Fela Kuti – Coffin for Head of State

AN ‘A-BRIDGED’ VERSION          09 03 2012


In a hastily and selective press conference over Labor Day weekend, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh gave an a-bridged account of 2.8 per cent GDP for the first 6-months of 2012…60 days after the fact.  No reference  was made to workers striking in Linden; the brewing  functional non-cooperation between the region and local government authorities in Kwakwani (Region 10);  mini-buses refusing to ply the routes in Bartica because of poor road surfaces and services.  Schools in every region are experiencing shorffalls because of shortages of staff, equipment, buildings, uniforms and other needed resources. And in indigenous communities like Port Kaituma entire families and school children are burning tyres and blocking roads.  The logistical airstrip may be next in line to be blocked.  Residents in the community have given the PPP government an ultimatum to fix the road by weekend or chaos; US OR CHAOS.

Demoted local government Minister Norman Whittaker is embroiled in an ongoing feud with Senior Environment & Mining Minister Robert Persaud as to who is responsible for hinterland and mining communities.  They are both responsible.  The a-bridged version is that one is responsible for surface issues and the other is accountable for what obtains under the water-table. ASOMELYKAM.           

Norman too is fighting and quibbling with Sharma Solomon about the rights of the people to set up their own management structure rather than the government imposing operatives alien to the bauxite mining community in Kwakwani.  Norman may need a jumie lash or two between his sense and his nonsense.

Guyanese are now adopting abridged versions ofprotests rather than negotiations as an effective tool to maintain their respective civil societies and ethnic enclaves. The 48 boys and girls slashed, bunt and made good their escape from the Onderneeming Boys School and they got the attention of the government.  And if they can do it the other freedom loving folks of nobility and character can do it too.

Dr Singh is painting a picture of all-things-bright-and-beautiful  when the actuality is massive failures on several fronts.  More communities (un-related) are blocking roads, shifting debris and burning tyres in Guyana as if protests going out of style.  Every day is another saga; another fiasco and all the public gets is an a-bridged version of what is happening and things to come.

The garden variety ‘light FM’ (Finance Minister) is saying one thing but the Guyanese people are hearing and seeing something totally different.  Every sector of the society is compromised and millions of tax payer’s money is missing and cannot be accounted for.   Dr Singh has to learn to talk fuh sun and talk fuh rain.

Guyanese at home and in the diaspora are broken; they are hurting and are vulnerable to sociopaths and psychopaths lined up against them.  Collectively, the once noble populace is one of the more abused communities in America.

Today’s news reveals that a 22 year old woman was killed Labor Day in Long Island while her two children are away in GT.  Her husband who is older than her mother….a 49-year old scum-bag, has been charged.    Police reports suggest that after stabbing her multiple times, the husband may have lit a match to conceal the crime.  Her badly charred remains have been handed over to her family in Richmond Hill Queens for burial.

The Finance Minister may serve the community better by announcing plans for retarding domestic abuse, promoting real jobs for real people, promoting family values and recovery after economic PTSD.  The a-bridged version of GDP is worthless when folks have to cultivate multiple relationships, ship themselves abroad and or subject themselves to the charities of host countries.   Rather than bamboozling folks about economic growth the time is now to form working consortium and shared governance for increased production and productivity.

Chastity and relationships are hard to legislate but commonsense is a teachable value.  Stop the abridged versions of reports.   Insufficient attention is being paid to family structure and mental health issues.  Both these features are intrinsically tied to economic growth and if either one fails, economic growth is worthless.

There is a Guyanese proverb that may not be savory to many but applicable at this juncture. .  And to that GT watchers are saying…WHEN GOAT SHIT WANT ROLL ANY BREEZE CAN BLOW.  Farmers, workers and school children  in East and West Berbice have to pay in excess of G 1,000.00 towels to travel anywhere near Georgetown while their compatriots in West Demerara and Essequibo only pay G 100.00 to travel to the city.  Government has to come out of the bamboozling business.  Growth and development must be akin to good labor practices, respect for workers and training and exposure in keeping with global trends.

Dr Singh should know by now that he ought to come clean and tell us about monies converted and pastured in SCOTIA accounts.  Self-welfaring is a crime and all are guilty (so help me god).  Selective persecution and prosecution is also a crime against humanity.  Ask Hamilton?  All investigations and interrogations must be both seem-less and color-less to the eye and spirit.  The perception will out-live and out-perform the reportage (and garbage) rather than giving an  a-bridged versions of production and productivity.

