By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             08 13 2012

There is a Guyanese proverb that goes something like this: BEG PARDON MEK LIL BOY MASH BIG MAN FOOT.  The GT soldiers and police are literally shooting each other in the foot and demanding pardons from their respective commanding officers.  Meanwhile Assistant Superintendent Errol Watts has been booted from the community after flouting an agreement not to overstep the Mc Kenzie boundary line into Wismar.

Watts was the person who gave the order to shoot executives and other protesters shortly after elections last November and injuring among others the former Brigadier Collins and immediate-past Commissioner Winston Felix.  A commission of enquiry was set up but no reports have been forthcoming; Watts is highly distrusted and has been robot-like in cow-towing to the PPP.  His wife is East Indian and has a weakness for daru.    

There is no visible distinction between and among the fighting Police Force and the secular Army.  Collectively, this marauding joint-services coalition cannot understand why Lindeners are holding their peace and are not violent and outrageous as they were characterized by the PPP and their respective commanders.   Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is now in deeper du-du because the officers are turning the guns on themselves.
Ballistic analysts are not surprised because the mindset is to shoot and kill  without regards to race.  The community is watching with glee and unleashing an un-common wisdom in making rationale decisions in a cloud of non violence and respect for humanity.

Lindeners have a quiet strength; there is no shortage of courage and the PPP cannot confuse a noble community.  The Police and Soldiers, who want to be congratulated and rewarded for unleashing brute force, are growing furious and frustrated day by day and night by night.  They are setting the fires and are their own first responders.  The community is watching and will not be party to President Ramotar’s ‘eviloution’.

Over the weekend several soldiers were injured and hospitalized after coming under friendly fire.  The police are not gaining traction and the respect of the community under siege.  Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee cannot find a third replacement commandant for the beleaguered cuff-chest police who are maliciously shooting their comrades in the foot.  The police training was never about grace and tolerance; it is about brute force and ignorance and so protesters and civilians are shot in the back.

Last year more than ninety million dollars, some of which should have been allocated for training and technology projects, went missing.   The police force as a matter of policy has to depend on donations and stipends from known drug dealers to keep it afloat.  The guns and ammunition and pellets used do not come from a singular source.  Ballistic experts who were brought in  a fortnight ago are confused about the hodge-podge recruitment and outfitting programs of the police.  The ammunition used to shoot and kill Lindeners a month ago has been traced to a drug dealer who has a cozy relationship with Jagdeo and Ramotar.  Some policemen too are known to go on patrol with their own private stash so as to avoid the paperwork at the end of duty or assignment.  ASOMELYKAM.

The PPP is in an US OR CHAOS mode to demoralize, demolish and devalue the collective mind of Lindeners.  Drug dealers have perverted the lives of Guyanese as a whole and Linden is the last bastion… bloc standing.  Georgetown and New Amsterdam have both fallen by the wayside.  Garbage is piling up; electricity is sporadic; food is expensive and imported; fire hydrants are in-operative; more liquor is consumed than water; there are more maladjusted miscreants than public servants and more mini-buses than lamp posts and a hospital visit is more expensive than an air-line ticket to the Diaspora.

Flood waters are more prevalent; mosquitoes are a natural phenomenon and school girls and school boys are veritable carriers of condoms.  Every ‘hi’ is a new low as young men and women jostle each other outside of internet cafes, fish shops and beer gardens to switch, swindle and sodomize the unsuspecting re-migrant and or tourist.

Morality is at its lowest ebb.  The big houses and big hotels are poor substitutes for genuine upliftment of a people who have been hurt and robbed by an avaricious gang of politicians.

The PPP is a disease causing entity.  All the hallmarks of democracy, equity, equality, justice and fair play have all been tinkered and tampered with.  Every business executive/advisor, every cabinet member and their respective spouses and every PPP central executive member has been linked to some fraud, corruption scheme or extortion program.  Jagdeo wants a massive compensation package and a pension of US 500 dollars a day and is rebelling by trying to hurt the folks of Linden.

Every 10th house is a watering hole in GT.  You can get a gun to buy any time of day or night faster than you can get a glass of mauby or a marriage certificate.  The legacy of the PPP is distrust, dysfunction, disease, disdain and delinquency.

Two years ago a contingent of Guyanese soldiers went to Haiti as peace keepers under United Nations protocol.  Two weeks into the program the great men and women of Guyana absconded; they all sent back their guns and duffel bags.  Preliminary reports this week are suggesting that the athletes who went to London for the Olympics may not be   coming back.  No money has been made available by the Guyana Government to bring them back.  Earlier this year too, a group of female basketball players were left stranded in Antigua for a week.  DIGICEL had to step in and co-sponsor the return of the girls.

Guyana is in deep du-du.  Jumping into Linden is not the wisest thing or smartest thing the PPP has done.  The Lindenites will fight them with grace and a non-reaction.  The people will watch them come and watch them go into oblivion without even batting an eye.  This irritates them more and as a result, they are using ‘beg-pardon’ after having shot each other literally in the foot.  ASOMELYKAM.

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