Letters to the Editor on the PNC party

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Madness in the face of the enemy


Dear Editor:

In 1961, two months before the PNC contested the general elections, Mr. Sydney King, then General Secretary of the PNC, had a public falling out with party leader Forbes Burnham. The PNC entered that election a fractured group and lost the elections. Several party members broke away with King who later became a founder member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA).An acceptable definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again, yet expect a different result.

Several decades later Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte suffered a similar fate when PNC strong man and senior central executive member of the party Mr. Hamilton Green left the PNC and formed his own political group (Good and Green for Guyana) GGG; this group later contested elections against the PNC.
Green, a popular party leader, took several party members with him and in the process fractured the PNC. The insurgencies continued throughout Hoyte’s leadership of the party as several young turks smelled blood and circled in for the kill.   
After Hoyte’s demise, new party leader Robert Corbin suffered the same fate, when he and Central executive member and PNC Member of Parliament Mr. Raphael Trotman had a public falling out and Trotman left the party and became a founder leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC).
The PNC was further weakened as several senior leaders fought publicly in what many would characterize as nasty fights for political power and office. The schisms and fissures grew and Robert Corbin as party leader contested the 2006 elections as a weak candidate atop a house divided.
As the PNCR prepares for its 17th biennial congress, one can see the same players employing several of the same tactics that were used against Hoyte and Corbin in the fight for political power and party leadership. The viral letter writing that seeks to publicly destroy image and character. The social media disinformation and denigration, the lies and rumours have all gone into high gear as the usual suspects wage open warfare against their kith and kin.
The party battle song urges members to “hold the line of battle comrades link your arms in unity, organize and charge the forces of our…enemy….” But these insurgents who have been waging war within the party for the past 14 years don’t see the enemy as the PPP/C, no, these perpetual combatants point their guns inwards and wage a war of attrition with so-called friendly fire.
With APNU having the PPP/C in a defensive and weakened position after last November’s election, one would have expected that commonsense would have prevailed and the forces within the party would have rallied in unity to mount a formidable campaign to oust the “real” enemy of the people, the corrupt and anti-working class, anti-poor, race-baiting PPP/C.
But the tireless warriors for power, headed by their field General, have advised their followers that the leadership provided by Brigadier David Granger which brought them within sight of victory must be changed. Eight months ago they entrusted the entire country into his hands, presented him as suitable to lead the nation. He rose to the task and rallied a fractured party and nation, held together a ten-group partnership that energized the electorate and produced a parliamentary majority in the National Assembly (along with the AFC). Now according to these perpetual warriors, David Granger is not good enough to lead their party.
The great Santayana cautioned that those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat it…and if the past skirmishes for the leadership of the PNC teach us anything, it is that the public spats, the defamatory character of the leadership battles, and the ugly and insidious nature of the campaigns waged by the usual suspects, only serve to further erode public confidence in the PNC as a political institution in Guyana and further weaken the party base.
It is a turn off, and instead of winning hearts and minds, it scares good people away, who want no part of the ugly and crass name-calling, backstabbing and intellectual dishonesty that characterizes these battles.
Only in the PNC can a popular leader riding a crest of national popularity; a leader with an unblemished record; a leader who has made the party relevant again, be challenged by a man with no proven track record. In my opening I said that madness is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result. I contend that the authors of these insurgencies must be madmen and women.
I ask, what have they gained from these insurgencies? How has their constant fight for power and personal office advanced the cause of justice and a better life for the struggling masses? How many more will have to be savaged, demonized and brutally destroyed before their campaign for leadership ends?
Losers lose and winners win, is an oft-used cliché, but the formula employed over the last 14 years by the usual suspects is a losing formula as evidence by their track record, but don’t tell them that, for they are convinced they are winning.
Mark Archer

