepts and other behaviors of Jagdeo.  Both APNU and AFC will have to become more aggressive in preventative maintenance rather than damage control mechanisms.

Teachers especially seem to be as tyrannical and vulnerable as policemen in perpetrating and being victims of crime and domestic violence.  One day a Wakenaam school master commits suicide; next day a Bartica secondary school teacher dies after being scorched by her intimate partner; next day  again a secondary school teacher dowses her own biological daughter with some hot-boiling water scorching her pubic hair and genitals.

The education system is just not working.  The same days in question 38 employees at CJIA are stripped of all their passes and work permits.  The next day two women are found with kilos of cocaine in their wigs/weaves .  And the very next day two brothers are stabbed to death by their older cousins in Linden.  This too looks like a drug case gone sour.

The PPP has shut down all lines of communication and has denied the political opposition shared governance.  And when the government is not talking, the people see it as an opportunity to exploit the weaknesses.  Inviting old, retired and even obsolete former executives as a damage control mechanism is not helping.  Their time has past.  Investing in multi-million dollar tracking devices is also not working.  It is about education, stupid.

As human beings we have three stages.  Asleep, awake and aware.  Other animals only have two…asleep and awake.  We always have to be aware of out situations, communities and trajectories.  Mr. Jagdeo thinks he is the smartest sand wiseest and can legislate and appoint and all will be well.  LANDUKAPAR.

GT got more brainiacs than they have mullets and or Toyotas.  Stop paying your executives for one year and let them get uncomfortable.

The presiding school of thought about politics is that when you become rich as a technician or industrialist you go into public service to give back.  In Guyana, when you become a failure in society, you go into politics to regain and recoup and do damage control.  A real sad day for  the PPP and GT.  But one-day-one-day-congatae.


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