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GNBA is another political circus

Lady/Water No Get Enemy by. Fela Kuti

The new Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) is another political circus

Written by realTalk – Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The recent establishment of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) will not inspire much confidence among many Guyanese, who see this new entity as nothing but a PPP-led broadcast overlord. With the exception of the token PNCR member Sherwood Lowe, the rest of the authority reads like a who’s who of the PPP. Can Guyanese expect this new entity to objectively administer the broadcast spectrum in Guyana? Will perceived potential ‘opposition’ media owners be treated fairly with regard to their applications for broadcast licenses?

Upon observation, one would find that there is nothing national about the GNBA. At least the composition of its members ought not to have been heavily comprised PPP lackeys and supporters led by a former minister who has absolutely no clue about broadcast administration. It appears as if the government has set up this circus with its friends and a token opposition member to ensure that institutionalized broadcast marginalization continues unabated in Guyana.              Continue reading

EUSI KWAYANA – Toronto visit – Sept 27 – Oct 6

Swamp Dogg – A Synthetic world

EUSI KWAYANA – Toronto visit – Sept 27 – Oct 6

Eusi Kwayana – notable Political Activist, Writer, and Educator – is scheduled to be in Toronto for Sept 27 – Oct 6.

 The Community to Assist Buxton/Friendship (COTAB), the Caribbean Studies Program of the University of Toronto, and the Canada – Guyana Forum are requesting your attendance at the events that are listed in the attached “Flyer – Kwayana Visit to Toronto – Events”.

Briefly, the events are:

Sponsored by COTAB

Friday Sept. 28, 6 – 9 PM:       Book signing at the Different Booklist

Sunday Sept. 30th, 5 – 8 PM:  Lecture & Mix’N Mingle session

Sponsored by the Caribbean Studies Program of U of T & the Canada-Guyana Forum

Friday, Oct. 5th, 6 – 9:30 PM – Lecture at University of Toronto

Bro Eusi’s Books and publications will be on sale at each event; only the new “Walter Rodney: His Last Days and Campaigns” will be on sale at the Book Signing event at The Different Booklist bookstore.

The event details are in their respective flyers listed below:  for DOWNLOAD.   Continue reading

‘He might be a criminal, but he’s our criminal’

Remember I said tomorrow” by Swamp Dogg

‘He might be a criminal, but he’s our criminal’ Why do political parties in Guyana turn a blind eye to mediocrity and criminality?

Making the rounds on social media today is a blog written by some person(s) calling themselves “peoplepowerguyana” []. The blog looks relatively new, but the story today reinforced the already compelling case for constitutional reform in Guyana. The author(s) pointed to alleged exploits by James Bond MP, and made the case that Bond’s alleged activities and associations compromise him, therefore rendering him unable to be trusted with the responsibility of carrying out the people’s business.
Without the benefit of all the facts surrounding Bond’s alleged exploits, BrutalFacts still unequivocally supports the call for constitutional reform, local government elections, changes of abusive laws and a general return of power to the people of Guyana. We definitely support the assertion that Bond’s behaviours and activities [if true] certainly warrant the attention of his party leader who, under the current system of party politics, is the chief disciplinarian of his party.    Continue reading



GREENE  DEATH  BY DESIGN      09 09 2012


BRAM-BRAM was the code name Gt merry-mices had for Commish Henry Greene; he died the way he lived…always seeking to mutilate his conquests and cause the most harm.  Today all those voices are  combined asking to see the sex tapes and the videos and score cards he kept of all the exploits and excursions and incursions and activities and positions and venues  and facilitators  and enablers he worked for, by, with and without.  Some also feel that the community of Harlem let down the basic tenets of communal living.  The Indian folks, without reservation or remorse, did not come to Bram-Bram’s rescue after they heard the bram-bram during rush hour traffic last Friday morning at about 8.00 am.

West Demerara is a PPP stronghold and race informs camaraderie, communication, co-operation, collaboration and conscience.  One can understand an accident in the middle of the night or 4-day morning but with school children on the road, farmers heading to the fields, taxis going both ways and travelers from Essequibo and all the islands going back and forth no one stopped to give Mr. Greene any assistance.                  Continue reading


Yolanda Adams – Be Blessed

A  ‘GREENE’  OBIT                 09 07 2012


the late Henry Greene

Immediate past Police Commissioner Henry Greene is dead.   The Guyana Police Association …an old boys and old girls fraternity has issued a fatwah to accord him all his burial rites and benefits in spite of  his reputation and behaviors.

