EDUCATED GUESTS & GUESSES       09 01 2012


So far this year this writer has attended two funerals; both funerals had similar but different challenges.  The most recent was that of Guyanese International public servant and broadcaster Mr. Hugh Cholmondeley.  At the mid-afternoon ceremony at United Nations Chapel in Manhattan, scores of educated guests were fingered and registered to return home to help in the education process.  An educated guess at this time reveals that some of the educated guests too were in the Diaspora to procure equipment, technology devices, books and uniforms for their charges.  Some too, stayed on for Labor Day celebrations.

The cumulative effect is that school opening in GT has suffered.  Not enough or nothing in the land of many waters, clogged brains and corrupt citizens.
Private schools seem to be on stream to re-open, deliver lessons, set new standards in grades and outcomes while the government schools sputter and startle all the reviewing publics.  Some teachers and students alike had to go in the interior to pan for gold while others had to ‘bam-jice’ (cut cane) to subsidise their subsistence.  Some were successful and countless others were not and this is playing out in the numbers returning to classes.    

Too many talented Guyanese have been travelling and put out to pasture by the PPP government.  And now the same short-sighted admin is offering top dollars to come back to the bottom-house school system to teach.  They are even looking for  CEOs and Auditors and Executives to replace the corrupt and existing corruptible in the schools, police force, Army, corporations, Ministries and Office of the President.  Vacancies abound too in the sugar estate and every school in every school district is short staff, ill equipped and maladjusted.

School opening this week had to be delayed and or suspended to put needed supervisors thru a crash course in keeping students quiet and further indoctrinate them with the ubiquities, deficiencies and improprieties of the government.  Funerals seem to be the new recruitment centers the government is using to get hired hands with false nails.  A check in a Hallmark card seems to be more consoling than crossing paths with tuxedo-clad recruiters in chapels, temples and mosques.

The recruitment process was also flawed and bordering on a type of fraud because here it is comrades are in emotional distress and the government is seeking to exploit this window to get educated guests to come do what they should be doing, at no cost.

It should be noted too that tainted governments like the PPP should get out of the education business and do what they do best…bamboozle.  Every living day in every conceivable community where three or more are gathered, the PPP has been attempting to paint a picture of innocence when in fact the saga should be about incompetence.  An educated guess informs that in 170 countries globally, Guyana has representation continuously in 140 of those prisons.  And when the pseudo-science is applied, the imprisoned Guyanese overseas were educated in government schools, are of a peculiar ethnicity, have a peculiar sexual preference, a peculiar age group and party affiliation and a pungent distaste for morality and the rule of law.  No NCN debate can calibrate or counter the foolish wisdom of those who ardently support the PPP government.

It must have been February too of this year this writer attended the home-coming of another  Guyanese woman…Cousin Baba .  She was funeralised in Brooklyn at the EVELYN JOHN citadel and during the hectic repass, moves were made by some to encourage educated guests to return home.  Both times the responses were similar; the Guyana government should get out of the education business and concentrate on what they do best…ruining the nation.  Bamboozling gets you this far but belief takes you all the way.

The story has been told that in GTt non-educated folks are doing better financially.  Non-educated folks are walking an average of 1,000 miles a year and drinking 25 gallons of imported lager annually.  Their educated compatriots instead of facing the music, migrate with their private school education and do not look back.  As a result the Indians are now getting an average of 40 miles to the gallon and this beats even American and European fuel standards.

Here is a better way of saying it:  Education is an intangible that is more long term and calls for a certain stick-to-it-iveness, commitment, sacrifice and aids in building character.  The current government is in the business of reproducing characters and cultural cartoons.  Two decades ago philosophers and development planners used to place a very high premium on education as a nation building tool.  The PPP has frowned and proven all these theories conflicting and conflicted.  Money begets money.  Guyana now has four airlines flying daily to North America ferrying approximately 592 educated guests and guesses.  These people are not leaving to go to school but to mint money and pay fuh ‘connie.’    The more education you have in GT the more likely you are to steal.  Guyanese are no longer fascinated with outcomes but when you coming again; when you coming out the closet; when you coming out the womb; when you coming out the tomb; when you coming outta the jail and or the party.  Guyanese now aborting parties like first time just because of a lil corruption; they are getting concerned now about ethics violations and principles.  They better get real.

These educated guests have learned to live with themselves as a corrupt andf corrupting entity.  There is no half measure, no remorse or excuse.  Education is a product traded on NASDAQ and from all indications once can easily conjecture that the home is really where education takes place and not the schools.

Government schools especially, are babysitting centers dealing with a certain segment of the society.  The PPP is in no hurry neither does it make it a priority to enhance the life style of its citizens.  The churches always do a better job in delivering on topics like equity, morality, plurality, tolerance and creating avenues for moral development.  The PPP government is about mediocrity, madras (curry powder), mini-skirts, money, mattress and the MAZDA.
That is the way it is and that is the way it will always be…the mantra of the PPP.


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