Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross



By EWALT AINSWORTH                                   07 23 2012

LFSB means LONGEST FLOATING SOCIALIST BRIDGE.  Some folks thought that it meant Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham but they get lowra.  None shall pass.

Guyana’s military is wavering and refusing to step into the theatre of despair as the transportation infrastructure linking  Georgetown with regions three, two and one collapses for lack of maintenance and forward planning.  None can pass to get to and from West Demerara.  Some ballahoos/canoes with outboard motors have been thrown into the fray in the absence of organized ferries but they are a poor and dangerous substitute.

Parika was almost a ghost town and the Charity market which is normally humming on a Monday was short lived.  By noon Monday there was no roti, no channa, no fry fish, no biscuit or bread or water or soda along the routes on both sides of the river to snack on.  Some folks had to resort to BHOOP & ROLL sandwiches….fried breadfruit slices which seems to be in season.  CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.            

The GDF here again, is watching closely as the PPP government stumbles and bumbles into deep du-du.  The military is not prepared to give the government a pass on this one.  The TSU will not pull out their guns and shoot anyone provoked, or un-provoked; these are horses of a different color (and none shall pass).

The 32-year old Demerara harbor bridge has seen better days….literally and metaphorically.  Since taking power in 1992 the PPP has not done anything to improve and properly maintain the bridge. For instance, about a month ago one of the replacement pontoons that support the bridge was stolen.  The police later recovered it up the Mahaica Creek.  It was said that the “sale” was an inside job,  (see news item at end of this article).

Worse:  There is no contingency plan, and transport Minister Robeson Benn does not seem to fully grasp the ramifications and tribulations he has caused by failing to act.

Both bridges…the Demerara Bridge and the Linden Bridge are out of compliance.  One by choice, and the other by share stupidity.  Some say both; the long and short is…none shall pass.

The 1.2 mile Demerara Bridge, constructed in 1978, had a projected shelf life of 15 years.  The builders, during the Burnham era, had a rigid and strict maintenance program.  President Jagdeo and Ramotar never did anything to preserve and or maintain the bridge or any project for that matter constructed by the previous administration.

To laugh is tantamount to a criminal offence.  The military has always been advising the PPP of the vulnerabilities and neglect of maintenance of bridges, roads, airstrips and other infrastructure.  You would think they would stop and listen.

Shortly after the elections in November 2011 the Army Chief of staff put in a solid request for simple vehicles and boats.  They were denied.  The police asked for the same thing and they got instead a ZA water cannon that does not work valued approximately G$37M.  Both the army and police get around on hired mini-buses.

The PPP’s favorite godparents donated two ferry boats to ply the Essequibo Rivers.  Nobody did the home work and research.  The boats are here but the designers gave an application for front loading vessels while the local stellings are side mooring.  The Malali, the Kurupukari, the Jaimito, the Lukanani and all the other ferry boats have been put in the cemetery…compliments of the PPP.

The Army folks are standing down and will not step into the theatre of vulnerabilities, especially in the light of the innocent shootings of black males in Linden.  The Army has its reservations and none shall pass out of CAMP AYANGANNA to rescue the follies of the bumbling and fumbling Jagdeo and Ramotar et al.  ASOMELYKAM.

Also  read article on the maintenance pontoon that was stolen some weeks ago and found in the Mahaica Creek.  Article link here


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