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President Donald Ramotar made his final push into the mining town of Linden under heavy security.

EVERY SNITCH IS A BITCH                 08 18 2012


Anonymity is the order of the day in Guyana.  The ‘evilolution’ is in forward gear and any person, man, woman, child; Douglar, Putagee, Buck, Coolie or Darkie;  Linden, Buxton, Canje, Zorg or  Jacklow seen talking to another outside of his or her circle is punished.

Viveeta, a chic from Panama and married to a Lindenite is suffering from PTSD and is swearing never to return to her adopted homeland.  Second day into the 10-day family re-union and vacation in GT had to cut short her trip.  She went to a house party in classy Watooka and stepped outside to take a phone call.  She said she was man-handled by an anonymous person.  The slender but dread-locked economist said she was visibly shaken and that very minute made the decision to “tassay” with her husband and jumped on the first flight back to Miami.               Continue reading