Eddie Grant – Sugar Bum-Bum


By Ewalt Ainsworth                            07 10 2012

First let us start with a joke I just got in the mail:

A lady went to the US embassy for a visa. While filling out the form she put “Prostitute” as her occupation. A man sitting close to her said “U can’t put dat, cause if u put it u nah get di visa”. She changed it to “Lady of the night”. The man said “In case u nuh realize, a di same thing” She then changed it and put “Chicken Farmer”. The man asked, “So how u jump from Prostitute to Chicken Farmer now?”.   She answered, “U know how much cock mi raise”.

Now for my story:

It is a criminal offence to ask questions about investment opportunities/ portfolios in the Cayman Islands; it is also a criminal offence and operatives can be jailed for giving out information about countries, corporations, portfolios and people in the Cayman Islands.  GT recently established diplomatic arrangements in Dubai moving away and out of sight from the range of investigators like MI5, the CIA, FBI, RCMP and a whole string of other countries and their crack-units that are looking at notorious-Guyana.   

Now we move from drugs and money laundering to supplying Middle Eastern countries with prostitutes.  Nobody wants to be bothered anymore with the details of shipping and handling bauxite, gold, timber, rice or paling stave.  Prostitution and human trafficking seems to be a victimless crime in the eyes of the PPP and it is a more efficient way of concealing and moving money around.  So I have been told.

The best information available suggests that Georgetown girls, even though they may wine outta-time, they have relatively speaking, a better command of the English language, familiar with western culture and business practices and waive certain religious and cultural practices.  For example a prostitute from any Muslim country will not go to bed with a john unless he is circumcised.  Guyanese women do not try to establish homesteads in Qatar, or Kuwait and here again the nuances and peculiar cultural norms are swept under the rug.  Is ya-me – ya-you.

Their customers are mostly oligarchs and mullahs from places like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India and Libya.  Fares are also harvested from soldiers stationed in the region and suppliers of military hardware who operate in the Middle East.  The Guyanese seem to have stiff competition from the Pilipino girls but their familiarity with rap and reggae and love songs seem to make them good investments for the scoundrels of the PPP government.

Last week, the former Speaker of the House and life-long member of the PPP Ralph Ramkarran was called a “crab-dog” for alluding to the scoundrels who are creating chaos and creating a swamp in the fiduciary theatre.  (A nice way of saying ‘thiefing-the money’).

A month ago a Canadian Central Bank operative was allegedly kidnapped from his
Georgetown hotel and was missing for an extended period.  But a prostitute or two, bribes and a monetary poultice averted a chaotic standoff.  The operative was found and whisked back to his country empty-handed.  ASOMELYKAM.

So the corrupt and corrupting Guyana government in the light of some penetrating investigations is shifting its investment portfolio to Dubai in the Middle East.  Dubai has more acres of glass than it has grass and some grassroots-watchers are asking “what is in Dubai for us?”   Nothing grows in Dubai.  It is a proverbial “pleasure-island” where corrupt corporations and governments hide their ill-gotten treasures.  There is also nothing indigenous in Dubai.  And there is also nothing symbiotic between GT and that desert where the cheapest hotel room is about US1, 500.00 per night. Guyana has no business there as far as the naked eyes can see.

Dubai is a land-locked community that shares borders with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and a narrow strip with Iraq.  The largest Guyanese community in Dubai was recently the visit of  Ambassador George Hallaq, Minister of State and Presidential Envoy of the Republic of Guyana  and his business delegation seeking stronger trade ties with Dubai businesses. (see Guyana Plans Office in Dubai article)

The touchaus in Guyana have agents, some known and others we will never know, but are active in all forms of skullduggery.

The Jagdeo & Ramotar duo touchaus are trying to stay one foot ahead of the investigative committees as the noose is tightened around their necks.  The World Bank,  United Nations, OAS  et al are all  vigilant observers,  as more and more surgical audits are done.  If Carl Greenidge gets his way, jail will be imminent but Granger is from a different school of thought.  The PPP is sacrificing its purportedly innocent little boys and girls who should be at work study centers and holiday camps.  Instead, they have to create pockets in their slinky bikinis and be inoculated against social diseases.  See them on the chartered jets and you ask them where they are going…half of them do not really know; the half that knows would not speak.

Some are saying that “Guyana broke eh?”  Others are saying “no-way Jose?

Banks are the biggest investors in off-shore business ventures, more notably in Dubai or Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Delaware.  In the Cayman Islands alone there are 140,000 registered corporations; in Delaware there is an address off of Orange road that has an office complex a little bigger than Parliament buildings.  That is home to 200,000 corporations that use these safe havens to launder money and use as a tax shelter.

At the beginning of July, international investigators in concert with local foresnic auditors took-a-look at the communication agencies…NCN and GT&T (TELECOMS).  GT&T alone so far has spirited off more money than Guyana’s national budget for 2012 (approximately US 85 million).  And the investigators do not yet have a full grasp and total  picture of the extent, expanse and extreme machinations of the PPP.

Former employees are confirming that GT&T is a global outfit.  In the United States, for example, licenses for pornography and sex tapes cannot originate in the 51 states.  And so these corporations set up satellite offices in vulnerable communities like Guyana.  They produce the films and beam them to Guyana and then re-direct to North American and European communities.  These arrangements are illicit in every way, shape and form; they are shady, shaded and or shadeless.  You either know or don’t know.

There are other reciprocal arrangements about international telephone calls.

All things (shady deals) are possible in Guyana with the touchaus willing to bend the rules, bend over.  One man even tell me LOVING DEAR, a Jamaican reggae artist, was denied a license to perform in GT.   The reason:  DON’T BEND DOWN is banned from the airwaves and can possible cause chaos in the society.


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