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BY EWALT AINSWORTH                07 16 2012

Aluta continua.  The deaths of five males and scores of injuries in Linden may never be avenged but the patina…the brilliance and resilience of a people to seek and see a brighter day will not be spirited or restricted.  The government wants to be apologetic for the deaths but at the same time blaming the joint opposition for the police tolerating within its ranks allegedly hired-guns embedded within the ranks.

These non-officers are also using their own guns with live-rounds rather than pellets or rubber bullets.  This distressing fiasco is not regrettable but the deaths seem to expose the dirty tricks of the administration.  Commissioner Brummel too, has to prove his mettle and leadership qualities.  The commissioner should take heed that more families, more women especially are prepared to go down rather than pay increased tariffs for an oversupply of electricity originating in the industrial and mining community.  

Neither Jagdeo nor Ramotar nor Rohee for that matter can blunt the spirit of a noble people.  The common sense and the common worth of Linden will always prevail. On day one of the planned five-day protest five were killed without provocation.  Several buildings including the PPP secretariat and the NCN office were destroyed

Families have been shifting their male relatives from the mining town of Linden to other ethnic enclaves as a precautionary measure to avoid a blood bath and the annihilation of black youths.  Lindeners also know that the PPP is trembling in their boots and are acting out of fear; the women will take up the mantle and re-write the narrative of hope, equity and equality in Guyana.  Enough is enough is enough.

Buxton alone, from which Linden draws its strength, has 170 black men that cannot be accounted for under the malicious regime of the PPP.  The women are on the front line and will not give up another male testicle.  This may very well be about the vaginas.

Reports are that Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is two-faced and too feisty.  He has been apologizing in the media for the five deaths so far and simultaneously winking and nodding the BLACK CLOTHES ranks to unleash live rounds on the masses.  The Guyana Police Force also acquired a water cannon valued about US 100,000 dollars.  The question is “why not use it?”  Rohee likes to see blood on the streets and then bring the hoses to wash the blood away.

Tensions are running high in Georgetown, Buxton, Belladrum, Hopetown, Limelair and Salton Farm where families are huddling and organizing to take things into their own hands.  Georgetown especially, has not seen the removal of garbage from the residential and commercial districts in three weeks.  Three weeks garbage piled atop of sporadic accumulations is all part of a deliberate ploy to cause mayhem and give the police license to kill on sight.

Forty eight years ago almost to the date Guyana was in flames.  The perpetrators may be different but the plan is the same.  Guyanese of every ethnic stripe, age, sexual orientation, region, religion and other demarcation have been plagued by a party that plagiarizes the script of dysfunction, deceit and denial.

In every democratic society, people have a right to protest peacefully.  Shooting to kill unarmed citizens for allegedly staring down the police, is no reason to fire live bullets.    The BLACK CLOTHES squad is a tactical unit developed on the instructions of convicted drug baron, Roger Khan.  Immediate past Home Affairs Minister Ron Gajraj who is now stationed in India as ambassador, is also reported to be giving directions by remote control.

Black mothers are shifting their male offspring to safer ground and dissuading children on vacation from the Diaspora about coming to Guyana.

Operatives on the ground have also been questioning the authority of the Home Affairs Minister Rohee who recruits for the BLACK CLOTHES squad from the underground drug lords and deportees from the Diaspora.

A legal mind based in North America and who is also a former resident of Linden is also concerned about the PPP using the withholding of police pensions and gratuity as a means to propagate the ire of the affected officers.  If they go out there and use live bullets and terrorize the nation they may be rewarded at a later date.   SHAME ON YOU ROHEE.

APNU, Police Commissioner at odds over shooting of protesters

t |
Written by Denis Scott Chabrol   Demerara Waves
Thursday, 19 July 2012 13:13

Leroy Brummel
Even as Police Commissioner, Leroy Brumell defended Wednesday’s police shooting of protesters, the parliamentary opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) urged that the police involved in firing be suspended.
Condemning the killing of three protesters and deeming them “murderous attacks” on “unprovoked” citizens exercising their constitutional rights, APNU urged an end to aggressive security operations.  [more]

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