Finance Minister the Right-dis-Honorable Dr Ashni Singh, wife and cohorts can tell us anything about the economy growing.  The economy is growing at the expense of terror and error unleashed on the masses without respect for race.

Guyana has become more divided now than any time prior to independence and even dependence on drugs and alcohol for sustenance.  More than 50% of the population is unemployed; 50 % are out of the country; 50 % are recovering or in remission for some emotionally driven disease and another 50 % awaiting trial in some ethnic enclave for perpetuating some type of fraud.

A usually reliable GT-coteur disclosed that Guyanese are going to bed later in larger numbers and are becoming addicted in greater numbers without recourse to treatment.  The supporting figures reveal the average person walks 1,000 miles annually and imbibes 25 gallons of beer.  The cumulative effect of Guyanese surpassing international fuel consumption standards in the vicinity of 40 miles to the gallon is both heroic and catastrophic.

In the calendar year under review, more than 592 Guyanese were arrested, tried and convicted in the diaspora alone for credit card fraud; 592 work days were lost due to strikes and protests in both the mining and sugar belt.  This week mini-bus drivers in Bartica…Region 7, are on strike.  Apparently at the last elections Bartica and environs did not come out in support of the PPP hence with Robert Persaud as Elections Whip/coordinator and now Minister of Environment and Mining, is seeking revenge.  ASOMELYKAM.

Another 592 police operatives will be charged internally while another 592 will be brought before the courts for all types of perjury, criminal mischief, bribes and perjury.

The population of Guyana hovers around 535,000 according to official guesstimates;  the PPP does not release the State of the Confusion documents, not even after a chuck.  All figures, growth and cut-throat are intrinsically linked to the country code number of 592…give and take a few dozens up, down and or across.

A 2.8 per cent growth in Guyana is negligible as against its neighboring countries, CARICOM and East Asian countries.  Guyana more fits the description of a devolving society rather than an emerging society.  Both Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar need to be reminded that in language the opposite of in is not out;  the opposite of in is ex.  Interior…exterior; inhale…exhale.  The entire cabinet including Prime Minister Sam Hinds, Finance Minister Ashni Singh, Agriculture Minister….., Environment Minister Robert Persaud and Transport Minister Robeson Benn especially, need to look for alternative ways of making money.

One day out of the blues and on a whim and a slip chance of surviving the rest of 2012 the PPP government cannot claim a 2.8 % GDP.  Guyana has stopped meeting its targets in the sugar industry, the bauxite industry, the rice industry, animal husbandry and other traditional areas of production.  Gold production has not increased;  the reporting mechanism has been enhanced and more money is being paid for gold on the international market.  This does not translate to an increase in production as the PPP may want to think.

The PPP is a disease causing entity.  The pricing policy staggers commonsense.  The Demerara Harbor Bridge ferries some 14,000 cars daily including Sundays but only charges US .50 cents.  The Berbice river bridge is still to record 1,000 cars daily but charges a whopping US 11.00 per vehicle every time.  One would think that juxtaposing the figures would bring some needed capital to improve and expand the bridge building industry – but nope.  The beneficiaries in West Demerara and East Essequibo and the administration eat out of the same pot.  The New Amsterdam, Ithaca and Kildonian folks do not eat from the same pot; these folks smoke pot and this gives the PPP a reason to punish them at the bridge.

Now that the Christmas semester has begun the PPP is in pucketary.  Both students and teachers took to the gold mining fields to subsist and find alternative activity.  The prolonged and unwanted protest in Linden has affected the bottom line of gold miners hence targets were not reached.  The same thing happened to folks who went abroad.  Jobs are scarce and gasoline is US 4.00 a gallon.  The next generation will be worse than this current generation because of the a-bridged efficacy and policies of the government.

Guyana too has to find another platform for perceived success.  Usain Bolt has helped reposition Jamaica and Brian Lara has made Trinidad what it continues to be.  Guyana has an a-bridged version of crooks and confidence tricksters running the ward and ruining the economies of other countries.  And the politicians demanding a cut and projecting the deficiencies as economic growth.  It may not be polite to say where the politicians must kiss…kiss…kisskadee.


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