Black Stalin…BUN DEM


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             08 12 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA:    Fires burnt uncontrollably in Mc Kenzie overnight as police and soldiers visibly reluctant to take up arms against their own comrades.  The damages are being reckoned in baboolalls…the amount of Indians displaced in the psychological warfare taking place.  The Army dropped leaflets from helicopters and tried to win hearts and minds with informal discussions at the street level.  But ‘boat gone a falls….can’t turn back.’  Lindeners and Lindenites want to hear the inconvenient truths the PPP is denying them and the purging of saboteurs the PPP is planting in the community.  The hospitals are rejecting the sick, food in short supply but the government is paying thugs in US dollars to burn, loot and terrorise the masses.  Worse the inconvenient truths are projected on to the populace.

The Income Tax and Revenue Department building in Linden in addition to the Ministry of Agriculture’s building were both among several buildings destroyed by fire Friday night.  Word on the street the morning after is that the fires were strategic, urgent and  deliberately set by the PPP to conceal and obfuscate responsibility for swaths of lands given on a platter to their kit and kin.

Dem boy she that a special edition of currency will be issued to commemorate the one year anniversary of Ramotar’s inadequacy and presidency.  The top 80-richest men…all Indians will feature on the notes to be called ‘baboolalls.’

Former Agriculture Minister and now Environment & Mining Minister Robert Persaud has been fingered  for giving the instructions to further criminalise the land deals and incriminate the Lindeners for some inconvenient truths they do not want to discuss.

The Agriculture Minister during his active tenure was responsible for allocating lands to his friends from Soesdyke junction to Lethem…approximately 380 miles by established roadway.  Robert Persaud is suffering from a hangover; he is now giving away rivers and streams in Amerindian communities for a fee.  Some are getting as much as 23-miles of land…a million baboolalls a mile;  tek money buy two.            

Among the beneficiaries of this fraudulent, exploitative and illegal project is former Foreign Affairs Minister in the Burnham administration, Sir Shridath Ramphal.  Ramphal’s notorious son-in-law and former broadcast journalist Sir Ronald Saunders…nee Singh, has also benefitted from this land deal under the auspices of the Agriculture minister.  A year ago Saunders was a person of interest in a massive  US $28 million bank scandal while appointed Britain’s Ambassador to Antigua.  A man said:…”coolie and money…in-separable.”  Ramphal also owns a massive resort and farm in the upper reaches of the Abary river in Region Five.  He also has gold mining interests in the Cuyuni and Mazaruni delta and has crossed the floor to the PPP.

The Christianburg office of the Agriculture Ministry also houses a research office that is strategic in helping the 80 richest men in Guyana who own 85 per cent of the land in the country…an inconvenient truth implemented, accelerated and protected under the PPP.  The saboteurs know exactly what they are doing in trying to conceal the mis-deeds of the corrupt PPP.

A Chinese corporation has recently been awarded contracts to undertake logging in the region.  Also an East Asian conglomerate has been given a sweetheart deal to log off Mabura Hill.  President Ramotar has a vested interest in logging and was born and raised in a logging community.  He was also a logger and enjoys lagger with a pinch of lemon and salt.  Talk half, leff half.

All these deals were done thru the Linden Revenue department in concert  with the agriculture research office.  With Friday night’s fires, there are no records and the people in Linden are held pawns for the engineered mischief.  The police and soldiers are merely protectors and enablers and it is time for them to step back in their heads and discern what their real purpose and policy is.

Over the weekend Lindeners will not be surprised if a state of curfew is introduced to give credence to the dirty work of the PPP.  President Ramotar, since the protests started  a month ago, has been ducking and finding all excuses to have face-to-face conversations with Lindenites in Linden.   Ramotar has a PHD in Bamboozling and, like Jagdeo, is twice as criminal-like.  The duo gets a high from vacuuming the treasury, and they are both grossly incompetent and arrogant. … in that order.     They have blood on their hands and are diluting morality, efficacy and the ingrained decency of Linden and Guyanese.

To date five have been killed as a result of the electricity tariffs and 18 buildings burnt completely.  Parliament has passed a no confidence motion in Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and the policemen who shot the protesters will be charged shortly for murder. The government’ mouthpiece (NCN building) is among those  flattened.

Meanwhile the GDF in conjunction with the Police and Toddlers are engaged in a deliberate program to round-up opinion leaders and prominent Opposition officials from both the  APNU and  AFC.

The Opposition is embedded with the protesters and they have been preaching a doctrine of non-violence but applying social pressure on the PPP to face their inconvenient truths.  The change that the opposition seeks is most visible within themselves as they dispel the lies that they are told and take a moral high ground of peace, justice, equity and equality for all Guyana.


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