GREENE  DEATH  BY DESIGN      09 09 2012


BRAM-BRAM was the code name Gt merry-mices had for Commish Henry Greene; he died the way he lived…always seeking to mutilate his conquests and cause the most harm.  Today all those voices are  combined asking to see the sex tapes and the videos and score cards he kept of all the exploits and excursions and incursions and activities and positions and venues  and facilitators  and enablers he worked for, by, with and without.  Some also feel that the community of Harlem let down the basic tenets of communal living.  The Indian folks, without reservation or remorse, did not come to Bram-Bram’s rescue after they heard the bram-bram during rush hour traffic last Friday morning at about 8.00 am.

West Demerara is a PPP stronghold and race informs camaraderie, communication, co-operation, collaboration and conscience.  One can understand an accident in the middle of the night or 4-day morning but with school children on the road, farmers heading to the fields, taxis going both ways and travelers from Essequibo and all the islands going back and forth no one stopped to give Mr. Greene any assistance.                 

On Monday the Guyana Police Force was struggling to convince the amused and amazed publics that Commissioner Henry Greene even though he was involved in an accident, his death was no accident; his demise was designed and executed at the West Demerara Regional hospital.

There are pictures available of Mr. Greene moving around and communicating with black folks from CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL Company who were instrumental in getting him out of the wrecked vehicle after the bram-bram.  It is emerging that after the three car smash up the ethnically challenged community of Harlem…point of impact… did not do anything to help Mr. Greene or extricate him from the wreckage.

Attempts were also made to get a helicopter to come pick him up and rush him to Georgetown but all the efforts were futile.  No doctor from Georgetown was willing to pay US.50 cents to drive over the Demerara Bridge to take care of the erstwhile but clumsy commissioner.

Apparently the community responded quickly and helped the passengers from the other cars and left Mr. Greene to his own devices.  His ethnicity and reputation may have influenced their decision.  Harlem is near to Crane and Ruimzight rice mill (my best recollection of the zone)..…three to five miles from Bess hospital near Vreed-en-Hoop.  Some of the injured parties were taken to Georgetown hospital…another 20 minutes away but instead Greene’s demise was forecasted.  He was taken to the dancehall-death-zone emergency room where staffers posed for pictures rather than rendering first aid and emergency services.  (see pictures available).

The medical community is also surprised that the police can put out a statement that Mr. Greene was pronounced dead on arrival and some members of staff proceeded to pose for the cameras at the “dancehall” emergency medical theatre.  Much more than that, the Police Force is claiming that his death was attributed to a fractured spine.  Good try; every dog has its day.  Today for Bram-Bram and tomorrow for Bheri-Bheri…the Health Minister.

Informed sources are saying that nobody dies from a fractured spine.  His breathing and mobility may be compromised but death is never attributed to broken limbs swiftly.  In recent history Minister Desiree Fox had an accident outside of the ARMY headquarters in Georgetown.  Ms Fox who was Amerindian and married to reputable school teacher, Terrence Fox, died from a fractured arm at the Georgetown hospital.  A few weeks ago prominent Attorney Gregory Gaskin sustained a low speed fall when riding his   motorcycle in Timehri.  Gaskin did not have any visible injuries but died in a mini-bus that was converted into an ambulance.  The vehicle did not have any trained personnel or equipment to help stabilize him.

Another prominent Guyanese insurance broker and former administrator at the Georgetown hospital, had superficial wounds to his body but died at the Georgetown hospital.  The list of ethnically challenged patients who die after visits to the local medical institutions is long.  Everybody knows somebody who dies after checking in.

The West Demerara hospital has been dubbed a “death-zone.”  Medical and technical staff have been threatening for the longest while to walk off the job due to the lack of equipment, drugs, trained and efficient personnel.  Reports suggest that the current administrator is the son of a government minister and has no experience or skill set for the job.



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