By EWALT AINSWORTH                  08 04 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA:  Every other fool including Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee himself knows he himself is a mediocre.  The plantation-like life style of compulsively berating and irritating black folks like \him gives his PPP masters an addictive high and a belief system that they too are superior and king-like.  Walking away from the decorated position of enforcer would put Rohee in a better position of  being rationale and would ration the jiggery-poogery and large quantities of monies being wasted on maintaining the status quo.

Any fool can also see too the lengths to which the PPP goes to reward the jagabats.  The more perks they get, the more they want.  There is no cut off point and too much is never enough; they swim in their own fat like Arnold Rampersaud.   

Too many are paid too much for doing and knowing too little.  All the cabinet secretaries, advisors, personal assistants, central executive members have fallen into the trap of mediocrity and see elevated wages, significant access and rampant power as substitutes for their ineptitude.  The process of mediocrity is a psychological deficiency and habit that is very expensive to maintain.  The drug dealers who do not enjoy their earnings are forced to maintain large armies and coteurs to maintain their life style.  The PPP apparatus is no different.  Ten pig in a pen and a brick is thrown, the one that holler is the one that get knock.  All exits are to the right Mr. Rohee.

Rohee cannot wait to ease the burden the jagabats have placed on his shoulders and wants time to spend on his farm and with his family.  Rohee is merely a conduit for the misdeeds and missed deals of Jagdeo.

“Goat na bite me” he blurted out when confronted about his future plans.  The big man simply wants to go and has scripted his resignation but both Presidents Donald Ramotar and Bharat Jagdeo are confused as to who should be accepting the document.  Both of them are rotten ropes…two peas in the same pod struggling for survival.  Guyanese need to breathe again and Rohee leaving will be a breath of fresh air.  More will take the right exit and exit to the right.

The PPP in a weekend statement said that Rohee should stay to save both face and ass but none of the leaders want to let him go because there is no other that can be so dumb, disastrous, docile, drastic, devious and deliberate in hurting their own black people.  Rohee is worse than Greene.

Dr Roger Luncheon has declared that he was never part of the group that appointed him and he himself does not know what tomorrow may bring and is very aloof. In other words, they in limbo and Gail Texiera may have to wine and bend over like crimson and clover.   Gajraj walked away some years ago after international intervention.  The only other person outside of Gail who may rise up is Juan (Manikeram) Edghill.  Dem coolie-boy would put he fuh kneel down pon he neck and ‘push-cock-a-rare.’  Lascell Duke or Kwame Mc Coy may also be a better fit…they already have their doughnuts.

Meanwhile  APNU  leader David Granger and recently appointed leader of the  AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan separately but equally swear that  the people en bloc, will ensure the physical removal of Clement Rohee if he does not go voluntarily by week’s end.

Enough is enough is enough is the people’s collective sigh.  The collateral damage has been done as Guyana devolves and the un-commonsense of patriotism takes a blow below the belt and in the behind.  Some good folks, talented folks who had so much potential for elevated office and celebrated in their ethnic enclaves are passing for grass.  Some of them were once nephews and now they are nieces.  Out of respect, you have to refer to them as comrades.  The brothers are confused and abused so that they can put bread on the proverbial table.

The Jagdeo/Ramotar dictatorship is sputtering and stuttering and suffering in more ways than one.  It is too top-heavy and unilateral in both its focus and intent.  And when there is fraud from a psychological point of view that is a sign that the skill sets of the perpetrators are short.  The people’s business no longer takes priority but the vacuuming of the treasury becomes a compulsive necessity.

President Jagdeo has made it a certainty that Guyanese will never recover and or become a member of emerging societies like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) countries even though they are so close ideologically and sometimes geographically.  The mediocrity and insincerity that punctuates the verbiage of Jagdeo/Ramotar makes it impossible for there to be light at the end of the tunnel.

India for example has a very strict class structure.  The duo are rated at the bottom as ‘chamars’ and in their heart they feel by grabbing wealth and prompting mediocrity, a seat will be reserved for them further up the ladder.    One may be able to change his car, house, wife or buckta with more money but class is determined at birth.  Sometimes with education and exposure to higher learning there is some movement but during my life time ill-gotten gains are both fleeting and temporary.  Perhaps someone should keep score of those who flee to Florida with millions and end up with a rope around their necks or lying at the bottom of a swimming pool.  Some brainiacs you will never see again after migrating; the money lasts only a season or a year at best and is never bequeathed at death.  Another day another time I will write about philanthropy, morality and inheritances and how pivotal they are to human growth and development.

