I am the One – Eddie Grant


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                9 23 2012

EUSI  KWAYANA IS COMING TO CANADA.  Reparations for those killed by the PPP/Rohee/Greene Inc may not be foremost on the caucuses to be held but reshaping and remodeling the trust factor will sure take center stage.

Covetous is the word most frequently used in the diaspora to describe the presidency and all its attendant and attending bare-foot millionaires; bare-foot and or bare-head a document will be reproduced to restore civility, re-start neighborliness, retrieve sound education practices, re-engineer socio/economic programs and relinquish greed.  The blurred lines of communication will also be rekindled as an antidote to violence.       

A consortium of students, activists, Buxtonians including Friendship and Brush-Dam, Caribbean nationals and die-hard Guyanese will assemble in quadruples and multiples of ten at all events scheduled in metropolitan Toronto starting September 27 to October 6.

Toronto is fast becoming the capital for an un-common and uncanny wisdom that is needed to right side Guyana and make sure every little boy and girl irrespective of region, ethnic strain, religious beliefs, sexual orientation et al can achieve the little dreams and schemes.  Covetous is an adjective but plurality and diversity are verbs.

The realigning of the covetous movements of the PPP is job one up for discussions.

Ideally Kwayana should be travelling to Guyana but the pre-eminent scholar, elderly statesman, politician and teacher has toned down his rhetoric.  He now canvases for peace, justice, fairness, equity and equality all over the land.   All his official discussions will be conducted before thanks-giving celebrations slated for week of October 8, 2012. (see program and events calendar at bottom). Thanksgiving in the US is normally last Thursday in November.  This year it will be 11-29-2012.

Literally translated the name KWAYANA means …black-man of Guyana but Eusi  is more than a man that is black.  Mr. Kwayana is even-tempered, erudite, thoughtful, patriotic, pregnant with wisdom, fearless, has a common touch and an un-common sense of proportionality   He is not covetous and was a founder member of the Working People’s Alliance after breaking away from Burnhams’s PNC shortly after independence in 1966.   He also has a family of his own and lives quietly in a suburb in California.  Earlier this year, he celebrated his 87th birthday and spends quality time on his computer and Blackberry.

One of the organisers for the pre-thanksgiving activity in Toronto  made a joke over the phone that while in Canada, Kwayana will push for the bracketed ‘c’ after the PPP©  should read  COVETOUS rather than civic.  ASOMELYKAM.

Those of you who are familiar with the civic-side of Buxton would recall that there was a policeman…Ovid Campbell …a prominent Buxtonian and brand name who used to be called COVETOUS.  Fortunately for Ovid, his call name did not come from a bad place or for a bad reason.  He never frowned or disowned the name.  Ovid, before, during and after his tenure in the police force was well liked, well put together and never embroiled in any scandal.  He never fired a gun and lived within his means.  He leant everything that was righteous about his job and never burnt his bridges or illegal stuff to keep up with the Singhs and Persauds.  Covetous…the man: became a landmark, an anchor citizen, businessman and role model for all of Guyana to see and experience.  His residence and liquor store is a few doors south of Tipperary Hall on the other side of the street.

Covetous is mentioned as a segway to the lawlessness and loss of values and virtues in Guyana.  This Toronto caucus is not about fraternity or modernity.  It is about the calamity of the PPP in refusing to accept shared governance as a recipe for genuine development.

Both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar seem to get a kick out of shooting and killing Guyanese even for their thoughts.  Mek-attempt-gone is the new mantra.  It is no longer a plight of Buxtonians; it is a national fight.   ALUTA CONTINUA.  Linden, Bartica, Port Kaituma, Lethem, Imbaimadai…here there and everywhere the joint services are shooting to kill.

