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Little Black Boy – Gypsy

EMPTY-NEST SYNDROME                           08 22 2012


Any day now the children leaving.  It may be one or two or all of them for that matter.  Just let them go and don’t you weep or mourn or groan.  Your best days are now ahead of you. Irrespective of the number it is back to school time all over the world.  And if it is your baby…your teenage queen that is going off to college, have a little faith.  Don’t do stupidness and pull your hair out your nappie head; she or he not coming back and that’s a fact.  They were all planning quietly on the computer and weaving a web of deceit on Facebook.  Be prepared to do it alone Coz.

The empty nest syndrome does affect West Indian families in a subtle but deliberate way.  The rest of this month and for the better part of September outside of Christmas, churches make the most money in donations.  Mothers do get confused and think that if they give a big offering all will be well.  Out of sight is better than having they flat behind running around the place and running up the utility bills.    Continue reading