Dean Fraser ~ No Woman No Cry


By  Ewalt Ainsworth                              07 22 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA.  On Sunday shortly after noon a massive tanker with enough fuel supplies to re-start the Linden power station arrived without incident.  The able-bodied women and seasoned men controlling the make shift road blocks gave the verbal thumbs up ROLL ON ROLLER.  But the struggle continues for the fourth consecutive day; not even the “Babylon” can get thru without chanting their intentions and sanctioned by the community based road-runners.  ASOMELYKAM.

Sunday there was no Episcopalian church in places like St Francis and St Cuthbert Missions.  The visiting priests normally access the communities via Linden.  And food shortages are reported in places like Ituni and Kwakwani…as side effects of the Linden protests.   

All Linden has been brought to a total standstill; ‘nobody move and nobody get hurt’ is the rant and chant of the self appointed gate keepers.  Several fuel trucks, food trucks and other privately owned vehicles destined for the interior were set ablaze over the weekend.  No injuries or further deaths were reported as the police and security apparatus have been forced to stand down and the people’s power comes to a boil.

The citizens have taken over and do not be surprised if by MID-WEEK the PPP government announces the abortion and complete suspension of the proposed hike in electricity rates.  The gold miners, loggers and businessmen who use the Wismar/ Rockstone road to get to Brazil are also hurting.  Food, forestry products, fuel and families are stuck since last Wednesday.  Some are returning to Bartica and hopping aboard open-air water taxis paying in excess of five towels…five times more to make the trip to Parika … a mere 30 minutes from Bartica.  The religious community is sending food packages and folks in the diaspora are being encouraged to “send money but don’t come.”  It is chaotic; the heat is on.

A businessman from Linden named Sam London, who arrived in New York on a planned vacation, said that the “PPP is essentially shooting thyself in the foot.”  And by that he means that the government projects its own deficiencies and inabilities to plan strategically and govern in the interest of the nation.  Linden has the highest concentration of engineers and technicians…more than South Africa concentrated in one place.

Forensic investigations also reveal that one of the dead men, whose last name is Somerset, has roots in Buxton.  One in four Lindeners, according to local demographics, is from Buxton.

The argument was posited that rather than embrace and re-invest in the mining community Jagdeo and Ramotar are being punitive.  Some say is not race but more to do with common sense.  The Prime Minister, Sam Hinds, is a decorated engineer and senior executive whose substantive residence is Linden, will have to go.  The people want his head; ROLL ON ROLLER.

Since the PPP took office two decades ago, they have never invested in the 40 mile highway or repair the culverts and bridges.  Every ten minutes a tanker with fuel, farm products, forestry products and or food passes thru Linden.  Linden is the gateway to the majestic Mazaruni, Rupununi, and Potaro.  Madhia, Lethem, Kurupung, Karasabai, Old England, Mabura Hill, Kwapau and a thousand other places where indigenous people live and work use Linden as a strategic access joint.
The toll gates have long been disbanded and alternative air freight is very expensive.

The streets are deserted and the police that over reacted and opened fire on the un-provoked crowd have been ditched as capital charges of murder are being prepared.  Divisional Commandant Hicken has been removed and all his charges are in paddock.

The community based leaders also want a thorough investigation too into the actions of the Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee and the Health Minister.

Rohee is wanted for giving the instructions to the commandant…shoot to kill while the Health Minister is wanted for signing off on all the medical staff including doctors to go on leave and abort the hospital in Linden.

Reports over the weekend suggest that all the professional staff including doctors, nurses, emergency room tech and orderlies did not show up for work on Wednesday.  There was no plan by the five day strike organizers to affect the hospital.  But from all accounts the Health Minister signed off on them to leave the community.  The Linden hospital used to be a teaching hospital and is staffed by expatriate doctors and medical staff.

The bauxite plant also shifted its expatriate Chinese workers to higher ground and closed the aluminum plant as part of a deliberate and calculated plan to being more stress on the ethnic working community in Linden.

Meanwhile the chairman of Region 10 Sharma Solomon on Saturday night addressed a mammoth open-air rally in the town’s square.  He attested to the inner strength and fortitude of those who maintained the people’s struggles and boasted “we shall overcome.”

Sharma knows how to wow and rally a crowd and called for further endurance and stick-to-it-iveness by Lindeners to have a life style in which cheap and affordable electricity must be a staple in the social diet.

Sharma condemned the ten men and one woman who were caught with electronic devices from the DIGICEL electronic store but fell short of saying that charges should be first laid against the cops who shot his “peoples” even though he does not condone the acts of the looters.

The citizens groups are maintaining road blocks in several strategic places in the fifteen square mile mining city.  The volunteers are not vigilantes and are just as armed but not trigger happy and to that there is a collective sigh from the diaspora:  ROLL ON ROLLER.


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