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Western diplomats urge talks over Linden crisis; US embassy staff prohibited from Linden

Western diplomats urge talks over Linden crisis; US embassy staff prohibited from Linden

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol Demerara Waves
Thursday, 19 July 2012 14:40
As unrest continued in Linden against a steep hike in electricity rates, three Western Nations on Thursday appealed for calm with at least one of the diplomatic missions banning its staff to travel to Linden.
“We appeal to all parties and stakeholders to work together in a spirit of national unity to prevent any further violence and to resolve current tensions through an open and inclusive dialogue,” the Canadian, British and American diplomatic representatives said in brief statement.    Continue reading


Eddy Grant – Curfew (live at Notting Hill)


BY EWALT AINSWORTH                07 16 2012

Aluta continua.  The deaths of five males and scores of injuries in Linden may never be avenged but the patina…the brilliance and resilience of a people to seek and see a brighter day will not be spirited or restricted.  The government wants to be apologetic for the deaths but at the same time blaming the joint opposition for the police tolerating within its ranks allegedly hired-guns embedded within the ranks.

These non-officers are also using their own guns with live-rounds rather than pellets or rubber bullets.  This distressing fiasco is not regrettable but the deaths seem to expose the dirty tricks of the administration.  Commissioner Brummel too, has to prove his mettle and leadership qualities.  The commissioner should take heed that more families, more women especially are prepared to go down rather than pay increased tariffs for an oversupply of electricity originating in the industrial and mining community.   Continue reading