The GAWU leadership, cane farmers and the Joint Opposition in Guyana may be spoiling for a general strike in the sugar industry over the next couple of days. Guyana’s sweet staple and stabilizer SUGAR; is in steep decline.

The PPP central executive and cabinet members have become perfectly imperfect in ruining all industries and it comes as no surprise that sugar has faltered and continues to falter.  The appointment of a new manikearaam, who lives overseas, has not made it any better;  his once a month visit with all expenses paid seems to have aggravated the situation and a general strike may be in the pipeline.               

Guyana is sugar but the PPP jokers prefer to eat under the table and below the bowels of the earth.  Gold seems to be the new attraction and the sweetness of sugar has faded.  Gold is high in value and low in bulk.  The Police Force and Army have all been re-organized to protect the predator-class in the mining industry while agriculture takes a high-fall.

Joey Jagan, in a recent outburst, slammed the leadership of his father’s party for being corrupt, vain and motivated by selfish greed.
Guyana is now rated 138th place within 170 countries rated globally;  Barbados is  number 9 on the list.

For the 18th year in a row GUYSUCO will be unable to come close to any of its targets.  The Corporation is quietly looking to privatize after having taken an additional loan of some G-four billion dollars this year.  GUYSUCO had also done some window shopping overseas for a CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD.  Unfortunately the new executive lives in a leafy suburb in New Jersey and has to be flown in each time he is needed.   Guyana has exhausted its ability to find a man or woman to run the sugar industry and the new person says he is quite misunderstood as to his role, function and connection.  ASOMELYKAM.

President Donald Ramotar is furious; Ramotar is livid and cuss out the entire management team as “cell phone” bamboozlers.  Ramotar, if nothing else, can cuss a good cuss when he is with his own.

GUYSUCO is in deep du-du.  Last year as an elections gimmick the organization completed the construction of a multi-billion dollar packaging company at Enmore.  The facility never worked because of a shortage of cane.  Instead Guyana had to import sugar from Guatemala.  More sugar is imported too from the Dominican Republic as Guyana cements its relationship with OAS and gets their support for pummeling mining workers and shooting them in their backs.

A decade ago GUYSUCO built a massive multi-stage production facility at Skeldon.  This US200M plant, built by a Chinese company with help from the Chinese Government also never produced anything significant.  Mechanical failures, aggravated by shortages of cane, have plagued the entire industry.  Minister of Agriculture after Minister of Agriculture has been using GUYSUCO as their private ATM machines.

The PPP has no genuine and sincere interest in making GUYSUCO a viable institution.  The executives make more money when the plants are down and the President can have a hold on the workers by voting more money and making more emoluments and stipends.  There is plenty sweet in sugar.

Jagdeo too, helped destroy the sugar industry by retiring all the black executives and replacing them with East Indians who can walk the walk and talk the talk.  These executives can do anything and can live anywhere and at the end of the calendar year, do not have to give an account.  ASOMELYKAM.

This weekend President Ramotar, while addressing a plenary session of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union was surprised to hear that the sister bauxite industry in Linden workers were not paid while protesters ruled the roost.  Ramotar has a way of always pretending he is hearing things for the first time when in fact he is twice as incompetent than any of the people he has advising him.

No sooner the bauxite program was discussed, 40 youths from the once agri-based Onderneeming Boys School went AWOL and later burnt several buildings.  This week it is sugar, the shortages and the potential of a general strike on the hands of  Ramotar.

The sweet taste of sugar will bring this government to its knees unless there is a swift move to hire competent executives, irrespective of their ethnic and political persuasion.  AMEN.


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