Birds-in-crotch smuggler convicted


Birds-in-crotch smuggler convicted

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Written by Court Reporter – Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 16:22
finchA man, who sought to smuggle three finches in his crotch out of Guyana, was Tuesday ordered to pay a fine or spend six months in jail.City Magistrate, Faith Mc Gusty handed down the penalty to Shivastil Ramrattan after he pleaded guilty to committing the offence on September 3.Ramrattan was caught on September 3 at the CheddiJaganInternationalAirport, Timehri with the ‘towa-towas’ in his pants crotch.Guyanese laws require wildlife exporters to acquire permits from the Wildlife Management Authority but Ramrattan had none.  He told the court that he was taking the finches overseas as his pets rather than sell them.New York authorities have in the past nabbed and prosecuted Guyanese on landing at the JohnF.KennedyInternationalAirport because they landed with birds without the necessary Guyanese permits.Those birds, which fetch high prices at bird races in Queens, New York, are smuggled in paper bags, toilet paper reels, hair curlers and now crotches.

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  1. Posted by francis jackson on November 21, 2012 at 5:58 am

    leave it to some Guyanese, they will find a way, birds in the crotch –


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