NOC EMOTIONALLY STINKING          08 27 2012


Contrary to media disclosures and news coverage, the ‘break-out’ at the  NOC Essequibo Boys School was essentially an uprising. The students were protesting the prevalence of hard drugs, alcohol, sodomy and prostitution on the sprawling campus.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the emotional and stinking admin staff handing over to the security services the more able-bodied and quasi-compliant.

In another arena those being volunteered for Para-military training are the ‘handsy-pansy’’ clients with questionable sexual preference.

The Onderneeming school has a mission statement, and in times past, used to push out entrepreneurs, farmers, musicians, carpenters, leather craft, bakers and other artisans.  These boys and a limited amount of girls have a different challenge….a challenge of chastity.  Off campus and even at health facilities bananas are waved, or behaviors akin to the inability of the sphinxter muscle gripping a banana is standard fare.    

In today’s boys school it is a stinking and emotionally based distrust and disdain for authority figures that is also igniting the uprisings.  The ratio of staff to students is appalling and the counseling staff is almost non-existent.  Students based on their on-the-job status and relationship with house parents sell drugs in the community and between and among themselves under the table.  Nothing is visible or accessible to ensure that clients power-pass their past.

These clients…some of them as young as 10 years are all housed in common and shared billets.  There is never enough staff; never enough food; never enough medical and mental health practitioners; never enough resources to help the clients power pass their past. The penny bank programs and the Steelband that used to be a Philip are all buried.   Onderneeming is always dangerous to all the publics.  Survival is only promised to those who are prepared to turn the other cheek…  “smiling like a chinee and bearing it like a buck” in Guyanese parlance.

The PPP government thru its Youth Services arm cultivated the type of behaviors that cumulatively led to a stinking emotional reaction.  The world is technology driven; some of the laptops that went missing should be channeled to the campus so that they cope, keep abreast and even report issues of abuse.
The boys and a few girls were protecting their dignity but instead they have been relegated to status of juvenile prisoners.

CARICOM and the OAS must step out of their air-conditioned suites and get into the trenches and see what the abused little boys and girls have to endure on the PPP plantations.  CARICOM should step in and try to counter the trauma meted out to these stinking emotionally driven administrators who are upsetting young people with the hope of submission and long affection.

Keeping this journal clean has become an up-hill task as victims use victims for sexual favors and sexual preference.  At first the boys complained about their resentment joining the Joint Service.  But a cursory review also shows that for an extended period of time their calls for some type of intervention went unheeded.

Reports coming out of Region Two also suggest some stinking revelations.  Pumpkins seem to be a staple on dam-beds and ad hoc farms.  Sometimes the house parents seduce clients into stuffing cocaine and marijuana into pumpkins.  Marijuana and cocaine use is also very prevalent at the school.  Other times, reports suggest that the boys to comfort their resentment instead of turning on each other for sexual gratification, they create holes in the vegetables to relieve themselves.  Onderneeming must be about reform and the garden must be the ‘farmacy’ and a place for healing rather than an incubator for emotionally driven youths.

It is exceptionally disappointing that the legal community always pounces and exploits poverty and abuse. The dreams of these boys and girls are denied and oft times delayed.  Treatment rather than incarceration should be tried in the light of scarce finances and resources.  Alternative power should also be high on the list of re-constituting the campus.

A third dimension is 80% of the clients are black.  The visible minority Indians and Amerindians demand special foods in keeping with their cultural norms and rituals. Little black boys do not have a platform to stand on and have to eat and drink what is available and or made available.    And to add fire to fury even though clients have parents alive, they are not in touch and visits are limited.  Cell phones and Blackberries mean little with the cunning and stinking intent of the PPP at this supposed reform school.

The Joint Opposition too should be part of the investigations so that a collective solution underlined by both wisdom and commonsense can be instituted.  These clients are at an impressionable and vulnerable age.

Emotional responses are a symptom that things are wrong and getting worse.

The court response in charging the 48 or so clients does not suggest any rights.  There is something called state of mind and state of the community. In America there is ‘state-of-the-union’.  Perhaps the book of Psalms may give a better picture of the emotionally driven stinking thinking at the once noble and prestigious Boys School.

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