Here is a partial list of people shot and eliminated by the tyrannical PPP … Jagdeo-Rohee-Greene Inc:


Lancelot Lee aka “Piggy”

463 Kiskadee Drive, South Ruimveldt


21 June 2008

Lindo Creek massacre victim allegedly shot and killed by Joint Security Forces


Nigel Torres

Jeep Landing, Kwakwani, Berbice River


21 June 2008

Lindo Creek massacre victim allegedly shot and killed by Joint Security Forces


Dharampaul Ramsarup



July 2008

Found Dead on the West Coast Demerara


Dexter Chase



1 July 2008

Shot Dead by Police in John St., Werk-en-Rust


Akbar Alli



24 July 2008

Shot Dead at Brickdam


Dennis Richards

Enterprise Gardens


7 August 2008

Beaten to Death at Melanie Damishana


Unidentified Person

5 August 2008

Nude Body found dead at No. 69 Village, C/Backlands


Rondell “Fineman” Rawlins

28 August 2008

Killed by Joint Services ranks in a shootout on the Soesdyke Highway.


Jermaine “Skinny” Charles


28 August 2008

Killed by Joint Services ranks in a shootout on the Soesdyke Highway.


Alicia Foster

David Street, Kitty


12 October 2008

Shot and killed at her home in Kitty



Unidentified Man


1 November 2008

Found dead at Madewini


Melissa Payne


5 November 2008

Shot dead at Agricola, E.B.D.


Eric Williams a/k “Eddo”


7 November 2008

Shot dead by Police at Stanleytown, W.B.D.


Leon Dundas

Punt Trench Dam, Albouystown

7 November 2008

Shot dead at Goed Fortuin, W.B.D.


Unidentified Person


8 November 2008

Found dead on Seawall


Raphael Piggott

Guyhoc Park


9 November 2008

Executed at Cummings Lodge, E.C.D.


Rickford Barker


15 November 2008

Found dead at Soesdyke


Cranston Gill


28 November 2008

Shot dead by Police at Cromarty Foreshore, Berbice


Cliff Chichester

(Ex-GDF Cadet Officer)

Dazell Housing Scheme

28 November 2008

Shot dead by Police at Cromarty Foreshore, Berbice


James Gibson

(Ex-Army Lt.)

28 November 2008

Shot dead by Police at Cromarty Foreshore, Berbice


Brandis Roberts

(Parika Businessman)

30 November 2008

Found Dead at Parika


Fiesal Ferose “Robert” Ali


3 December 2008

Killed at 5th Street, Mandela Avenue


Hardel Haynes


9 December 2008

Killed at East La Penitence



Shenese Ann Richardson

502 West Ruimveldt


14 December 2008

Killed at her home in West Ruimveldt


Lt. Col. D. Naraine

(Army Officer)

19 December 2008

Drop Dead at Home


Lt. Col. Tony Ross


19 December 2008

Drop Dead, Camp Ayangana


Dexter Allen


19 December 2008

Found dead at Stanleytown, West Bank


Antwan Smith aka “Deportee” of Linden


21 February 2009

Killed by Joint Services ranks at Arimu Backdam, Cuyuni


Dwayne Marks aka “Bully”



21 February 2009

Killed by Joint Services ranks at Arimu Backdam, Cuyuni


Gavin Gray aka “Sweet Eyes”



21 February 2009

Killed by Joint Services ranks at Arimu Backdam, Cuyuni


David Leander aka David Zammett aka “Biscuit”

24 July 2009

Became ill while in prison and later died at the GPHC under suspicious circumstances after falling into a coma.

The names of all these subjects who were shot and killed come from every ethnic enclave and they are mostly all young people.  Two things they all have in common is that they were all minding their own business, unemployed and did not have any place further to duck and hide.

Every time police shoot and kill someone, the next day the President announces a self-welfaring project.

Last week he killed in Agricola; this week Jagdeo announced that he would convert Demerara House into a library as his legacy.  Demerara House is located in Queenstown.  Hoyte, Janet or Cheddie…not even Burnham…all these great leaders did not have libraries.  Jagdeo does not even read anything…neither does Ramotar.  This is another reason for the Toronto caucus.

