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natural black-visa and passport


By Ewalt Ainsworth                       07 09 2012

Retired Lt. Colonel Joe Singh is back at his old job at Guyana’s Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), after he was reassigned to the Guyana Gold Board.  Singh in some sectors is called Sing(h)ular as a pun to the American carrier called   CINGULAR.

Joe spent a brief six months at the re-constituted and just as suspect Guyana Gold Board.  Insiders claim that he had personality clashes with the Minister in charge, Robert Persaud who wanted him to stand to attention and literally salute.  The general staff declined and so too did Joe.  But that is a matter for a different arena.

TELECOMS local and international auditors are slightly mum about the expanse, extent and extreme criminal mischief inflicted on the Guyanese masses by corporate East Indian executives.  The monies missing may be larger than the nation’s annual budget of US85million dollars as approved by the joint parliament this year.  Jagdeo and Ramotar handpicked the scoundrels to vacuum the telephone company.  CHITNUH FUH LICK DOG.     Continue reading