By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          07 25 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA.  The absence of a check-list may have averted a major-major massacre in Linden last week this time.  This is one time the ignorance and stupidity of both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar worked in their favor. The PPP with Todd(lers) unleashing brute force on black people now has to confront the sugar workers in Albion this week.  Eight days into a prolonged strike not a bullet has been fired or a protester arrested.  This on one hand is causing the ire of black people and on the other; folks want to know who is sleeping at the proverbial wheel.  POCO-ADANA is the wakeup call Lindeners are now issuing to Ramotar after the unsuccessful ambush bullying them into paying higher electricity tariffs.

Instructions to head of TSU…TODD, was to harvest at least 20 dead.  One can easily deduce that Rohee meant 20-dead black men.  And if that was the case the Linden community is saying: POCO-ADANA”.  In Wapishiana ‘poco-adana’ means wake up.  

Air line pilots, navigators and surgeons especially always have a check list in hand.  A check list is a major tool in leadership to avert disasters real and perceived.  Doctors especially use the check list to make sure they have all the required precision items; they try to ensure they have the right patient and also to ensure that the right limb is amputated so as to get the best outcome.

The Jagdeo/Ramotar outfit did not have a check list.  The duo was secretly planning to harvest 20-dead men and gave the instructions to Home Affairs Minister Rohee to execute.  Rohee, a confirmed batahaa at heart, followed blindly thru the chain of command.

Not enough fore-planning was done and approximately 25 per cent of the goal was achieved.  Some say is five dead while the government has only offered up three bodies for the Trinidad pathologists to experiment on.

Region 10 operatives are discovering that the PPP had persuaded medical teams to leave the hospital and community thus leaving them to perish and apply poultices to the wounds.  “But the God that we serve is a good god; poco-adfana Ramotar.”  This was an observation by a Lindenite in an ini8ted update.

Meanwhile in Georgetown today the whispering campaign is loud.  Workers, residents, and families alike are joining the protests at different points in the city.  At noon…the time of writing, nothing unusual was reported but the potential is there for a wake-up; call to the government and PPP.  Anything can happen.


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