By EWALT AINSWORTH                                                      07 19 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA. “Silence is not a choice” says Eusi Kwayana and is calling for a crusade to resist and desist from the entrapments of the PPP government  to create chaos as more and more homes of PPP activists are set alight and punctuate the Linden night sky.  Some government buildings too are being targeted and the usual volunteers to put out the fires are thumbing their noses at the rancid Prime Minster, Sam Hinds (missing in action.)

Kwayana wants peace loving people in the aftermath of the Linden slayings by police not to become historical and hysterical but to stand wherever they are and protest.   

Friday July 20th:  Overnight,  DIGICEL …the computer and electronic store was burglarized during a blackout.  Most of the loot has now been recovered and the burglars arrested.  The bodies of the assassinated protesters were moved from Linden to Georgetown by GDF helicopter.  Ambassadors and representatives from overseas missions in Guyana  have  been advised against going to Linden, and expatriate professional staff are abandoning their posts for fear of continuing upheavals.

Families from both banks of the river are sending their male children to coastal communities as a preventative measure as police and Special Forces target black males for arrest, detention and or slaughter.  Meanwhile, as more and more political activists pour into the mining community Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar are intensifying blame on the joint opposition.

Overnight too,  Ramotar says he is not backing away from his original blame and even though he regrets the deaths he does not regret the actions of the police and thugs working in tandem to preserve the dominance of the minority party in the land that gave Guyana its cultural identity of Mashramani. Every Guyanese and every peace loving citizen everywhere should lift his/her voice and sing a song of shame and disdain against the PPP and its leaders.

There is slow fire and more fire in Linden and  there is no easing of tensions as both the APNU and AFC embed and fan the flames for jobs.  Jobs is job one,  and the joint opposition wants  the bauxite community to be a script for generosity and genuine peace.  Everything else will be added in time.

And removing the Commandant is a poor substitute for justice, equity, equality and a sense of fair play in Linden.  The commandant got his instructions from Rohee.  Up and down the command chain there is deceit and denial; the entire central executive and cabinet all need to update their resumes soon and very soon.  The women of Linden will re-write in blood a new chapter in the history of change and challenges.

The PPP has always prayed for the day of chaos, confrontation  and confusion so that they can trample on the civil rights and the civil society of Linden.  Linden is not in the business of pursuing political ideals but when promiscuous idiots come along they will be destroyed.  The PPP has so far lost its secretariat and its mouthpiece, the NCN building by fire.

Nobody knows more about the decency of Lindenites than Guyana’s pre-eminent politician Eusi Kwayana who has been an almost silent listener of every political conversation since his self-imposed exile more than 20 years ago.  Kwayana is in his late 80’s and has cultivated, since his formative years, an appetite for shared governance and tempered prosperity.   Here is the complete statement from Kwayana.  (Kwayana means black man of Guyana.)  Here is Eusi’s message:-


10:26 PM (EST Wednesday July 18 )

From: eusi kwayana

To  Guyanese around the world

Guyana is moving in the way of brutal inequality.

There is a reliable report from several persons in Guyana that four in Linden were shot dead by police today, Tuesday, July 18. I shall send you the names as soon as possible.

It is impossible to ignore this development.

If you are a Guyanese, or a caring person from any other country, regardless of what party you support. or what your belief may be, please consider what action  you or others can take in your part of the world.

Silence is not a choice, even for Guyanese of my age.

We must speak out to prevent a total breakdown. Guyana’s embassies and High Commissions must at least must hear from us, as individuals or in groups

Please let the press at home know what action you are taking.

If you take action, I shall welcome a cc at this address. As a priority, please inform the newspapers listed and others.


eusi Kwayana.


Ten to One is Murder – Eddy Grant

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