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JOHN HOLT “Never Never Never” Garance Reggae Festival 2010


By EWALT AINSWORTH    07 15 2012

A fortnight ago a prominent lawyer and former Speaker of the House Mr. Ralph Ramkarran flew in a rage and stumbled out of a meeting with his peers.  Immediately after that episode, Mr. Rankarran tendered his resignation from the Central Executive of the PPP in which he was a life-long member.  GT in deep du-du.

Mr. Ramkarran was called a “crab-dog” for brining attention to the high level of corruption and  lack of foresight at all levels of the administration.

This episodic behavior should be the warning sign to put the big-man on some type of observation to stave off suicide.  Suicide more often than not is fuelled by rage and in a similar case a ten year old boy in Region Three, flew in a rage over the weekend after his mother was delinquent in handing him his meals on time.  This time na lang time.  It is a myth that children are resilient and can handle any and everything but research particularly in Sweden and US shows that environmental, developmental and generic issues push children over.   Continue reading


Lovindeer – babylon boobs (what police can do)


By  Ewalt Ainsworth                                   07 15 2012

More than two dozen commissioned police officers will be going into retirement shortly without pensions; these officers will be plunged into poverty as a result of bullying tactics used by the PPP politicians confiscating their monthly pay packets and  suspending their pensions as a disciplinary measure.

The affected officers were allegedly indicted in an internal investigation for converting monies harvested from auctions into their own use.  Some of them allegedly have sent their families to live overseas and have been paying mortgages and car notes from Guyana with the single expectation that when they get their six week vacation, they would not have to pay for boarding, lodging and dodging.  The vacations of all officers in the force too has been halved.  And some have bluntly refused to honor the bullying tactics of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and work for free until retirement.    Continue reading