A month ago they killed five in Linden…. the next week they announced an international hospital for Guyana with funding from India.  This is another reason for the Toronto caucus.

Every time the PPP shoot someone, they pull the cat outa-the-bag and promise a boat, a stelling, a house, a training school for miners et al.  And when nobody ent watching, they filling in the spaces with Chinese immigrants and Indian specialists   And on the return trip they pushing out gold, bauxite, sand, lumber.  The money does not come back to the nation but the covetous leadership finds creative ways to self-welfare.  Some own supermarkets, some own planes, some own nail salon, some own major buildings and condominiums, nite-clubs and strip joints.  PITBULL…the Cuban singer/rapper all get license and permission recently to come open a chain of restaurants in Gt.  This too is a reason for the Toronto caucus.

Kwayana was one time a Finance Minister and later General Manager of Guyana Marketing Corporation.  He used to take one dollar…one solitary Guyana dollar a year as salary.  He never owned a car or took a driver or a gardener.  Every morning he will jostle and hustle to catch a mini-bus and in the evenings, walk back to the car park and pay his own way.  Not like covetous Jagdeo wants about 60 per cent of his income plus all the perks like Ramotar and even more.  And this is why the Toronto caucus is a socio-economic necessity.

The PPP’s politics is both hollow and shallow.  None of the Indian cabinet members can recite the national anthem.    Patsy Kline is currently demanding royalties for using her song… I FALL TO PIECES as the nation’s anthem while the British ambassador is demanding royalties for all the books and manuals they have been photocopying and reselling at full price to students.  This is still another reason for the caucuses.

And wait, wait;  there is more.
Guyanese now have to walk in the shallow and swim in the deep so that they can stay alive. The Indians give them traffic lights that ideally were meant for pedestrians.    The lights work with solar power packs and they all went missing.  The Demerara bridge pontoons were found in Mahaica River and nobody can figure out that leap and how it got there.  And then Rohee, the Home Affairs Minister, is refusing to move-on even though parliament passed a no-confidence motion in him.  Robeson Benn too, the Transport Minister, he collected on some Chinese frigates converted to passenger vessels.  Since last year this time the boats arrived but cant go into operation because the stellings and the boats are not symbiotic.  Plus there is Greene’s rub-out and Fowl-Cock’s escapade with a helicopter in Anna Regina.  Fowl-Cock is now rated as Essequibo’s richest touchau.  He has already bought out all of Mendes holdings…logging, farms, airstrip, planes and condos.  Fowl-Cock also bought Doobay’s rice mills and is billed now as Essequibo’s largest employer.   Just another reason for a caucus in Toronto.

Eusi Kwayana will deliver  left, right and center.  Groups from the Diaspora are coming together and buddying-up to be at one or two of the events…depending on their schedules.  Check your planner and maximize your rolodex….please.


Eusi Kwayana’s planned visit to Toronto (Sep 27-Oct 6, 2012).

Here is a brief Bio of Eusi Kwayana, written by Michael Parris.

Eusi Kwayana, formerly named Sydney King, is scheduled to be visit Toronto during September 27 to October 6, 2012, as a guest of The Committee to Assist Buxton/Friendship (COTAB), which has been operating here since 2000.  He will be featured at events sponsored by COTAB, the Caribbean Studies Program of the University of Toronto, and the Canada – Guyana Forum.

Briefly, the events are:

Sponsored by COTAB

Friday Sept. 28, 6 – 9 PM:       Book Signing at the Different Booklist (746 Bathurst, Toronto)

Sunday Sept. 30th, 5 – 8 PM:  Lecture & Mix’N Mingle session (St. John the Divine Anglican Church, 885 Scarborough Golf Club Rd)

Sponsored by the Caribbean Studies Program of U of T & the Canada-Guyana Forum

Friday, Oct. 5th, 6 – 9:30 PM – Lecture at University of Toronto (Wilson Hall, 1016, New College, 40 Willcocks St.)

