TA-TA to a great GT musician

TA-TA  to a great GT musician 

Winston Woolford-Drakes

A short few days ago, reputable and blind Guyanese spiritual organist Winston Woolford-Drakes suffered a massive heart attack and died shortly after.

Winston lived in New York for two decades playing almost daily in the diaspora.  He was both a session musician and an accomplished organist.  He did not have a citadel of his own but he performed wherever he was called; his calling was music ,  great music.

In Guyana, Winston played  for eons with legendary and rustic  SID & THE SLICKERS from  Zorg to Zeelandia to Zeeburg and Zeskendren and every dance hall between and betwixt.

Winston 71, was also an accomplished elecrtrcian and was blind since his formative years.  He is survived by his wife Maileen, and a tumuiltuous amount of faithful and spiritually motivated friends and family.  Ta-Ta my buddy and friend.

There will be a viewing of Winston’s body at 5.00 pm on Monday July 16 at the  GRACE TABERNACLE SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH.  The church is located on 434 De Witt Ave in New York.
There will be a musical tribute to be performed by surviving members of the original  SID 7 THE SLIKERS.  Fellas like Pepe, Froggy, Cabbage and Fluff Miller will be in the line up. Hilton Hemerding, Jeggael,  Souflantis and Rudy Bishop among others, are also expected to team up and perk-up the celebrations of the life and times of Winston.




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  1. Posted by christopher Anthony woolford-drakes on April 15, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Good afternoon people my name is Christopher Woolford-Drakes and my big brother name is Winston Woolford-Drakes we both live in Guyana our dad die and we never receive a card from our step mother or anybody just because we r not in NYC there take advantage on me and my brother but we leave them to God because there is no God in there heart not even a picture of my dad my step mom treat us really bad on my dad be off because I never really know my dad I only know him for about 40 days and I’m 31 years old tomorrow but my number is#6830746/bbm pin 2117333d and brother #6801670 because my Mother Gertrude H E Woolford-Drakes she die in 1995-06-09 an my dad and mother where married but u guys never heard about us because we never get the chance to meet on till now


  2. Posted by christopher Anthony woolford-drakes on April 15, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    Please help us out because its our dad we expect his body reach home here in Guyana so is children could have see him for the last but I ask her to make a video of the funeral and send it and she turn an say to me that she don’t have money to do that and I turn an say what happen to all my dad valuable and my step mom say to me what the f_ck ya all know about money then she hang up the sell phone on me I call back and there were no answer so I send her some voice massage that would hurt her she never want our dad to speak to us that why who ever reading these comment should have understanding there do these thing to us because my dad was blind and them had to lead him in NYC plus u could let us take a DNA from me and my brother just to show that my step mother hide my dad life from us and he having couple house ect…..


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