LOOSING TEETH & FACE       08 28 2012


By any yardstick, 26 years is a long-long long time to stay away from your original yard…in this case Guyana.  This was the case affecting and infecting ace-mechanic Junior Armstrong.  And now that he is back in time for Brooklyn Labor Day, the man can’t wait to go again; he want see what frighten he.

Junior over the 26 years made several attempts.  Some attempts were in pursuit of happiness (marriage) and other times death.  Mr. Armstrong does not discriminate…he cancelled all of the above at the last moment leaving some with water under their hearts.  Others too never recover and have serious grudges.  But that is for another time and place. MANY ARE COLD BUT FEW ARE  FROZEN in this North East native’s lifestyle manual.     

Moving along: Not only did Junior come again after a prolonged absence, but a semi-tragedy struck as a permanent marker and emblem for Guyana.  This incident has made him question the sovereignty and directions of the Guyana he knew. The expletives are enough to impregnate Mother Theresa.
The stench and pile up of garbage has wounded his psyche and laughs out loud in brutal disgust.

Junior’s co-worker and life-long comrade and name sake Junior Hunte-Harding had a single car accident after dropping Junior Armstrong early one morning before-bird-wife-wake.  This happened on the East Bank highway; Armstrong had temporary residence in Diamond and it has been suggested that perhaps Hunte who is licensed to carry a fire arm, may have fallen asleep.

Harding did not die; his face was bashed-in and suffered a few broken ribs, lacerations and other abrasions to the body.  Now that he has regained consciousness and about to leave hospital in GT, the big-man cannot find his dentures.  All his teeth missing and he is convinced it is not from the impact.  Harding has lost face too because he cannot perceive in his wildest dreams that his teeth punctuated with decorations of diamonds missing.

Picture of  a car,  similar to the car owned by Harding and souped up by Junior in earlier times.

Mr. Harding is a contractor, videographer and businessman.  His car has an in-dash camera and all the gadgets and computers affiliated were stolen.  Since out of hospital Harding has been able to retrieve the night’s recording.  He had to pay approximately US 500.00.

Junior and some of the GT crew

Harding used to be called SAMMY DAVIS in days of yore but in-de-ketch-ass Republic of Guyana; it is not unusual to be relieved of all your money, cell phone and other investments.

There is a market for everything in Guyana.  A GT banner had the harrowing experience of taking his mom home for burial.  The funeral assistants at the parlor advised him against putting her jewelry in the casket.  He was so confident that all will be well until a week or so after, he attended another funeral and the casket of the dead person was recycled from his mom.  The bereaved told him that “we keeping it in the family; don’t dig”

The horror stories and the horrors are too much, too much.  Folks cremating the bodies of their relatives to avoid conflict, and indulge in self-welfaring.  Old people now got half as values decline and VALUE-JET is the way to go.  Some persons are also buying up body parts and recycling on e-BAY here and there.  This GT-binnie her 93 year-old  dad had an accident and was retrofitted with a penile-implant.  This equipment glows in the dark and comes at a minimum of US35,000.    The daughter had her father’s encore hurrah surgically removed and put it on e-bay.   The big man’s teeth, pace maker and everything else of value was put in a labeled can and picked up by FEDEX. Today she may be on her way to Labor Day after vacationing during CARIBANA in Canada.

She is also the proud owner and drives a 2013-LEXUS.  This bold-face damsel even had her own teeth replaced and sometime before year end will scatter her dad’s remains off the Garraway Stream Bridge in Region 8 … Mazaruni-Cuyuni.  ASOMELYKAM.

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