President’s Office dismisses David Hinds’ harassment claims

President’s Office dismisses David Hinds’ harassment claims  
Written by Demerara Waves
Thursday, 30 August 2012 18:09

President Donald Ramotar’s office on Thursday dismissed claims by Working Peoples Alliance (WPA) executive member, Dr. David Hinds that he is being harassed in the wake of his calls for roads to be blocked and possibly dug up as a form of protest should that be required.

Hinds has claimed that he had been trailed earlier this month by police intelligence, his home was burglarized and the United States-based university where he works has been flooded with e-mailed transcripts of his utterances. Claims have been also made to that institution that he plans to committ treason on the Guyana government.

Following is the full text of the Office of the President’s statement:  

The Office of the President on has noted the recent reports in the media attributed to WPA activist Dr. David Hinds in which he claimed harassment.

The media reported Dr.Hinds as acknowledging making public calls for citizens to infringe the law specifically by blocking roads and destroying them by digging ditches.

In the media Dr. Hinds reportedly sought to justify his actions. The Office of the President acknowledges that the reports of his public utterances are correct and documented.

The Office of the President is also aware that by far and large Dr. Hinds was ignored. His exhortations for citizens particularly of Buxton, a village with which he is connected, to break the law were obviously rejected by Guyanese.

This media claim of harassment is so reminiscent of the tactics of others who have failed in their quests to gain public notice and support and resort to the use of the friends in the media to concoct some semblance of national importance.  

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