Kwayana’s Books and publications will be on sale at each event; only his new “Walter Rodney: His Last Days and Campaigns” will be on sale at the Book Signing.

Event details can be gleaned at:

Brief Bio of Eusi Kwayana: by Michael Parris

Kwayana was born in April 4, 1925 at Lusignan, Guyana and his family moved to Buxton when he was quite young. He became one of Guyana’s most popular, and controversial, political activists, making his entry into the field at the village level during the 1940’s. He joined George Younge, Martin Stephenson, John Abrams, Sam Persaud, Sultan Khan and Jules Perreira in the Ratepayers’ Association in marshaling the fight against Bookers Estates Limited over a canal at back of the village, called “the right of away”, through which the estates transported cane.

The status of Buxton/Friendship as one of Guyana’s premier villages was enhanced by this conflict as it fed into the wider struggle which estate labourers were embroiled with Bookers.

Around 1947, then Sydney King, he became a member of a small group of politicians, led by Dr.Cheddie Jagan. who formed The People’s Progressive Party (PPP), which remains one of the  largest two political parties in Guyana. Dr. Jagan had won the Central Demerara seat of which Buxton/Friendship was part. In 1953, the PPP won a landslide victory in Guyana’s first election under universal adult suffrage, and Kwayana left his job as a school teacher to assume the position of Minister of Communication and Works.

Unfortunately, the British government suspended the constitution and threw the PPP out of office, after 133 days, in October, 1953. Thereafter Kwayana featured in several and varied roles among which: as a political detainee for fear that he and others would cause civil unrest; holding vigil outside the governor’s residence protesting against his biased action against some of the citizens; executive membership of both major political parties, the PPP and the People’s National Congress (PNC); composer of the anthems of both parties. During all of this, Kwayana, a most dedicated teacher, found time to provide lessons for hundreds of students, most of them indigent.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding aspects of his political activism was his proposal that, because of the widening racial divide among Guyanese, thought should be given to the adoption of a constitution not dissimilar to that of Cyprus. Both leaders of the main political parties, Jagan and Burnham, perceiving this as being inimical to his chances of winning the elections, vigorously opposed the proposal and instead emphasised what Kwayana warned could be the outcome of the growing ethnic conflict i.e. the possibility of partition. As a consequence, many persons who have never read what Kwayana wrote or said on the issue, repeat this distorted report.

Kwayana co-founded The African Society for Racial Equality (ASRE), and later, The African Society for Cultural Relations with Independent Africa (ASCRIA) which became part of The Working People’s Alliance in 1974. Here, he worked closely with the late Walter Rodney and was a member of WPA’s collective leadership.  As a WPA member, he played a pivotal role in the struggle for democratic restoration and free and fair elections.

Kwayana has authored several books, booklets, monographs and articles. His best known works are Next Witness, Scars of Bondage, Guyana: No Guilty Race, Buxton in Print and Memory, Morning After, and Genesis of a Nation: The Indo-Guyanese Contribution to Social Change (in Guyana).  He also wrote the lyrics of the party songs of the PPP, PNC and WPA.

Kwayana’s retired from parliament in 2002 and migrated in June of that year San Diego, California.  He last visited Toronto in 2001 to attend the funeral of his niece’s husband.

This visit then presents a unique opportunity for Guyanese and all others in the Diaspora.  COTAB, the Caribbean Studies Program of the University of Toronto, and the Canada – Guyana Forum urge you to attend.

Please call COTAB at 416-431-0273 or, 416-820-9200, or, the Caribbean Studies Program of U of T & the Canada-Guyana Forum at 416-978-8286 or 416-439-8617 for event details.

Michael Parris

Executive Committee Member, COTAB

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