Lovindeer – babylon boobs (what police can do)


By  Ewalt Ainsworth                                   07 15 2012

More than two dozen commissioned police officers will be going into retirement shortly without pensions; these officers will be plunged into poverty as a result of bullying tactics used by the PPP politicians confiscating their monthly pay packets and  suspending their pensions as a disciplinary measure.

The affected officers were allegedly indicted in an internal investigation for converting monies harvested from auctions into their own use.  Some of them allegedly have sent their families to live overseas and have been paying mortgages and car notes from Guyana with the single expectation that when they get their six week vacation, they would not have to pay for boarding, lodging and dodging.  The vacations of all officers in the force too has been halved.  And some have bluntly refused to honor the bullying tactics of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and work for free until retirement.   

Every industry, every occupation has a certain culture.  Since time immemorial police departments all over the world have this problem of graft.  More so in Guyana where the “cuff-chest” syndrome persists since there is no regulatory or authentic organization or union to fight for the plight of the right. The politician’s suspension of pensions (PSOP) seems to be a right in the sight of the touchaus but be warned: do-suh-na-like-suh.

What is unfortunate is that the neighborhoods of Belladrum and Buxton will be hardest hit; it is from these prolific communities that the police force and disciplinary services harvest and promote their ranks.  Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar prefer to have a confirmed and convicted wife beater as Commissioner rather than draw on the pool and strength of these committed ethnic stalwarts.  (Call name and I would whistle).

The best information available suggests that there is a crisis of trust in the police force exaggerated by the untimely departure of Henry Greene….a product of the Roger Khan clan, reign and regime. The Politicians have literally diluted the Police Service Commission which normally promotes and appoints elevated ranks.  The PPP has decimated and brtuk-up the Public Service Union, the Commercial Union, the Teachers Union, the Nurses Union, the Transport Union, the Bauxite workers union, the General Workers Union and every other symptom and or  symbol of organized labor.  The new emblem and mantra is US OR CHAOS.

Two decades ago the PPP embarked on an ambitious program to offer cadetship to  Amerindians and East Indians and has been offering accelerated programs even though the ensigns have no natural ability and proclivity to protect and serve.  Most Amerindians and Indians do the training and leave after learning about weapons and the inner workings of the force.  These same folks transfer these skills to criminal pursuits and no sanctions are meted out against them.  Talk half – leff half.

It is a n age-old problem of police operatives looking to the society to supplement their earnings but here it is the bright Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee in concert with the Presidents permitting garnishing of wages and pensions.  It is a vicious circle; when money does not come thru the front door, love goes out the backdoor.

The Officers tabulated for retirement this year have also been denied their full vacations and remuneration.   The force is in deep du-du as more officers tender their resignations and refuse to co-operate with the maneekarans who pose as administrators and knowledge based scrutineers.

The same type of sanctions should be meted out to all categories of corporations and government departments.  What is good for the goose must also be good for the gander.

The entire Central Executive, Cabinet and Presidency is tainted in Guyana.  The pensions of all these people should be forfeited with immediate effect and let them see and feel how some policies are both predatory and induces poverty.  DO-SUH-NA-LIKE-SUH.

The PPP has made sure over the years that all the operatives and personnel in the unions have been silenced, killed or on hiatus from the country and brick by brick, day by day, has been creating new and creative schemes to dash Guyana into a bottomless pit…a point and place of no return while they create for themselves private wealth and public squalor.


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