By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             08 07 2012

Sharma Solomon

ALUTA CONTINUA:  It is only now that Lindeners have gone on strike that President Donald Ramotar understands that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.    Ramotar is also getting some hard-core lessons in civics as food shortages grip the south-western part of Guyana.  It is now the ‘ole-head’ understands the implications and ramifications of Linden; the hub of the nation and a filter for social engineering, banking, mining, transportation, forestry, retail and national security.

Expectations were low and outcomes negative, initially within the Presidency and Central Executive of the PPP.  But a new energy field and respect is developing as the cordial folks from Mac-city present their case.  The Region Ten committee includes Chairman Sharma Solomon and Parliamentary Sec, Vanessa Kissoon.   APNU’s Walter Roopnaraine and Godfrey Norton are there while AFC’s new chairman Nigel Hughes is also part of the official delegation.              

Ms Marcia Usher, an established and well known wholesaler of food from Region Nine, is standing in the hallways of the Office of the President begging for a quick and early resolution to stave off hunger and total destruction of her hinterland community.  Every ten minutes a big truck with food, fuel, forestry products or families rolls thru Linden for places like Brazil, Lethem, Anna, Rockstone, Bartica, Kwapau. Mahdia, Kamarang and Mazaruni among others.  The Upper reaches of the Mahaica and Mahicony rivers is also accessible through Linden.  Ituni and Kwakwani, smaller bauxite towns, are also experiencing severe shortages and it is only now President Ramotar is wrapping his head around the  problems.

Monday’s meeting was more about President Ramotar listening in awe for 4.5 hours about his responsibility and response ability to avoid a total collapse of the bauxite industry.  The Chinese BOSAI company cannot meet market demands after two weeks of protests.  President Ramotar may very well have to let the industry collapse.  There are deep seated cultural differences tainted by racism and stereotyping.

The banks are quietly making rough-house as production in timber, gold, diamonds, quarry, sand, balata and agriculture grind to a halt.

The two sides reconvene in Georgetown on Wednesday even though ideally they should meet in Linden.  President Ramotar is visibly scared of Lindeners.  Last Saturday he was unable to gain acccess because the community blocked the roads and bridges; once bitten by snakes, Ramotar is even scared of caterpillars, eels, worms and millipedes.  Guyana has the greatest President in the whole wide world.  The ‘ole-man’ has no guts and this is also affecting a certain tenor, a certain tempo and tenet in resolving the talks.  Dilly-dallying is twice as dangerous as not saying anything.  Workers who are willing to go back to work cannot get past the make-shift road blocks.  The only thing that is allowed to pass is fuel to keep the lights on in the community.  The banks too are not honoring checks and other financial instruments out of Linden or interior locations.  A few people got credit cards for CARIBANA but outside of that, Guyanese are being squeezed like pulp.  Bhoop and Roll (breadfruit) tek over.

Off the records SCOTIABANK is coming in for a lot of flack for endorsing mediocrity at the higher levels of money laundering and facilitating illicit deals in the gold and diamond  mining industry. Everyday people are shot, chopped, maimed, disfigured, raped and abused because of bank policies.  Drugs has created a new class..a new strain of people that would do anything and everything for a buck.  You can get a man killed for a hundred US.   You can get a gun easier to buy than a glass of mauby in GT.  The police stations padlock their gates at 6.00 pm and if even is a murder, you have to come back in the morning with your own transportation to get a rank to investigate.  Crimes of fraud, murder, theft, vehicular burglaries, sexual assault and vehicular accidents are only investigated if the victim is Indian.

This is really a joke.  An order came thru from the Home Affairs Minister to all ranks to desist from car chases in the light of police cars  crashing and/or running out of fuel.  Standard Operating Procedure is to use helicopters “when necessary.” ASOMELYKAM.

The politicians may be on the front pages and in the board rooms but it is the bankers…SCOTAIBANK in Guyana’s case, that make everything possible AND OTHER TINGS IMOSSIBLE.  I have never seen an untidy banker in GT.  Bank staff are paid at a higher rate than any other industry so that they would behave like Gods, look well, not steal and keep everyday people in their place.  The bank is no longer about deposits, safety deposit boxes, mortgages, money transfers and micro loans but about widening the gap between the haves and the have nots.  The PPP is not passionate about the country’s failing infrastructure, productivity, production, patriotism and mental health status.  Every business day among the first six people President Jagdeo and Ramotar and sometimes Finance Minister Ashni Singh calls SCOTIA to see “if anybody leff anything deh fuh me?”

Resolving the increased electricity tariffs debacle was never explored fully by the decision making and inner circle of the party.  In a few weeks schools will resume and it is the children who will suffer most.  And if they join the fray with their parents in tandem, woe be unto the jagabats.  Some school age children have never seen their parents get up and get dressed to go to work.  Some folks have to hide their graduation pictures and medals and honors just to create an aura of peace in their homes.  One man told me that he had to throw fine nails on the street so that cars can get flat tyres and patronize his dad’s vulcanizing station in Linden.   Times are tough and coping skills are waning.  Suicides are on the rise and for kids to see their parents have to make a choice between KLIM milk and conga-pump is a horse of a different color.

The PPP, nine months out of the election cycle, should be brimming with new ideas and not tom- foolery or jiggery-poogery.  The time to bamboozle and defer is over.   Ramotar is operating on a low octane fuel and a remote control sensor.  Perhaps you should visit with a family that got a baby that was born the day of the last elections and see for yourself how that infant can interact and strive for independence.  Children are born smarter than their parents; in this case you were presumed smarter than your selector.  Wha fuh happen leh he happen one time.


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