John Holt & Queen Ifrica – Ghetto Queen



BY EWALT AINSWORTH                         07 07 2012

Societies have a way of evolving…adopting to change and making the most of a bad situation but unfortunately two decades of the PPP has put Guyana under the international spotlight of crime, terror, corruption and confusion.  GT now has more confusionists than there are compatriots.  The latest addition and edition is the Queen of the Ghetto who wants to be Auditor General.  More and most embarrassing is that she is not making a secret that she is more-man than her Finance Minister husband Dr Ashni Singh and he cannot get a word in…not even sideways.    All that will happen is that the net of suspicion, interrogation and incarceration will be spread wider and deeper.  As a ghetto queen, she will return to her authentic status in society.                 

Commonsense should inform Ms Singh’s moral and cultural ideals but as a committed and convicted bully she is storming into a theatre of disrepute and ill-repute like if they do-she. The old-boys network has no barriers strong enough to keep her at bay…literally and metaphorically.  ASOMELYKAM.

Guyana now has more investigative teams visiting any time of year than it has delegations of cross-cultural development planners.  Guyana also has more citizens locked up in more countries than it has incarcerated in its local jails.  Coming out of jail gives some status and stature.  ASOMELYKAM.

Jamaica used to wear the crown and badge of cultural and criminal cartoons but the chutney and poonani revolution has catapulted GT into the number one spot.  Not even Trinidad can compare even though they baad too.  Every week, in every territory, Guyanese are found with cocaine in their stomachs, birds in their sleeves, marijuana in the hachar and diamonds lining their uteruses.  Salts and senna pods is the most frequently used irritant to bring down the swallowed stuff concealed.  Some parents even give their children a solution of cocaine and other drugs and extract by unconventional ways when they get to their destinations.  As a matter of fact this summer on any flight see how many children on board fast asleep.  You guessed right?

Every international outpost has trained operatives to spot GT traffickers and other cultural and criminal cartoons.  Both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar have been trying recently to make the case that corruption like snow, rain, hurricanes and fires is a natural phenomenon.  I beg to differ.

This type of logic, this type of reasoning makes them both cultural and criminal cartoons and if better cannot be said or done, worse will continue.

Almost simultaneously too, they both want to be seen and revered as “fathers of the land” apparently for being generous to deportees, fraudsters, gangsters and permitting money laundering by all the banks.  Guyana is also known abroad for consuming the most expensive whiskeys and cognacs all year round.  A bottle of  JOHNNY WALER-DOUBLE BLACK has a sticker price of US 55.00; a pensioner only gets US 50.00 and one of the sacked CEOs in GT has a revolving account of US 5,000 weekly at his BLUE IGUANA citadel and watering hole.  ASOMELYKAM.

Perhaps in at a later date I will get all the needed figures and stats to support the argument that more Guyanese of Indian ancestry are locked up overseas for fraud, forged instruments, drug dealing, smuggling of drugs and human trafficking.  Some embassies have stopped giving legal support to its citizens when caught up in corrupt practices. Barbados, Canada, Suriname, Brazil among others have suspended reciprocal arrangements.  Some have even moved their embassies.  You need a Canadian passport, you have to go to Trinidad and apply.  That is how GT bad.  You want to go to India, you have to fly to Pakistan or some Middle East country…that is how bad GT bad.  Even the mother country is denying and in denial. In some known cases the posted ambassadors and honorary consuls are more corrupt than the folks whom they purport to represent..  ASOLMELYKAM.

The ambassadors in India, Brazil, Spain and even Toronto are no peach.  As a matter of fact the current Consul General in Toronto is the wife of the deceased former Minister of Agriculture who was gunned down in a hail of bullets a few short years ago.  No investigations have been made public surrounding his death but the PPP rushed to elevate the wife to a position of trust and privilege; business as usual. No wonder every week Guyanese are detained, deported and denied certain rights at Canadian ports of call and access.  Too many shady characters and shades of characters are in frontline positions.

My Canadian sources tell me that when flights are expected from Guyana or connecting countries, security operatives don their bullet proof vests and tighten their surveillance.  All cell phone conversations at these facilities are both recorded and video-taped because of the high incidence of smuggling, graft, fraud, improper documentation and other related issues.

One of my favorite people in Ottawa who worked for 45 years with the federal government and had a death in her family in Jamaica almost did not make it.  She apparently had an expired passport and the usual protocol is that she has to furnish three references to get same day processing.  Initially she had difficulty finding three creditable character references and when she did, they could not call; the processing agency had to call them and that is what almost tripped up the emergency visit to bury a relative in Jamaica.

Every bank in the Diaspora questions Guyanese nationals in all their financial and employment transactions.  Just a few short days ago the New York Transit authority had to review all its hiring, promotional and compensation arrangements because an operative…a Guyanese national of East Indian descent was selling, on the side, application forms for promotion and hiring.  The operative was also passing on the proficiency exam papers to her most favored candidates.  Talk half – leff half.

President Ramotar is ill informed about Guyanese and their attitudes both at home and abroad.  Projecting the problem on to black people and accusing the opposition of being on a crusade to paint East Indians as both corrupt and corrupting is a lame excuse.

The story has been told too of a warehouse Guyanese manager who pulled the fire alarm bell on the job and urged everybody to evacuate (about 60 adult workers with an average of 14 years service…all black and Hispanic).  Once they got outside in the demarcated area, they were all handed pink slips signaling the closure of the company.

Stories abound too of East Indian home health aides forging and converting financial statements (checks) of their bed ridden clients.  Others have also been converting the medications and allotted food-stuff for their own benefit.  The collateral word is called “runnings”.  Wherever they go, they indulge and neither Jagdeo nor Ramotar is doing anything about it.   Perhaps as beneficiary-in-chief `they both get paid to keep his damn mouth shut; if nine ent know, ask ten.

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