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NOC EMOTIONALLY STINKING          08 27 2012


Contrary to media disclosures and news coverage, the ‘break-out’ at the  NOC Essequibo Boys School was essentially an uprising. The students were protesting the prevalence of hard drugs, alcohol, sodomy and prostitution on the sprawling campus.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the emotional and stinking admin staff handing over to the security services the more able-bodied and quasi-compliant.

In another arena those being volunteered for Para-military training are the ‘handsy-pansy’’ clients with questionable sexual preference.

The Onderneeming school has a mission statement, and in times past, used to push out entrepreneurs, farmers, musicians, carpenters, leather craft, bakers and other artisans.  These boys and a limited amount of girls have a different challenge….a challenge of chastity.  Off campus and even at health facilities bananas are waved, or behaviors akin to the inability of the sphinxter muscle gripping a banana is standard fare.     Continue reading