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Eddy Grant Speaks About The UK Riots – Parts. 1 and 2

Eddy Grant Speaks About The UK Riots Pt. 1/2  (11/08/11)

Eddy Grant Speaks About The UK Riots (Part 2/2)


THE CHARM OF THE UN-ARMED  – videos at end

BY  EWALT AINSWORTH               08 01 2012

Two weeks of not reacting violently has put the useful PPP-idiots and TODD(lers)  in an un-expected,  untimely,  uncharted and uncomfortable position.  The PPP wanted black folks to charge against black folks and then bring in East Indians as modifiers, referees and saviors.  The charm of an un-armed populace has lifted everyone.

That plan did not work.  Upping the electricity tariffs was merely a pretext, the creation of a window to induce poverty and hardship.   Degradation and intimidation…two horns on the same goat were juxtaposed by grace and gratitude.  The people’s charm and that innate willingness of not responding violently has made all of Linden better and all of the PPP toddlers.               Continue reading