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By EWALT AINSWORTH                      06 27 2012

News out of London suggests that the  BIG-BEN clock will have a name change;  it will now be BIG-BETH as a fitting tribute to Queen Elizabeth who is currently winding up month-long visit to the British commonwealth of nations.  In June the Queen had fun sitting on the throne.  London came alive in carnival style  to mark her 60th year and from all appearances Guyana did not send any official representative as part of a deliberate plan to deny the relationship.  Guyana now looks to India as its maternal and paternal blessings.

The PPP now has its own hotels, airline, tourist resorts and no allegiance to Britain.  Britain does not dole out money anymore and so no money – no love; more money – more love.  The Chinese know that too.  And at the dawn of this July month the Chinese started another project to bring electricity from Vreed-en-Hoop to Leonora as a vast ambitious project to extend the borders of the capital to Region Three.   

London perhaps can put their money where the monkey put the nuts as Guyana devolves and descends into nothingness.  Guyana now has more fender-benders than it has coconut trees.  The joint-touchaus…(Presidents) are now asserting and inserting themselves as “fathers” of the revolution; ‘evilution’ may be more apt and or descriptive.  Talk half – leff half.

Right now all the central executive of the party deserve two jumbie-lash for the level of corruption and their inner strength to condone the graft and vacuuming of the treasury in town and country.  Thief-man ent like see he matty thief-man with bag and so there has been a spate of resignations, suspensions and firings.  Guyanese in the diaspora are smiling overtly and covertly as the paddy-wagon of auditors move from corporation to corporation, board to board, chin to chin cherry picking their vagabonds who drink  DOUBLE-BLACK whisky as a vitamin-added food supplement.  Those of you who will be in the yard over the summer will have no problem identifying the scoundrels.  Simply look for the double-black label.

The whole of them in high places need some jumbie lash between their sense and their nonsense.  Corruption in high places is more a question of incompetence rather than commonsense.  Cents and sense are both horns on the same goat and when the latter is present the former becomes visible.  But these people are out to rob and deceive.  A jumbie-lash or two may be prescribed at this juncture.

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  1. Posted by francis jackson on July 13, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Waltie, who will put the handcuffs on those guys and cart them off to jail for bilking Guyana’s treasury – who has got the gaul? In my State, the FEDs knocked on his door of our former governor for the State of Illinois, early in the AM. He was in his pajama – he had time to change into a hard pants, He was carried in an armoured van tot he courthouse, and his charges were read 14 counts, of the goods the had on him (big time corruption} a long court battle ensured; he was sent to jail for fourteen years, and his cohorts went down with him, one committed suicide and others began to talk for a lesser sentence. Would this kind of justice be served in Guyana? I doubt whether, but we shall see.


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