Now he wants 7/8 in pay as pensions and twice as much in benefits; 60 per cent of the folks I know on a first name basis say “hell-no” to Jagdeo.

When there is sound mental health there is also a complimentary soundness and saneness in appetite.  Politics as I understand it, demands that operatives use their particular and peculiar expertise to advance the cause of humanity.  And in retirement, return to their communities of origin and volunteer and be mentors to their fledgling underlings.  But Jagdeo does not seem to fit any of these established molds and precepts.

Politics in Guyana is a growth industry and the less you have the more you become.  Today, I have tied-tongue; to say what I am thinking is tantamount to a criminal offence.  But you too know what I mean.

The man is both empty and greedy and has brought Guyanese to the bottom of the barrel by allowing all the jagabats to perform on a stage of avarice and denial and want premium dollar…not the bottom dollar…premium dollars for gross misconduct.  ASOMELYKAM.

One good thing about Jagdeo’s greed and love for money is that it has helped synchronise the joint opposition.  Carl Greenidge will dig-it-in-he-skites with both Hughes and Ramjattan as major cheer leaders.  These men have no tolerance for the mediocrity of the PPP and have no apologies for that.  And by the time they done with he, Mahaica would be his domain and ‘creketeh’ his dinner.  This week may be Rohee and the following it may be Hinds.  Every week until year end, is calendar parties.

A few short days ago too, India had a massive blackout affecting more than 700-million people.  Nothing moved; nothing worked and the government launched a blue ribbon commission to  investigate the cause and to find ways and means to correct the problem.  That is what governments do; conduct the people’s business and find creative and sometimes novel ways to right the wrongs.  Jagdeo is so much a mediocre that he wants to be paid for everything he does.  He likes the idea of an open-ended budget so that he can live like a king at the people’s expense.  Real men sweat and do not look to the public purse for sustenance or else your days will be short upon the land.  There will be no happiness or sense of fulfillment unless your spelling is FOOLLFILMENT.  These are all symptoms of mental health deficiencies when you want another man to carry you on his back for a lifetime.

Guyana, since the PPP took office 20 years ago, has only been able to keep the lights on in half of the communities it is contracted to serve.  Another statistic and fallacy of the Jagdeo PPP is that only 50% of the population reads any newspaper; only 50% voted in the last elections; only 50 % of the population reside in the country and only another  50% or so have jobs.  My question is……”IS IT THE SAME 50 % RE-OCURRING OR ARE THEY PLAYING MUSICAL CHAIRS?”  If anybody knows the correct answer, write it on a  MALALI and send it to my mailing address in the People’s Republic of Victoria (PRV).

In a section of the media overnight, there is a story about the absence of fire hydrants and water hoses prompted by the early morning Regent Street fires.  Jagdeo does not have a constituency; he does not know any family outside of his cabinet and advisors where he can drop-in unannounced and open their fridge.  The man has some serious issues.  First of all he lives with his two sisters and eats direct from his fridge.  Both of these are tell tale signs of major mental health issues.

There is a story gaining currency by the hour in which Jagdeo went to a cricket match in Providence some years ago and invited some folks from his hometown to sit with him for a photo-op.  Apparently they had a few drinks at the President’s expense but they soon ran out of ice.  One man declared…”the ugliest man should get up” and get the ice.  Jagdeo obliged but one of the security details intervened.

Another story making the rounds is that a Linden-based medical practitioner, who studied in Moscow like Jagdeo, was taken on an overseas trip to help with high level translations and to be a medical partner in case of eventualities.  He arrived in Moscow via London two days after the Guyana delegation arrived.  Once he got to the hotel, he was advised to share a room and bed with another comrade from the official party.  He did not object because in his head, he thought he was late and perhaps they were trying to cut costs.  Little did he know he was set-up for a wey-up.

Honestly, some details will be skipped but the next morning, he complained to Jagdeo about the terrible le experience and advances by another male counterpart.  Jagdeo advised him to “comly and don’t complain.”

The long and short of the story, the doctor absconded and now resides in London where he raises a new family.  So much for the dough-nut hole.

Guyana is laced with mediocrity and jagabats who are in it for the pleasure but be advised…pleasure brings more pain to the pursuants and advocates.  Give Jagdeo a dollar a day like every other senior citizen.  His sojourn is no different from theirs.  This may make him a better person and personality morally and ethically.  AMEN.


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