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By EWALT AINSWORTH    07 15 2012

A fortnight ago a prominent lawyer and former Speaker of the House Mr. Ralph Ramkarran flew in a rage and stumbled out of a meeting with his peers.  Immediately after that episode, Mr. Rankarran tendered his resignation from the Central Executive of the PPP in which he was a life-long member.  GT in deep du-du.

Mr. Ramkarran was called a “crab-dog” for brining attention to the high level of corruption and  lack of foresight at all levels of the administration.

This episodic behavior should be the warning sign to put the big-man on some type of observation to stave off suicide.  Suicide more often than not is fuelled by rage and in a similar case a ten year old boy in Region Three, flew in a rage over the weekend after his mother was delinquent in handing him his meals on time.  This time na lang time.  It is a myth that children are resilient and can handle any and everything but research particularly in Sweden and US shows that environmental, developmental and generic issues push children over.  

Bullying is also a new reality.  And so too is gender biased and same sex abuses.  Children do not recover from these episodes and become most vulnerable if a parent or older sibling commits suicide.  Monkey see – monkey do.

Media reports suggest that the mom who works as a security guard was late in preparing dinner.  Apparently she ran out of cooking gas and had to find an alternative accelerant for the pot-engine.

Much more than that there is a family history in which the victim’s 21-year old brother also committed suicide a year ago.  The child welfare and human services department did not do any interventions.  Life is cheap in Guyana and punctuated by one’s ethnicity.  The PPP is a disease- causing entity and they inoculate themselves against issues of class, creed and commonsense.

Reports suggest that the victim had just completed his high school placement exams and would be removed from his comfort zone come September to St George’s high school in Georgetown.

Could you believe too that the PPP is moving Central High school from its Smyth Street home to merge with a school in Lodge?  Nothing is wrong with Lodge but think about it for one moment please.

President’s College too and its majestic buildings has been transformed partially into a hostel for Amerindians.  Respectfully I am in favor of all multi-lateral and bi-lateral attempts to promote education for the indigenous people but there is a sinister side to it all.  And there are some other reports which suggest that one of the buildings had as fire and apparently it was being used as a warehouse for cocaine and marijuana.  The PPP is in real du-du.

The Ministry of Education is on a roll to bundle ethnic students based on their race , region, sexual preferences and party affiliation.  The PPP in essence is about apartheid and the age-old apanjat system.  Stress-induced crises seem to be the name of the game.  Worse, you cannot protest or try to put commonsense on the table.  The proponents are castigated, relegated and obliterated from productive streams.

In the United States over the last d decade, an average of 30,000 people commit suicide annually.  In the same period, year for year, an average of 20,000 persons are murdered.  Older people…as old as 85 and up, are most likely to commit suicide.  Poverty, alcoholism and loneliness seem to be the mitigating circumstances.

More women than men also attempt suicide but unfortunately more men die because they use lethal methods and these include drug overdose, gunshot and one car accidents.

Guyana does not compile accurate stats but informed sources attest that the ‘592-country code’ is both symbolic and applicable for deaths in all categories including suicide, murders and road deaths.  All deaths in GT are approximated and sometimes surpass the targeted 592 international telephone code.  The newest addition to the family of stats is the amount of deportees.  In the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 the number stood steady at approximately 592.

At this juncture, Guyana needs a collaborative and more progressive thinking policy and program.  It must be conceived, constructed, communicated and implemented by the communities and not by the ram-rod PPP.  Everything they touch falls to pieces and the people suffer.  The affected family of the 10 year old boy like the former speaker should have major interventions and every attempt should be made too to give them hope.  Simultaneous with that, real jobs; jobs is job one.

Story on suicide by a 10year old boy:

Lad commits suicide

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol – demerara Waves
Saturday, 14 July 2012 16:07

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