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By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             09 27 2012

Guyanese families are awaking to bad news again this morning.   Homeland Security in New York in conjunction with Customs officials nabbed two women that had kilos of cocaine concealed in their wigs at JFK.  Initial reports suggest that President Donald Ramotar may have also been a passenger en-route to the annual UN Heads of State meeting in Manhattan.
This incident as simple as it may seem will change procedures and policies globally.   The critical question is…how did these women get past security at CBJ, Timehri?  Who is in charge of security in Guyana?

These questions were put to President Bharrat Jagdeo who is performing his usual duties while Donald Ramotar is away.   Prime Minister Sam Hinds is not trusted.  Jagdeo  is claiming that it is not a Guyana problem; it is a US problem.  At this stage I plead the fifth and gimme a fifth.  (see Demerara Waves report below for full details).

Guyanese women nabbed at JFK Airport allegedly with cocaine in weave

And in related news:   All six of the policemen embroiled in the Agricola slaughter have been whisked out of the country;  each of them were issued special documents, travellers checks and newly minted passports, tickets and a bank card labeled SCOTIA GOLD.  Some say these Guys were on the flight too with the President and the women in wigs and flowing gowns.  The last four digits of each officer is the pin to withdraw without limits at ATM machines anywhere.

And the young lady from Victoria who was allegedly raped by now deceased Commish Henry Greene has been issued a 10-year multiple visa by the US embassy.  She is already installed and is now with family in the Crown Heights community of Brooklyn.

Summer of 1991, when there was the Crown Heights riots it was the first cousin…two sister children, (Kato family) that was killed and sparked off the riots.  “Sissy picknie-moo-vetter-than-buddy-pickine.”

Speculation is rife and it seems like the officers were sent to Canada.  All eyes should be peeled at the Eusi Kwayana caucuses in Toronto this weekend and onwards.  I am just saying….wherever two and three are gathered it is now legitimate under Rohee-guidelines to open deadly fire.  The urgency is to cause total destruction of the positive minds.

The destination is irrelevant at this juncture as the PPP strengthens its hand in totally destroying the minds of women especially. There is an exhaustive list of folks killed by the black-clothes-brigade since Jagdeo came to power around 1992.

From a psycho-social point of view each bullet trained at a male is really meant for a woman.  There is a certain method to the madness and to understand each citizen must pause for a cause; know thyself.  Take your children out of the schools could be a brave and bold first step.  The Principal of the Wakenaam  High School committed suicide on Tuesday.  Ten weeks ago, a little 10 year old boy from Region Two did the unthinkable…he hanged himself.

Guyana’s schools are toxic. Primary and secondary schools are about indoctrination and the tertiary level students are exposed.  Learning takes place in homes while schools are merely extended play pens with criminals designated as baby-sitters.  Talk half-leff half.

Dictatorships are essentially reserved for men even though in emerging societies, more women are born, complete academic studies and are breaking the proverbial glass ceilings.  Women too are more dependable in attendance, do not demand high wages and are easier to get along with.  Empathy and sympathy are cultivated.  That is not what the PPP is about and by shooting them rightly so or wrongly so the PPP can make a certain trajectory and inject power and control.  ASOMELYKAM.

Women, even though they can be treacherous in their domestic/social lives, do not move heaven and earth to un-seat their bosses.  Women, in spite of these perceived shortcomings in socialist doctrine, have greater egos than men; they oft times collude and undermine statesmen.  Guyana is at that stage now.  The PPP is a man-sport and feel highly threatened by the likes of Clarissa, Faith, Debbie, Jennifer et al.

And with that in mind, it is the likes too of the wife of Finance Minister Ashmi Singh who will displace all the old-geezers.    Shooting men gets to the emotional side of the brain and causes total destruction to the mind.   Both Jagdeo and Ramotar are schooled in psychological warfare.  Jagdeo, when he became President, made sure he got every Honorary degree possible.  The only place Jagdeo did not get a doctorate from is the ONDERNEEEMING BOYS SCHOOL.  But what miss you never pass you.

Ms Gail Texiera would  be back in the hot-seat as Home Affairs Minister  Cde.  Clement Rohee is making the rounds and cleaning up his mess before imminent departure.  He wants to spend more time with his family and raise a few hogs.  You-go-boss.


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