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Black Stalin…BUN DEM


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             08 12 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA:    Fires burnt uncontrollably in Mc Kenzie overnight as police and soldiers visibly reluctant to take up arms against their own comrades.  The damages are being reckoned in baboolalls…the amount of Indians displaced in the psychological warfare taking place.  The Army dropped leaflets from helicopters and tried to win hearts and minds with informal discussions at the street level.  But ‘boat gone a falls….can’t turn back.’  Lindeners and Lindenites want to hear the inconvenient truths the PPP is denying them and the purging of saboteurs the PPP is planting in the community.  The hospitals are rejecting the sick, food in short supply but the government is paying thugs in US dollars to burn, loot and terrorise the masses.  Worse the inconvenient truths are projected on to the populace.

The Income Tax and Revenue Department building in Linden in addition to the Ministry of Agriculture’s building were both among several buildings destroyed by fire Friday night.  Word on the street the morning after is that the fires were strategic, urgent and  deliberately set by the PPP to conceal and obfuscate responsibility for swaths of lands given on a platter to their kit and kin.

Dem boy she that a special edition of currency will be issued to commemorate the one year anniversary of Ramotar’s inadequacy and presidency.  The top 80-richest men…all Indians will feature on the notes to be called ‘baboolalls.’

Former Agriculture Minister and now Environment & Mining Minister Robert Persaud has been fingered  for giving the instructions to further criminalise the land deals and incriminate the Lindeners for some inconvenient truths they do not want to discuss.

The Agriculture Minister during his active tenure was responsible for allocating lands to his friends from Soesdyke junction to Lethem…approximately 380 miles by established roadway.  Robert Persaud is suffering from a hangover; he is now giving away rivers and streams in Amerindian communities for a fee.  Some are getting as much as 23-miles of land…a million baboolalls a mile;  tek money buy two.             Continue reading

The London games -The joy of the nudge Olympics – The Economist

Eddy Grant – Jamaican Child

The London games – The joy of the nudge Olympics

A highly successful Olympics contains two lessons for Britain’s policymakers. Only one is reassuring

Aug 11th 2012  – The Economist

BY ANY measure Britain has shown the world—and its own sceptical population—that the country can stage a brilliant Olympics. As the games draw to a close on August 12th, David Cameron, the prime minister, will be delighted that the predicted “feel good factor” of hosting the event did indeed emerge. Even the sun has (mostly) shone.

In fact most Olympics work pretty well. But each host achieves that end by different means. In 2008 China staged a command-and-control games, shunting dissidents and other undesirables out of Beijing, ordering locals not to drive and even launching 1,100 cloud-seeding missiles before the opening ceremony to make it rain somewhere other than over the main stadium.  [more]





ALUTA CONTINUA. In the wee-hours of Friday morning Linden protesters were ambushed and tear-gas canisters unloaded. Nobody moved and nobody got hurt. Eight hours before that episode the Army helicopters took to the air dropping leaflet and begging for cooperation to clear the transportation arteries. The people demanded food instead and shrugged the visible blood-thirsty Police and soldiers off. Senior and Executive members of the joint opposition are growing concerned with the big-stick approach to resolving a social issue. The dust has not settled after the shooting and killing of three; the tears have not dried and bamboozling seems to be the trajectory of the corrupt PPP government.     Continue reading