Ziggy Marley – World so corrupt


By EWALT AINSWORTH                              08 08 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA:  Wednesday August 8 marks 21 days of Lindeners & Lindenites refusing to un-block and un-clog the transportation arteries in the mining community.  The People’s power is bringing some hard and hard-core lessons to the PPP government and they can’t handle it.  The game of ‘do-as-you-like’ over and the protesters are gaining new strength and notoriety.  Their game is not “done-as-you-like” but when equity, equality and justice is done and appears to be done there would be some adjustments to the logs and fires.

Some say it has now become psychological warfare as the Guyana Defense Force (GDF) has been bullied to take the lead role displacing the gun-toting TSU and Toddlers.

One week ago…the Lindenites…the folks who were born and raised in the riverian communities, buried three of the fallen heroes.  Scores were ambushed for protesting the increased electricity tariffs highlighted in the 2012 Guyana budget.  

Lindeners…technical folks who use the community as a dormitory/hostel and place of employment, have been quick to want to resolve the problems.  The Lindenites have a totally different mindset and this complicates the texture of negotiations and quality of life issues.  There is no meeting point between the two groups and separately and individually the PPP is the common enemy irrespective of what color the problem is white-washed in.  Linden is also influenced by Jamaicans, Barbadians, Amerindians, small Island folks and a sprinkling of Brazilians.  There are twice more Buxtonians than any other community in Linden….Buxton comes first and Hopetown comes second.  Belladrum is a close third in terms of population distribution and ‘bad-mind.’

Linden is an onion.  The Prime Minister Sam Hinds is a Lindener…he is from Mahaicony originally and even though he lived and worked in the community since out of Tutorial High school, he is not respected and or emulated.  Linden is multi-racial, multi-talented, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.
Linden also has endemic and perennial problems and issues affecting  the community that a killing machine or water cannon cannot disperse.  Lindeners & Lindenites deserve a mutual group of sociologists, economists, development planners, human resource personnel and analysts among other to go in and talk with all the publics.

President Ramotar or none of the PPP advisors have the skill set to handle this situation.  It is way above their pay-grade.  There is a man named AB POOLE whom I understand lives in Georgia but has an active consultancy company in Georgetown.  He should be tapped as a DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT COMMUNICATION specialist to help bring the community and organic specialists together.  Former broadcaster Joan Greene or even Terry Holder from GT&T should also be drafted to get the show on the road.  Be warned:  they would not steal any money or develop overseas bank accounts like some of the other nefarious jagabats Jagdeo has surrounding him.

Wednesday August 8, also marks 21 days for both the Government and people  wanting Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to go after a ‘no-confidence’ motion was passed in Parliament but disregarded by the PPP.  The PPP has to be reminded that it is not ‘do-as-you-like.’  Every man is dispensable but the  PPP is scared of the domino effect.

President Ramotar has not made any public appearances in Linden since the onset of the conflict and does not know anyone on a first name basis from the community.  He has tried to bamboozle and kick the proverbial tinning-cup down the road but Linden has real socio-economic issues.  Schools resume in three weeks and if you think it is bad now, wait until then to see how things will get out-a-hand quick-quick-quick and fast-fast-fast.

The raising of the electricity tariffs and the people refusing to pay is just a slither of the real problems.  Reinvestments in education, medical facilities, ancillary jobs, recreation, sport, housing, communication and mental health facilities have been sporadic and sometimes denied.  Jobs is job one; twenty years of PPP and nothing significant has happened.  And when projects are identified, contractors from other ethnic and regional climes are bused in.  Jagdeo puppet Ramotar, needs to empathise and spend a nite or two at the   CRIMSON BAT or at BLAIR’S DELIGHT and see how black folks does wine in time when they vex.

Globally, Linden has the highest concentration of skilled engineers, technicians and techno-geeks and yet still the Jagdeo/Ramotar administration overlooks their talents and competencies.

The Chinese-run bauxite company is on the verge of collapse.  Fuel for the Bauxite Company and power generating company is just-in-time.  A gallon of gas on the black market is about three towels…US 15.00 per gallon.

Food in every description and package is in short supply.  STRAIGHTS…a type of shine-rice without meat, chicken or fish is the special of the day at restaurants.  Road-side sheds offer ‘bhoop & roll’…fried breadfruit slices.  A package of three or four slices with a damper or sauce, costs about G-300.00.

On Monday, President Ramotar met with Sharma Solomon, Vanessa Kissoon, Walter Ramnaraine, Aubrey Norton and Nigel Hughes at his office in Georgetown.  Wednesday’s meeting should take place in Linden with the President and technical team attending.  The GDF is pleading with the folks with futile results up to Tuesday night to clear the roads and bridges to facilitate the Presidential party.

Meanwhile APNU leader David Granger is not happy with the terms of reference the President is offering to resolve the debacle.  Rohee too, is not leaving his post and the PPP still wants to strong-arm and bully its way forgetting that it is a minority party.  Mr. David Granger is a retired Army general and this too has a psychological effect on all participation and outcomes.  The loudest person will not win.  Lindenites are staying strong and are expecting an outcome based on their peculiar experiences and challenges.



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