He Saw My Need – The Grace Thrillers


By EWALT AINSWORTH                                                      07 22 2012

One of Victoria’s greatest story tellers, philanthropist and community organizer and carpenter boss, Fitzoy Wilson-Tuesday has  moved on to the great beyond.  In Guyana, Fitzroy better known as PIGGY, was also chairman of the  BELBAAG  Rice Producers cooperative and later pioneered the housing development scheme outside of the Belfield residence of former President, LFS Burnham.

Fitzroy in some circles was also called PRESIDENT for all the good things he would say and do and was highly respected in the Indian communities along the East Coast.  He was a great friend of Cecil Ram, the Kaladeens and neighbor of MARAKA.          

Piggy was a social fixture in Harlem and was the glue that kept the East Coast crew together.  Piggy was 62 at time of death but in his life time, had more salt than many of his survivors had rice.  He was also called Ali Mudhin for his love of cricket and sports in general.  Had he been born in America, Piggy would have been recognized more as a challenger to Carl Lewis and or Muhammed Alli.  He was also a great swimmer and pugilist and knowledgeable in all contact sports.  Piggy was also a tailor and accomplished cook-man.  The prominent Wilson family had a prolific farm in Victoria and Piggy straddled the blurred lines of both Victoria and Anns Grove as if they both belonged to he.  He used to drop asleep in one and wake up in the other.  This is the same way he treated his adopted homes of Harlem and Manhattan.    He also coulda climb, peal and pick 100 coconuts in one hundred seconds without leaving a trace or evidence that he was there; there was no aura to his skill and sensibilities.  Boyhood days were both challenging and enjoyable.

His mom, Cousin Beryl is consumed by the death of her eldest child.  Piggy leaves to mourn a wife, a daughter and a granddaughter.  Piggy also has a baby mother, a daughter and a granddaughter…one each and each one.

His favorite uncle Wilbert, who is younger and still lives in Guyana,  is expected to arrive in time for the viewing on Friday July 27 in afternoon.  Fellow Victorian  Brother Edgar Saul has been invited to officiate at the home coming ceremony, 6.00 pm at the MARION DANIELS  FUNERAL HOME, 164  W-136th street between 7th & 8th streets, Manhattan.

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