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A  ‘GREENE’  OBIT                 09 07 2012


the late Henry Greene

Immediate past Police Commissioner Henry Greene is dead.   The Guyana Police Association …an old boys and old girls fraternity has issued a fatwah to accord him all his burial rites and benefits in spite of  his reputation and behaviors.

Greene died after a three-car smash up without a morsel in his mouth. He was proceeding west to Parika en route to the gold fields where he has mining interests/investments.

Sometimes when good people die you have to say good things about them; Henry is dead.  Your class always influences the breadth and depth of your obituary.  His challenges were many and his forays into the theatre of civility never yielded just rewards.  Good people are sometimes prone to do bad things and that too is understandable.

Initial reports suggest that the prevailing weather conditions were great; Henry was obeying all the traffic rules and regulations and had two cell phones in his self-driven car.  He was also armed but suffered from a perennial cardiac problem.  Henry was about 58 years of age, a six-footer with weight and girth in excess of 342 pounds.  He was a jolly-good fellow.

In the three car smash-up another civilian died.  The former top-cop was rushed to hospital and died some time later after the 8.00 am impact.  Even though he was retired five years ago, he has had a contentious struggle with his superiors to get all his benefits and clean his slate.

Commissioner Greene had an exceptionally colorful life.  In his formative years after leaving Queens College he became a roadside preacher saving and winning souls for the Lord.  He later became a cadet officer and after being fingered for in-appropriate behaviors including sexual harassment to female staffers the Commissioner got a break of a life time to elevate himself further.  His superiors, in an effort to re-ignite his moral compass sent him on long leave with pay; he was sent to UWI to pursue a law degree and on his return, linked up with the notorious ‘big-inc’…drug baron, Roger Khan.  Food, mango and women…in that order from the left, was the weakness of the Commissioner and the drug lords exploited his vulnerabilities and used to underwrite all his expenses, real and perceived.

Khan, according to privileged documents, enticed both Home Affairs Minister Ron Gajraj and  President Bharrat Jagdeo  to appoint him to the decorated and honorable position.  The United States government also gave an awkward and unfavorable report of Greene but Jagdeo…a majority of one, gave the approval.  Greed prevailed in the favor of Greene.

At the street level Greene emerged as a cultural cartoon.

For more than three years he has been in and out of hospital and the folk song…ME NA DEAD YET FLY A FOLLOW ME used to draw the ire of the big man. He was always the life of social gatherings with his array of choice breastless and restless girls, under 18, cascading…welcoming him at every event with open arms and open legs.

Mr. Greene is originally from the East Coast.  He has close relations with the Cockfield and Weatherspoon families but a prominent and knowledgeable “famo’ from Buxton insists that when his father met his mother, she was already pregnant “but he still mine the child.”  At age twelve Greene was always moving between family homes at Plaisance and Wortmanville.  He even had brief bouts of residence in North East La Penitence.

From a psychological point of view, Mr. Greene never got over his childhood dramas and traumas and played it out by eating, sleeping-around and womanizing.  A year ago he was again fingered for allegedly raping a young lady from Victoria.  This allegation forced him out of his job as Commissioner of Police….barely six months after the fact.

A month or so ago another decorated Commissioner, Laurie Lewis passed on.  Dem boys say that the PPP had warehoused them in one room after dismantling the Police Ward.  They hated each other’s guts.  They could not stand each other and Laurie took his own discharge and died at home.  This may very well be construed in the aura of the Guyanese proverb…two thief mek God laugh (not literally).

Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

Yolanda Adams – Open My Heart


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