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The Guyana Government supports the stealing of intellectual property


The Guyana Government supports the stealing of intellectual property 

Written by realTalk  – Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 08:56

The Guyana government’s decision to buy photocopied text books for the education sector is the most blatant display of illegality seen to date. Not only is the government infringing on the copyrights of writers and publishers, they are sending a very clear signal to the children of this nation: it is good to steal from others without fearing the consequences. No government should make policy the infringement of copyrights.

Earlier in the year a Mr. Bholan Boodhoo, owner of the Horizon Bookshop in Alberttown, and a long-time dealer of text books in Guyana, blew the whistle on a major text book scam that involved the higher mortals of the Ministry of Education. Many Guyanese probably took this chap for granted and possibly did not even give much credence to his very serious allegations. Today however, the nation is being told by the administration that Cabinet decided that the Ministry of Education must buy photocopied text books for schools.

Over ten years ago, the late Deryck Bernard a distinguished geographer and former Minister of Education during the PNC era, published A New Geography of Guyana (Macmillan, Caribbean).    [more]