By  EWALT AINSWORTH                      06 29 2012

Guyanese born and raised LAX Security executive, Horace Rutherford

Horace Rutherford

died a fortnight ago and laid to rest in the Inglewood Park Cemetery,  Los Angeles,  California on Friday June 29th.  Horace was a personal friend dating back to the roaring 70’s in his home district of Anna Regina.  Had he lived he would have celebrated his 55th birthday on Friday July 6th.

Horace, better known as PEGS, was a divisional commander responsible for traffic and security with the Los Angeles airport police at LAX in California.   

Horace worked long hours at the LAX Airport and at the time of death he was participating in a Homeland Security training seminar when he felt uncomfortable and was rushed to hospital where he later succumbed.  His peers, co-workers and ancillary staff alike sorely miss him and gathered to pay homage to this stalwart and family-friendly comrade.

A native of  Anna Regina community in Essequibo, Horace is survived by his wife Averil and two young adult sons.  Horace was a bright young man who articulated commonsense and was an able-bodied conflict resolution specialist.  Soft spoken but generous and graceful his siblings are just as concerned, like his parents, in finding new and creative ways to move on.  These are trying times but their faith will see them through the storm.

His parents  reside in Burlington City NJ, in a waterfront community.  Mrs. Rutherford got the news of her son’s demise while holidaying in London, England. Horace taught for a number of years at the Anna Regina Multilateral School before migrating to North America about three decades ago.

Pegs spent a total of 23 years working with LAX and according to his managers who participated in his repose, Horace never missed a day of work during his entire career.  Pegs was also never seen outside of his job with his uniform even though he wore one every day.  He never discussed his challenges or operations and for that he was respected.  His parents, his family, his friends and or neighbors never saw him in uniform.  He was a professional security operative in name and nature and well loved and appreciated by all he came into contact with.

As noted earlier, Horace was laid to rest at a private ceremony in Inglewood Park Cemetery, in his Los Angeles community of Inglewood on Friday June 29th.  He comes from a significantly large family, and they call home in several metropolitan cities.  There is one brother who still resides in Guyana and soon, and very soon, a service will be conducted at the local Episcopal Church to honor the purpose-driven life of PEGS.

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