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Weekend Funeral for Greene          09 12 2012


Sunday may be Greene’s funeral but Wednesday saw the people of Agricola burn tyres…blocking the highway as they look for genuine answers for the execution-style  death of a little black boy in and from the neighborhood.  Police in helicopter and riot gear had to be deployed.  Thursday morning was relatively quiet and  Deputy Commissioner Seelall Persaud said that 6 officers who felt threatened by the two youths will be grilled shortly to ascertain culpability.  AFC’s Chairman Nigel Hughes is planning to bring private charges against the officers, who placed the guys on the ground and pumped bullets into their bodies.

The neighborhood tyre shop was shuttered and may never reopen again as a preventative tribal war measure.

Official reports suggest that two youths…deceased age 17 and the critically injured age 20, were shot without provocation.  The police are claiming that they received incoming fire on Tuesday afternoon.  So far there are no bullets or damage to the vehicle; the community is vehemently denying these claims; and they are crying criminal disrespect for ethnically challenged communities.  Black youths everyday have to be sheltered and protected and cannot achieve their full potential in a civil society.  Some government offices and private organizations have stopped giving leave of absence and time off for grieving families.  Basically Guyana is devolving and the PPP is having a good time at the expense of black folks.

Dead is Shaquille Grant.  APNU’s David Granger is pissed and has fired off a letter to President Donald Ramotar.  Guyana police is on target for shooting 592 black men this year…a pattern and target influenced by the 592 telephone country code. The hospitals kill another 592; 592 is lost to road accidents; 592 to HIV/AIDS; 592 to deaths in the gold and diamond mining industry and another 592 to community based murders.  Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has refused to leave his post in spite of a no-confidence motion in parliament.  A Commission of Inquiry has also been launched under the aegis of CARICOM after the death of five in Linden over an electricity tariff increased protest in July.  In addition there is a genuine atmosphere of distrust and disdain for the entire PPP network of corrupt and corruptible officials within and without the country.  Heart attacks, road accidents, shootings, murder et al are all clustered under the heading of “death by natural causes.”

Agricola also wants to know who is in charge of the Police Force even though Acting Commissioner Leroy Brummel hails from a nearby ethnic enclave.  The PPP is involved in psychological warfare and is pitting Indians against blacks.  Killings are never investigated unless the Opposition jumps in.  Buxton alone lost most of the 410 men in a recent ethnic cleansing campaign.  A monument over the summer holidays was erected in the community near Tipperary hall, in their honor and memory.  An inquiry is still pending.

Agricola is mad-as-hell as the people struggle to console themselves as police run amok and shooting folks because of how they look.  Agricola is part of Greater Georgetown and serves as a feeder-road  to the West Coast, Essequibo, airport, East Bank, Linden, all interior locations and almost everywhere else.   The wider community is edging towards a massive strike to cripple all commercial activities nationwide.  This goal is both achievable and imminent in a collective effort to regain integrity, cohesiveness, wholeness, mutuality and commonsense between and among all the peoples of Guyana.

The best the ethnically challenged PPPP government can do for its bram-bram and semi-retired infamous Commissioner Henry Greene is underwrite his continuous and ongoing wake .  Greene was literally kicked to the curb in April for allegedly raping a 34-year old woman but was able to negotiate for his full pay and benefits until age 60.  Greene was a coolie-bully.  (ASOMELYKAM)

Greene 58, was a real-real and authentic coolie-bully in name and nature.  I-know-the-man; you-know-the-man; all-ahwee-know-the-man.   He was denied a visa according to WIKILEAKS releases, from travelling to America, allegedly for having a hand and foot in drug smuggling and other illicit and illegal activities. His main client was Roger Khan who was arrested in Suriname while on the lam and brought to Trinidad for trans-shipment to America by DEA officials.

But President Jagdeo loved him and  druggist, Roger Khan adored him.  Today they are offering his family a quasi-state funeral on Sunday September 16, 2012.  The full itinerary and program will be available by noon on Friday.

Arrangements are being finalized for the body to lie in state at the national cultural centre, Mandella Avenue in the community of  Lodge.  Mr. Greene’s body will be the second in the 40 year history of the facility to accommodate a funeral in the inner sanctum of the edifice and theatre.  The other was the wife of Prime Minister…Hamilton Green (no relationship).   Ms Shirley Field-Ridley was also a former Minister of Information and Culture in the formative years of the Burnham administration.

Commissioner Greene does not measure up to the status, caliber and character of Ms Field-Ridley but to make up for the death by design of  the wayward and coolie-bully, the Cultural Centre is being offered, all expenses paid.  Who said crime does not pay eh?

And while the department of culture is busy decorating and planning for the massive event President Bharrat Jagdeo has slipped away and out of the country en route to Sweden among other European stops.  He is scheduled to be back immediately after the funeral. President Ramoutar has made it clear that he would not participate and every other official and officious  gangster in the government is mum at this time.  The dead will bury the dead.  ASKOMELYKAM.

The other part of the duo-presidency, Mr. Donald Ramotar is lying low as per instruction and deceit.   Reports are that INTERPOL….the British based international police organization, is wrapping up investigations allegedly into a regional US30-billion illegal trade in forestry products.  Wood is big business and the who is who list boggles the mind and juggles the integrity of the PPP government.

Globally and annually more than US150-billion dollars worth of lumber and logs are shipped to Europe and East Asia primarily.  It is a known and established fact in GT that the illegal shipping of logs and lumber is a money-making endeavor for the well endowed  presidents and presidency.  Gold is also big business and there is no plan or scheme to re-invest the spoils in Guyana.  The government is merely a vehicle but the driver of the presidency is illicit money.

INTERPOL has been able to conduct an extensive sampling…DNA of all wood types in Guyana and this has caused a bit of quiet-discomfort to the administration and some of its inner-working groups that are  involved in the illegal and illicit business.

Some of Guyana’s finest statesmen and luminaries have allowed themselves to be enticed into the drug trafficking and trans-shipment of logs with full knowledge and complicity of the PPP administration.

Mr. Greene’s claim to fame, prominence and tolerance has been via the illegal and illicit businesses of drugs, gold mining and timber to a lesser extent.

Meanwhile, the body of a male black man has been found in a ditch outside of Kara Kara Linden.  The community suspects that at least five people were killed in the Linden fiasco and the PPP may have dumped this body there and is now calling on the community to come identify the badly decomposed remains of the person who is suspected to be in his fifties.

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  1. Posted by francis jackson on September 15, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Maybe the PPP days are numbered….kill blackman and reduce the census seems to be the order of the day —-eh!


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