Swamp Dogg – I Got To Get A Message To You


BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                                                    07 30 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA:  Emancipation day (aka African departure day) this year will see a mass mobilization of all civil and civic minded Guyanese joining a 10,00 strong motorcade from the   SQUARE OF THE REVOLUTION to l Linden where the slain comrades from the bauxite community will be laid to rest.  It is also expected that Prime Minister Sam Hinds and Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee will both separately tender their resignations as “no-confidence” motions take root in all centers of influence.

President Donald Ramotar is expecting both men of African heritage to depart as a symbol of early departure as the end-game seems imminent and expedient.  AFC’s Nigel Hughes is leading the charge against the PPPC jagabats.  Simultaneously the AFC is ramping up international ballistic experts and intensifying fact gathering crusades.  All the ducks will be lined up in a row to face murder charges.  And these will include the police commanders, the Home Affairs Minister, the Todd(lers), the drug dealers who donated the guns and bullets, the mini-bus operators that drove the TSU gunmen and all other personnel intimately involved in the operations.  Jagdeo may also find himself in handcuffs before the end of Ramadan.

In a slightly related story APNU leader David Granger has gotten the nod to lead the PNC at it just concluded bi-annual conference in Sophia.  Mr. Granger has been invited to join the motorcade on Wednesday.  The other leg of the joint opposition…AFC, will also participate in the full-day of protest from Georgetown to Linden some 60 miles away.

Region 10 Chairman, Comrade Sharma Solomon, over the next few hours, will offer a more detailed plan of action and procession which will give credence and character  to freedom of speech and freedom of association.  New freedoms and new ambits will also be hammered out about freedoms after speech and freedoms after association.
Both Jagdeo and Ramotar seem to be confused about which is left and which is right and the people’s rights.   King Solomon will also brief the nation on the plight of the right. ASOLMELYKAM.

Permission has already been granted for a mass assembly outside of the Vlissingen Road (ada CUFFY SQUARE) and then a motorcade to BAYROCK before burial in the evening.  The Linden protest is now in its tenth day and is progressively and incrementally gaining strength, numbers and notoriety.  ASOMELYKAM.

Wednesday is an official holiday in Guyana where afro-centric folks normally have folk festivals at the national park and swari in Hopetown. Others surf the net and grab cheap fares to the Barbados’ CROP-OVER while other still hustle 6to  CARIBANA in Canada in gay abandon.  This year, folks are waiting to see what next will happen.

The spirits, stories, life and times of the ancestral slaves are invoked this time of year too.  The oral traditions, the camaraderie and plural festivities all go a long way in illuminating the dwindling flickers of hope in the once prosperous Guyana.  The PPP has induced poverty into the once-noble ethnic clime; the PPP has become a disease causing entity and murder of blacks, its insignia and legacy.    Constant dripping wears away stone.  Linden is an integral part of the Guyanese fabric; it may be slow to anger but there is no shortage of courage.

Over the weekend, things were tense as Lindeners refused to move and even when they were bullied the people re-installed themselves and restated their commitment never again to be terrorized by the minority PPP government.

There were scores of police and soldiers deployed to clear the Kara Kara Bridge to allow President Donald Ramotar to address an ill-advised rally.  In the end, the President had to stay put and the people held out forcing the military outfits to retreat.   ASOMELYKAM.

Over the weekend too, several forensic experts intensified their efforts to determine exactly point of entry, distance, source of ammunition used and type of weaponry.  Some say they get the guns from Guatemala; others say India and yet some say China.  In any case the Lindenites are getting their power from within and do not have to look to, at, from or for an external supplier.  Linden’s power source is from within.

Lindeners will not participate in any activity programmed by the Office of the President or any other governmental body  because the PPP did not confirm to standard operational procedures in acquiring ammunition and or shooting the un-provoked male citizens.  Some say the men were ambushed late the evening as they dispersed after a relatively calm day of saying no to the increased electricity rates.

In other parts of Guyana…the Courantyne  to be moe specific, the Burnham government after completing the 45-mile highway, had set up three different toll stations.  The farming community in the Jagan stronghold protested vigorously and vehemently.  Burnham had all the toll stations removed and commuters and residents alike got a visible increase in disposable income and quality of life.  There is a precedent in helping people.

The current PPP-jagabats first took away the jobs from folks on both sides of the Demerara River and then proceeded to be punitive and increase the tariffs on electricity.  Somebody is not doing their homework.

A week ago there were calls for no confidence in the Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.  Guyana’s Prime Minister, Sam Hinds, is a former bauxite executive and resident of Linden.  He too has come down against the community that gave him breath.  Sam may very well go the same way like Rohee as the struggle continues for equity, equality, justice and a modicum of fairness.


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