By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                                                09 16 2012

And on the ninth day according to Hindu rites and rituals …..

Former Police Commissioner Henry Greene was funeralised and taken back to his ancestral home of Nabaclis, a suburb of Enmore on the East Coast for burial.  Surprisingly, former President  Bharrat Jagdeo aborted all his sojourns and activities and appeared stone-faced and stoic.  The ducts in his eyes did not bleed and or reproduce anything but when the other half…Donald Ramotar appeared, late like hell, the casket had to be reopened and he uttered a few words of amazing gratitude.

The former commissioner was involved in a multi-vehicle accident less than six months after he vacated office on his own terms but his death was not an accident.  In Guyanese parlance…WHO KNOW KNOW; WHO DON’T KNOW FOUGHT FUH KNOW.   

One can sincerely and genuinely surmise that the attendance by the PPP leadership is a genuine signal to end the violence by finding new pathways to communication.  Communication is an antidote to brutality and abuse and the noble society has had too much for too long.  Enough is enough, is enough.

President Donald Ramotar delivering a tribute at the funeral service for late Police Commissioner, Henry Greene.

 Greene was sorely obese, had a perennial cardiac problem, emotionally disturbed, was never offered specialized care when ill, and was left to languish off and on in a room he had to share with other patients at the Georgetown Hospital.

Greene 58, had to fight tooth and nail to get his pay and other emoluments after being fingered repeatedly for improper sexual relationships including rape with staffers.  Civilian women too, felt his unquenchable thirst for sex and the PPP did not seek to have a counselor or psychiatrist examine his mind.  Greene never relinquished his quest for money and was tainted with dealing in drugs, gold and diamonds and timber to a lesser extent.   He may have been a good man but the demands of the job and the narrow mindset of the PPP painted him into a dishonorable, distasteful and disgraceful position at time of death.  The coolie-bully (a bully for the coolies), is now being eulogized with grace and gratitude; too much too little too late.

Greene died on Friday September 7 in a three-car smash up at Harlem…five miles from the West Demerara Regional Hospital. His body was on view at the National Cultural center on Sunday.  Approximately 600 persons, mostly coerced by their supervisors had to look teary-eyed and stone faced as they were instructed to file past and give their last respects.  Meanwhile Region Three…a strong hold of the PPP has not been addressed for neglecting to render first age to dear-Henry.
The hospital team of nurses and doctors who posed with his body for pictures are still on the job.  ASOMELYKAM.

The ethnically challenged community of Harlem did not come to his rescue and Henry, anthropologically different was left to his own devices until workers from CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL came moving heaven and earth to get him medical attention.  He died according to a PPP report from spinal injury.

On Sunday both Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar had to be mandated and both offered lack-luster rehearsed scripts of gratitude and hypocrisy.  Henry has gone to a better place and all will be sell with this young man without the social engineering and falsities.

The family, like the folks Henry pitched marbles with and learnt to spring jump on a bicycle with, were all minimized.  The Joint Opposition…APNU and AFC executives were also visibly absent from the cortege and window dressing for a fallen comrade who was psychologically challenged.  Mr. Greene tried to make up for his deficiencies by seeking material wealth and emotional incursions…allowing his spiritual and professional self to wane.  In Guyanese parlance: Henry back-slided.  Henry lived parallel lives out of share necessity and this type of living chalked him into the columns of tyranny and terrorism.  I know his family inside-out and I also know the rural and rustic terrain he calls home.  He was given a basket to fetch water while a bucket may have been apt…he did his best with what he had.

It is both amusing and amazing that the outpouring of gratitude is generous from the PPP administration I when in fact they were instrumental in leading him up the wrong trail and the moral and ethical lessons he got in his formative years.

Mr. Greene was exploited and resented the heavy lifting he was tasked with.  It was visible in his diet and his penchant for pleasure when in fact he was in pain.  Henry’s death was by design and he always wanted to relinquish his attachment to greed but his handlers would never let him.

Henry was at the top of his game as commissioner but was always ruminating at the bottom of a pit knowing both right from wrong but never able to verbalise same.  His death will bring to the fore the length, depth and breadth of the proverbial doughnut hole.

Henry may have killed a few under duress but to say he eliminated criminal activity is tantamount to a criminal offence.
Everyday is a gunshot.  No ethnic enclave is safe.  The 592 country code did not go away or has not reduced.  The police force, the Army and every other para-military outfit…both covert and overt, are having problems finding recruits.

The PPP has entrenched into its social engineering manifesto: a deliberate plan of action to strip Guyana of all its virtues, values and vicissitudes.  Simultaneously the treasury is raped and the fiscal apparatuses vacuumed.  Education is capped and immigration a centerpiece.  The PPP has built more hotels as a matter of policy than it has built schools.  Every 10th home is literally a watering hole.  Every citizen knows somebody who is homeless, a carrier of AIDS, in jail, on drugs, a prostitute and or unemployed.

When one looks at the pseudo-science of who becomes a cop and who becomes a prisoner….two in three recruits is from a single-mother.  And for the prisoners- one in three is from a home with a single parent.  I do not have to read and spell.

The Finance Minister declared a fortnight ago that there was a 2.8 per cent increase in GDP knowing full well that the weather, the inability to attract skilled labor, corruption, emigration and general malaise have all manifested themselves into  the society falling apart at its cracks.

Exploiting the funeral of Mr. Henry Greene for propaganda purposes is both shallow and hollow.  Handing the respective heads of departments scripts to paint a picture of grandeur and gratitude is both impolite and improper.  Good try anyhow.

Dave Koz and Austin Gatus … Faces of the Heart. 


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  1. Posted by K.M.Jones on October 4, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    When will his audio-video taped confessions and narratives be published? damn, he had to have prepared and given them to a confidante; he was, above it all, an intelligent person, was he not?


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