The Mighty Crazy song Time Will Tell


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                         08 19 2012

There is a bad-bad Guyanese proverb that goes something like this:  WHEN HURRIE TELL SUNFISH THAT PATWAH GET FEVER, BELIEVE AM.  First it was the daughter of deceased President Cheddie Jagan and then now AFC executive Moses Nagamottoo that sounded the alarm.  A few short weeks ago former PPP Central Executive and immediate past Speaker Mr. Ralph Ramkarran lent his voice to the dishonest, corrupt and mediocre PPP.  Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar are trying hard-hard to ‘cover-its-ass’ (CIA), and are burning and self-destructing and ducking to avoid facing the nation.      

On Monday August 20, CARICOM stepped into the fray and recommended three illustrious justices from the region to launch immediately a commission of inquiry into the three killed in Linden.  The crooked ones from the PPP do not want their Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to be implicated; they all are vulnerable and if he.   And so later that August afternoon, created a difficult environment for signing of an agreement to bring reprieve to the bauxite community.  The PPP is in the ‘stash and burn’ business…stash the cash and burn the thrash (paper trail).  ASOMELYKAM.

Sharma Solomon and his team literally stood up for his peoples and did not allow Ramotar to use his office as a bully pulpit.  They will return on “Tuesday in the evening hoping to smooth all the jagged edges.  The Region Ten team is headed by Sharma Solomon and includes representatives from both the  APNU and  AFC.

President Ramotar does not understand some basics about this current generation.  Children are born smarter than their parents in this era and this young man has the gravitas and a certain awareness and will not stick for no mess.  His people come first; Sharma has no baggage and is not afraid to confront the petty and petticoat government of the PPP. When Black people thief their wages get garnish; coolie man thief, he vanish.  Sharma knows how the PPP rolls and will not bow; honesty is the  best policy was one of the hallmarks of his ancestral hometown, Seafield.

The Joint Opposition is not giving up or about to cave to the hysteria and bullying tactics and tantrums the PPP are throwing.  President Ramotar should have spent the weekend at the CRIMSON BAT or BLACK MOSES digging the scene and do some damage control rather than setting another building or two alight.     He should even set up a local office somewhere and cover his ass rather than bamboozling and operating in fear. Brick by brick they will sort thru the debris and jail the perpetrators.  Sending Indians home and or overseas is more about rewarding mediocrity.

Now that the Linden office of the Inland Revenue department holding the records and receipts for land and minerals extracted from the area mining communities, the staff that were indigenous to Linden have been sent home.  The staff planted to manage and exploit the workers will join their Georgetown counterparts in new digs.  The CLICO building that was underwritten by funds from NIS in a shady deal, by month end will cater to folks who normally do business in Linden.

Overnight the VIVIENNE PARRIS health clinic in Kara Kara was torched and a wing that housed records and drugs was destroyed.  At the community level nobody ent saying nothing.  Silence is a way of saying “is dem do that they self.”

The PPP, as part of a deliberate and planned program to protect itself and ‘cover-its-ass’ (CIA), has de-centralized its operations in certain critical areas.  As part of that decentralization program, it has cherry-picked some operatives and reassigned them to Linden.  All the old records, manuals, handbooks and files dealing with finances and distribution of lands, leases , franchises and other business deals have been stored on disc and on paper and burnt.

The Radio Station, the Agriculture Ministry and Research Department, the Inland Revenue office and now the area’s principal health clinic have all gone up in smoke.

The area PPP office was the first to be torched and everything else was merely a domino effect.  But the audit team, in conjunction with the international fraud communities, is aware of the tricks and has other records to work with.  Joey Jagan is pissed about the level of corruption under Jagdeo and Ramotar.  (See complete letter to the editor attached)

Over the weekend this writer was informed that international investigators will have to revisit GT&T after some new and stinging developments have emerged.  Six weeks ago when they visited two executives were fired for vacuuming US85 million.  There are some new developments.

Apparently GT&T had an ongoing in-house incentive program as a stimulus to create a comfortable work environment.  Whoever was elected or selected worker of the month for June should have won a motor car valued US45,000.00.  A winner was identified and in July when the investigators stepped in, the entire program was aborted.  Now that Mr. Joe Singh has come back to the organization as Chief Executive, the incentive issue has been placed on his desk.

The truth of the matter is a car was purchased by the corporation and was given to the wife of the fired executive.  She is not an employee but got the car registered in her name.  She had asked for a post office red colored car but instead she got a ‘fire-red’.  The husband a part of a carefully choreographed program came up with this incentive scheme to cover his own ass.  Now that he is fired, the incentive scheme has died a natural death but the man wants his car.

The next stupid thing the executive did before his death was to try and please his wife and bought three new cars instead in the name of the corporation.  All three cars….a BENTLEY and two MERCEDES have arrived and no one there to take possession.

Joe Singh reigned over the weekend from the Guyana Gold Board because of skullduggery within the  GGOC but little did he know that he run from the frying pan into the firs-side.

Some say that the worker of the month should get one of these cars.  Joe Singh has his work cut-out fuh he and will come to an amicable decision.  The only concern at this juncture is that he does not send either of these cars or records to Linden for safe keeping cause you know what?  Talk half and leff half.


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