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Public will push Rohee out of office- Granger at Buxton police killings monument


Public will push Rohee out of office- Granger at Buxton police killings monument

Opposition Leader, David Granger on Friday said he was banking on Guyanese to help push Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee out of office if President Donald Ramotar ignores a majority-opposition approved no-confidence motion.

Addressing the unveiling of a monument in Buxton honour of 400 people allegedly killed at the hands of police and death squads in recent years, Granger cautioned that the no-confidence motion was not the end of the matter.

“Clement Rohee will be pushed out of office not only by the motion in the National Assembly but public opinion. If he doesn’t go, he’ll be pushed,” said Granger, a retired Brigadier of the Guyana Defence Force.   Continue reading



Soca Throwback Dance Mix ! Carnival Fever ! HD HQ


By EWALT AINSWORTH                         08 02 2012

Lukanani is a Caribbean staple and the throngs…(not thongs) of women who will be coming, winging, wailing, singing, drinking, dancing and licking they fingers after a meal of the GT fish deserves a standing ovation.

After all …CARIBANA  is we and whether we licking we finger or clicking we ass we always thinking of new and creative ways to maintain the grass.  We is the only people in the whole wide world that when we vex, we does wine in time.  Ask Sally Mae.

CARIBANA is also the only festival in the whole wide world that addresses the social and economic prowess of the Caribbean people; we have two everything.. two car, two joints,  two face, two false teeth, two back pockets and two bank accounts, two-car garage, two Lolo and two timer.  There is no midway point.  Nobody goes to CARIBANNA hoping for the best.  We are the best; best thinking, best smelling, best tasting,  best dressed, best looking, best cooking and breastless.   We alas doing a few classes on line, exercising and keeping up appointments  at the doctor.  Caribana is we coming out and graduation ceremony.  We simply love to be examined and pass examinations especially CXC and ‘look-a-nanny’ visual appraisals.  We does oil down with coconut oil and put hot-bread under we arm, wash we business with money-bush or aloe-vera fuh stinging nettles.  Plus we does be drinking bush to make sure we blood ent sweet so that when we hit the street, we looking neat.  ASOMELYKAM.                Continue reading