The PNCR will not be blinded by the machinations of the misguided

Without a doubt, those who first attempted to sow dissention between the GYSM and other youth organizations in the struggle to liberate Guyana, have become frustrated and confused and have now launched a misguided attack on the Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT), a credible independent, Guyanese youth, movement. In a strange way these detractors have exposed their innate respect for David Granger, by attributing the emergence of the YCT,  to his leadership. In their folly, they have denied those youths, the ability to envision and launch, on their own accord, a movement such as the  YCT.Dear Editor,
As one who served the Founder Leader of the PNCR, as a senior personal Staff Officer, in a professional and confidential capacity, during the last four years of his life, I can confidently assure all of the PNCR delegates to the imminent biennial congress of one thing. If the founder leader, L. F. S Burnham could cast a vote from the grave, it will unquestionably go to David Arthur Granger, to be the next leader of the PNCR.
Mr. Editor, It has been quite amusing to me, how some desperate detractor s of David Granger, have either misconstrued, or recklessly misrepresented, his public pronouncements,  in order to sow the seeds of discord among the PNCR party faithful, most of whom are clearly impressed with, and/or  inspired by, his leadership.  Those detractors, driven by personal ambition, and a rather transparent narcissistic clamor for attention, often miss the big picture, as they selfishly seek to derail the movement, started by the PNCR when they chose David Granger as their presidential candidate to remove the PPP/C from government.
( As the saying goes “a drowning rat will catch at straws”. Those, to whom I refer, will no doubt recognize themselves and will come after me in a vicious manner, and we will all know at that time that “the cap did fit…so they pulled the string”. )
Clearly, like all the rest of Guyana, even these self-serving critics, recognize the ’aura’ of respectability that emanates only from the impeccable integrity, and sterling quality of responsible leadership that David Granger brings to the table. They become ever more desperate in their vain attempt to call attention to themselves, as David Granger’s stature as a leader grows among the party membership.
In their own little world, these detractors, attempt to tell the members of the party to ignore  the proven leadership of the man who has stood with them since they elected him their presidential candidate.  Even as they seek to confuse the membership of the PNCR,  the GYSM demonstrated clarity and independence of thought  as they endorsed the leadership of David Granger.
The Youths of the PNCR always had the vision and the courage to boldly step forward and support the person best suited to lead their party. The founder Leader understood the value of this movement and always respected and trusted their judgment. David Granger who in many ways epitomizes the thinking of the founder Leader, has already demonstrated in tangible ways,  that he too will always stand with the GYSM.
In their rush to judgment, they did not get the facts straight…or was it just another of their futile attempts to beguile the gullible, when they falsely reported that PNCR overseas chapters are now being called APNU –NA groups. Nothing can be further from the truth. These are all blatant acts of deception by the drowning narcissistic rats who seek cover, to advance their own selfish agendas while masquerading as independent thinkers with no “dog in the fight”.
Mr. Editor, allow me to remind our party and the Guyanese public that the founder leader of the PNCR recognized David Arthur Granger as that ‘dark horse’ in his party with the leadership skills and preparedness to take the reins of the party at a time such as this.  While other members of the party come with abundant professional knowledge of their chosen vocation, in-depth, institutional knowledge of the PNCR does not come with a two years membership exposure.  We the delegates at the next PNCR Congress must not make a mockery of the carefully cultivated bench strength and succession planning of the founder leader and the other leaders of our party thus far.
The PNCR has always had the ability to find the best technocrats to get certain technical matters of state done and the best prepared stalwarts of our party to lead the peoples’ struggle and the party into government.  Our founder Leader recognized the leadership qualities of David Granger as a future leader of our party by the many party assignments  he gave him as if to prepare him for this day.  On the other hand, our founder leader, identified and tasked others  with other assignments aligned with the training and competence outside of the party.
As commander in chief, our founder leader recognized David Arthur Granger, as a leader with the mettle to make a difference when he appointed him Commander of the Guyana Defence Force .  Our Founder Leader, and Commander in chief, was completely satisfied and pleased with David Granger’s record of performance and achievements as a responsible and competent national leader, when he awarded him one of the nation’s highest national awards the Military Service Star (MSS).
The second leader of the PNCR, Mr. Desmond Hoyte, demonstrated confidence in the competence of David Granger when he appointed him, his national Security Advisor. It is clear whether of our self-centered myopic friends want to accept it or not, that David Arthur Granger, is a national leader of tremendous stature , a credible and recognized historian, investigative journalist, military commander and national leader, who is now prepared and ready to take the PNCR to the next level and complete what he has already begun ,  the removal of the PPP from office.
I am confident that the members of the PNCR will not be blinded by the machinations of the misguided. They will not allow those who do not have a vote to tell them how to vote.
They will vote David Granger.
Derrick Lawrence

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