Greene died after a three-car smash up without a morsel in his mouth. He was proceeding west to Parika en route to the gold fields where he has mining interests/investments.

Sometimes when good people die you have to say good things about them; Henry is dead.  Your class always influences the breadth and depth of your obituary.  Continue reading

Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama – Speeches at DNC – 2012

Bill Clinton full DNC Speech 2012

Michelle Obama’s full DNC speech 2012

Rohee should step down ahead of Commission of Inquiry- Opposition


Rohee should step down ahead of Commission of Inquiry- Opposition

September 6m 2012

The opposition parliamentary coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) on Thursday insisted that Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee should step down ahead of the Commission of Inquiry in the July 18 killing of three protesters.

Shemroy Bouyea, Ron Somerset and Allan Lewis died subsequent to a clash with the police who had employed the use of tear gas and pellets to clear the Mackenzie-WismarBridge which had been occupied by protesters demonstrating against a move to increase electricity rates.

Rohee told Demerara Waves Online News ( that “I do not wish to discuss that matter.” He stuck to that response when asked whether he believed that was a matter for President Donald Ramotar and the wider cabinet.

Back in 2004, then Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj proceeded on leave at his own request to allow for an impartial investigation into an allegation of his knowledge of the operations of an alleged death squad.  [more]

Birds-in-crotch smuggler convicted


Birds-in-crotch smuggler convicted

  | t |
Written by Court Reporter – Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 16:22
finchA man, who sought to smuggle three finches in his crotch out of Guyana, was Tuesday ordered to pay a fine or spend six months in jail.City Magistrate, Faith Mc Gusty handed down the penalty to Shivastil Ramrattan after he pleaded guilty to committing the offence on September 3.Ramrattan was caught on September 3 at the CheddiJaganInternationalAirport, Timehri with the ‘towa-towas’ in his pants crotch.Guyanese laws require wildlife exporters to acquire permits from the Wildlife Management Authority but Ramrattan had none.   Continue reading


Fela Kuti – Coffin for Head of State

AN ‘A-BRIDGED’ VERSION          09 03 2012


In a hastily and selective press conference over Labor Day weekend, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh gave an a-bridged account of 2.8 per cent GDP for the first 6-months of 2012…60 days after the fact.  No reference  was made to workers striking in Linden; the brewing  functional non-cooperation between the region and local government authorities in Kwakwani (Region 10);  mini-buses refusing to ply the routes in Bartica because of poor road surfaces and services.  Schools in every region are experiencing shorffalls because of shortages of staff, equipment, buildings, uniforms and other needed resources. And in indigenous communities like Port Kaituma entire families and school children are burning tyres and blocking roads.  The logistical airstrip may be next in line to be blocked.  Residents in the community have given the PPP government an ultimatum to fix the road by weekend or chaos; US OR CHAOS.

Demoted local government Minister Norman Whittaker is embroiled in an ongoing feud with Senior Environment & Mining Minister Robert Persaud as to who is responsible for hinterland and mining communities.  They are both responsible.  The a-bridged version is that one is responsible for surface issues and the other is accountable for what obtains under the water-table. ASOMELYKAM.            Continue reading



EDUCATED GUESTS & GUESSES       09 01 2012


So far this year this writer has attended two funerals; both funerals had similar but different challenges.  The most recent was that of Guyanese International public servant and broadcaster Mr. Hugh Cholmondeley.  At the mid-afternoon ceremony at United Nations Chapel in Manhattan, scores of educated guests were fingered and registered to return home to help in the education process.  An educated guess at this time reveals that some of the educated guests too were in the Diaspora to procure equipment, technology devices, books and uniforms for their charges.  Some too, stayed on for Labor Day celebrations.

The cumulative effect is that school opening in GT has suffered.  Not enough or nothing in the land of many waters, clogged brains and corrupt citizens.
Private schools seem to be on stream to re-open, deliver lessons, set new standards in grades and outcomes while the government schools sputter and startle all the reviewing publics.  Some teachers and students alike had to go in the interior to pan for gold while others had to ‘bam-jice’ (cut cane) to subsidise their subsistence.  Some were successful and countless others were not and this is playing out in the numbers returning to classes.     Continue reading