THE CHARM OF THE UN-ARMED  – videos at end

BY  EWALT AINSWORTH               08 01 2012

Two weeks of not reacting violently has put the useful PPP-idiots and TODD(lers)  in an un-expected,  untimely,  uncharted and uncomfortable position.  The PPP wanted black folks to charge against black folks and then bring in East Indians as modifiers, referees and saviors.  The charm of an un-armed populace has lifted everyone.

That plan did not work.  Upping the electricity tariffs was merely a pretext, the creation of a window to induce poverty and hardship.   Degradation and intimidation…two horns on the same goat were juxtaposed by grace and gratitude.  The people’s charm and that innate willingness of not responding violently has made all of Linden better and all of the PPP toddlers.              

Lies in Linden has become the new truth and truth has become lies.  There will be no reconciliation between the people of Linden and the government.  Region Ten operatives will not negotiate with terrorists.  The anxiety level has not dissipated but the ethical and moral compass of the PPP has been thrown out with the proverbial bath water of the Toddlers…armed Tactical policemen under Commandant Todd.

Comrades Rohee, Sam Hinds, Hinken and a slew of others who were hoping to conquer Linden by exerting brute force and ignorance have soon discovered the inner strength and capabilities of a people who were and are willing to stand in unison, quietude and solitude.  Today is a new day; the dead have been buried and the political bullies are in tatters, literally and metaphorically.  The marauding and trigger happy jagabats will not get any virgins as promised during this season of holy Ramadan.

Quiet endurance enhanced by the people’s charm has put the able bodied women and stoic  men of Linden in a class by themselves.  Both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar were hoping that by ambushing the protesters they would simply allow the TSU to pummel, maim, disable and detain all the young men.  Historically, empty headed men of power attack empty handed citizens and exact change.  Take a cursory look at all dictatorships throughout history; the more violence the more loyalty.  Linden has proven that Ramotar is a farce and phase two act one may be to extricate him from his foolish self.  Jagdeo the fool without will soon have to listen to his fool within a prison cell for corruption and money laundering.  Attacking Linden was a deliberate act to detract from his own follies, fantasies and failings.

But the charm of Linden’s leadership to turn the other cheek has created a new template, a new business model for changing chaos into challenges and manicuring landscape of deceit and dysfunction into a destiny and destination for peace loving Lindeners.  CARICOM and other Guyanese in the Diaspora especially can now breathe again.  The charm of the un-armed has made it possible and plausible in the plural mining community.

Do not be fooled.  A few people ran the streets and rummaged the commercial area.  Some vehicles were torched and buildings burnt but compared to what was potentially risky business, the people’s power and self induced charm not to be tempted has triumphed.  The struggle continues; Ramotar has kicked the increased tariffs further down the road but the issues of jobs, education, access to health and other social issuers will be reformed immediately.  Ramotar may not make it across the bridge but he is learning fast; tough times do not last but tough people do.

Positive thoughts from the Joint opposition (APNU & AFC) will also put scores of PPP propagandists and jagabats on the suicide watch list.  Some too will be relieved of their positions while other still will migrate into oblivion by their own free will.

Linden used to be referred as a community dead from the neck to ground; the charming Linden now is alive from the neck up with an aura.  No other community in Guyana has come out in support of Linden.  No community in Guyana has that inner strength and fortitude to stand up for their core beliefs.  Lindeners refused to be intimidated by the brute force.  The water cannons, capped bullets, the removal of the medical staff and all the other jiggery-poogery and malicious maneuverings were all in vain.

The Linden soul has now moved to a place where greater good will radiate and emanate from within.  It is not a religious fatwah but one carpeted by the wisdom of Sharma Solomon, the Regional Chairman.

Solomon also has the wisdom to know that degradation is a form of intimidation and nothing progressive, nothing positive will come from Jagdeo or Ramotar or Rohee.  Keep them all at bay.  Let today, Emancipation Day be a bloodless script of inner charm, solitude and reverence as the great warriors…the products of an ethnically charged working community are laid to rest and given a new prominence in the new and improved Linden.  MASHRAMANI IS IN THE AIR.


Dean Fraser – Don’t Rock My Boat

Dean Fraser  – Night Nurse

From the great tribute album – “We Remember Gregory Isaacs”

Dean Fraser –  One Drop


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  1. The brothers and sisters of Linden need to be complemented and supported in this their dark hour. The light would soon shine through.


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