By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             08 14 2012

An internal memorandum shuffling between and among top brass of the Joint Services reveals that Assistant Superintendent of Police, Errol Watts may be responsible for at least 50 deaths in strife torn communities including Buxton.

Reports also suggest that Mr. Watts is being extricated from the Linden theatre of confrontation.  His agitated and emotional state has led his superiors to believe that he may need some type of intervention.  At the end of the month he will be sent overseas for training and new ways to respond in stressful situations.           

And at this juncture of his questionable career Mr. Watts is refusing to pull out and everyone is wondering how to re-program him to normalcy and to guide him away from a destructive self to one of reason, honesty and grace.  He would have to grasp concepts of equity, equality, fairness and morality.   Acting out and reacting, without thinking is ruining his career and putting the peace loving Lindenites in ‘amna-cush’.

On Saturday August 18, a massive rally is planned for Linden and Watts will be read the riot act.  The Catholic Church has come out on the side of finding creative ways to end the strife and retain normalcy in the co-operative Republic of Guyana.  Linden is the last bastion…the last bloc of civility and decency in Guyana and one man cannot derail the will of the people.  Not Jagdeo, not Ramotar and not Rohee.  Watts is out of his cotton-picking mind.

Overnight the Police shot a purpose-driven sportsman in the face for allegedly throwing a brick and bottle at the police earlier in the week.  The 23 year old man is a professional boxer and has had successful fights in St Maarteen, St Kitts, Barbados and other territories.  Let us all pray that he survives this episode and returns to a productive life.

Rape, domestic abuse, assaults, break and enter and robberies in the bauxite community are also on the increase in places like Kumaka, Malalli, Montgomery, Rockstone  and Old England.  The Police as a matter of policy do not investigate these crimes anymore unless the victims are East Indians.  Amerindians who still inhabit these hinterland villages cannot entertain thoughts of reporting to the police; the church leaders and touchaus (captains) and other spiritual advisers, referee and counsel on domestic matters.

Last Sunday President Ramotar signed off on a helicopter to do a mercy mission in Lima/Coffee Grove Essequibo community.  Apparently ‘Fowl-Cock’s’ son was doing some recreational driving in his newly acquired BMW at speeds exceeding 110 miles per hour.  The car rear-ended a mini-bus; half a mile away debris from the accident was found.  ‘Fowl-Cock’ is related and a staunch supporter of the President.  Two people died and four were air-dashed to Georgetown for further medical attention.

Six weeks ago, attorney and Former Lt Colonel Gregory Gaskin was air-dashed by mini-bus after a motor cycle accident in Timehri.  He died subsequently.  Incidents like these that give diasporas cause for pause.  Watts knows exactly what he can do and say and shoot not once, not twice, not thrice but 50 times and still counting.  Quality of life issues in black communities has been diluted and for a few measly dollars and access black folks shoot and kill they mattie.  ASOMELYKAM.

All sectors of the Police Force have been galvanized and mobilsed in a brazen denial process so as not to offend MANISH-PUPPY…Officer Watts.  Every newscast, every blog, every newspaper is in high panic to back pedal and review how they handle and treat the decorated officer.  Watts is the third Commandant to be displaced in Linden in just as many weeks.  First it was Hicken then Todd and now the bold and bare-faced one. In December immediately after the elections the then Commandant was re-assigned for blowing the whistle after not receiving estimated emoluments for training and equipping operatives in the district.  Stoogy Trim may have to be called out of retirement to manage and take charge of his peoples.

The Linden community has openly complained that they do not want the “agitated” officer in their midst; Watts has declared that he will not be moved and there is nothing his superiors can do about it.   In a few days he will be given permission to go to LABOR DAY celebrations in Brooklyn and thereafter hob-nob with his overseas buddies who are underwriting the Linden fiasco.   ASOMELYKAM.

Watts has roots in both Plaisance and Hopetown and was a brilliant Cadet Officer but somewhere along the way he was violated and became haughty and twice as naughty.  Watts during the week in Linden, stumbled on seedlings of marijuana in a backyard.  One man was held and he made it a point of duty to leave his assigned post in Linden to accompany the illegal harvest to Georgetown “he himself” according to an informed source.

While away a community based meeting between and among the community, other members of the Joint Services, Region 10 executives and Joint Opposition (APNU 7 AFC) met.  The decision was made to transfer him out to another location.  Manish Puppy refused to be sanctioned or follow guidelines in the interest of easing the tensions.

Saturday August 25 will re-define all the operatives from the government side that are in and that are out.  All of Linden will be mobilized.  The logs and tires have been removed but the will of the people is both strong and steady.

Meanwhile overnight on August 15, journalist and political activist Freddie Kissoon was punched and bripped after leaving a planning meeting for  protests on all prominent bridges/roadways in Guyana.  These include Garraway Stream  bridge, Kara Kara bridge, Mahaicony/Abary bridge, Berbice  River bridge, Tuschen bridge and the Demerara bridge.   Saturday August 18, marks one month since three were killed in the bauxite community.  Protesterss from Georgetown will also link-up with Buxton to  Plaisance residents and protest outisde the homes of both Presidents  Jagdeo and Ramotar who live in neighboring communities on the East Coast.

There seems to be a flu…a genuine infection affecting and afflicting the wisdom and commonsense of security operatives.  First it was Commissioner Green who refused to move after being fingered for alleged rape.  Then it was Rohee who refused to move after parliament issued a “no-confidence” motion immediately after the Linden massacre.  And now Manish Puppy Watts.  This is a clear case of the naughty by nature police operatives not responding to decrees by the Disciplined services.  ASOMELYKAM.


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