President Donald Ramotar made his final push into the mining town of Linden under heavy security.

EVERY SNITCH IS A BITCH                 08 18 2012


Anonymity is the order of the day in Guyana.  The ‘evilolution’ is in forward gear and any person, man, woman, child; Douglar, Putagee, Buck, Coolie or Darkie;  Linden, Buxton, Canje, Zorg or  Jacklow seen talking to another outside of his or her circle is punished.

Viveeta, a chic from Panama and married to a Lindenite is suffering from PTSD and is swearing never to return to her adopted homeland.  Second day into the 10-day family re-union and vacation in GT had to cut short her trip.  She went to a house party in classy Watooka and stepped outside to take a phone call.  She said she was man-handled by an anonymous person.  The slender but dread-locked economist said she was visibly shaken and that very minute made the decision to “tassay” with her husband and jumped on the first flight back to Miami.              

The PPP has effectively strengthened its minders throughout the country as it struggles to hold on to power.  Every citizen has become an enemy of the State until proven otherwise.  The Police and soldiers are not the only persons authorized to kill as the end game is in sight.    All snitches are regarded as bitches at the street level and end up in stitches.  Activist/journalist Freddie Kissoon is the latest victim to go down for snitching.

Active civic leaders and politicians from the Opposition APNU and AFC hang out in packs…6-packs and 12-packs as a preventative and precautionary measure.  Some folks do not leave home unless they are armed to the teeth.  GT has gotten dangerous by day and temperatures rise in the wee hours of the morning when most folks are ambushed and sometimes abducted.  Ransoms have to be paid to anonymous sources as a condition of release and these incidents are never reported; snitches are bitches and end up in stitches.

The PPP has organized a battalion more vicious, more venomous, more violent and  more vigilant than the KILLER-WATTS tribe. Odinga  Lumumba seems to be the strong arm and leading hand looking for converts and conscripts alike.  This brigade is operating anonymously in every workplace, every community, church, temple, bottom house, benab, mosque and fish shop.  There are even operatives abroad and if you only say something or do something, you have nine calendar days to live.

Former Deputy Mayor Robert Williams had medical complications before his death.  He went to the Georgetown hospital as an executive member of one party and by the time he got a treatment plan, he was converted to another.  The PPP is on an accelerated program to make converts of all the vulnerable citizens or face death.

The PPP has also disbanded private wards for the Police and Joint Services in GT.  Recently one ex-Police Commissioner was placed in the same room with another ex-Commissioner.  The two snitches did not hit it off and for the rest of this week all flags in police stations and outposts across GT will be flown at half-staff.

Deaths by heart attack, diabetes, cancer, suicide, murder, accidents have all been clustered as death by natural causes under the aegis of the PPP.  The Hippocratic laws do not apply; it is about doing the most harm to all the snitches and bitches without regard to race.

All the snitches, all the black folks who have and had access are being taken down one by one.  The PPP government is not a nurse;  essentially they are a curse and after your purse.  Pay up or be disconnected.  Ask panist Roy Geddes or even Rudy Bishop for that matter.  Both these band leaders and GT loyalists were stripped of their gold; worst they cannot talk about it.  ASOMELYKAM.

A handful of senior police officers who had slight runnings and business investments normally this time of year have their airline tickets in hand and their rolodex activated.  These gallant men of gross fortunes normally travel first class and imbibe double-black scotch.  Jagdeo put all of them back in their place and the second mortgages in the diaspora are blowing hot and blowing cold.  When money does not come thru the front door love goes thru the backdoor.  Guyanese policemen do anything all year round just to get a taste of Strawfus on Labor Day.

Not this year.  The PPP made sure they incriminate all the police with second mortgages overseas, garnish their wages and deny them their full vacation and benefits.

Meanwhile their Indian counterparts who converted millions upon millions from all the Corporations and public investments have been given visas and appointments overseas as honorary counsels and ambassadors.  Even wives of the jagabats are getting scholarships and their children sent to boarding school in the foothills of Virginia and Tennessee.  ASOMELYKAM.

A lotta lotta officers if you jook them you can’t find blood. These Officers did not make it to CARIBANA and from all accounts, Labor Day in Brooklyn is illusive and elusive.  All snitches are bitches and are grounded.  ASOMELYKAM.

Anonymously, Jagdeo has created both mass-fraud and masked-fraud on the Guyanese people.  One cannot write an anonymous check and take it to SCOTIABANK.  One cannot get a visa to England or Canada on an anonymous application.  One becomes anonymous if he or she is a thief and or misfit.  When there is confidence, a conscience, commonsense and consideration anonymity becomes a bad word.  Your garden variety thief does not scribble his name across your door or car when he breaks and enters.  In most cases if not all cases, if he does he is apprehended.  The Linden fiasco is about creating a diversion so as to avoid debate about the millions missing and the vacuuming of the public trust and treasury.

Guyana is drowning in anonymity.  Nobody can weave a narrative of either President Ramotar or Jagdeo and testify about their character and characteristics.   You may hear something here and something there but none can speak authoritatively about either of these two jagabats.  There is no sketch or photograph of their childhood, parentage, hobbies and or expectations.

There is no before or after portrait.  The archivists will die a natural death because of anonymity.    Guyanese have also been forced to learn a new language called mediocrity based of the level and gait, incompetence and rascality even though the argument should be about plurality.

Earlier this year a New York based paid-for-tv ensemble interviewed bare-foot Mrs Ramotar.  Except to say what her husband likes on a Sunday, she did not say anything else.  Everything about the president is under wraps.

Linden is holding on and will rise again because it is prepared to unleash its past, quiet strengths and a bundle of courage.  Linden is known and has sworn to uphold its core beliefs of hard work, sacrifice and that quality of sharing with open arms and open legs.  Linden is a salad bowl; it has people from every viable community in Guyana.  The PPP is trying to destabilize the community by planting snitches but the bitches would be destroyed and devoured by their own actions.

There will be no overt attempt to finger them.  All Guyana must be on high alert to watch the snitches.  Sometimes it can be your own intimate partner, confederate or offspring.  The message of awareness is the massage.  AMEN

Mighty Chalkdust – Qualifications Of A Politician


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